Author Topic: Trying again! Using penis sleeve underwear to stay retracted.  (Read 939 times)

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It's been awhile, but I'm going to start keeping my knob out again!

My foreskin is rather unruly --- there's a lot, so it likes to fold over itself a lot. So I revisited the techniques here, but found that the most reliable way to stay pulled back is the penis sleeve underwear I got awhile ago. The last pic is me flaccid, unretracted. The other pics are of me wearing the underwear now.

Right now, I hope to reduce sensitivity and train the foreskin to stay back on its own. Right now the spoon method doesn't work that well (and I've done deep folding with it too), so I'll know I made progress if I only need the spoon method to keep the knob exposed. I'm hoping that over time I can focus on more advanced things like developing shaft wrinkles. For now, I am just trying something that isn't frustrating for me.

Sorry to say that this particular pair has long since been discontinued by Body Aware. So if you like this idea, you'll have to go out shopping some. :) It's important that the underwear has a ring band that has only a little bit of elasticity, meaning that it generally retains its shape. I have other pairs of underwear like this that won't work because the ring band is too weak. Since this underwear is designed to make your dick stand straight out, even when flaccid, you can wear snug briefs over this to avoid public attention. :)

I've been doing this now for three days during the day time. I'll try sleeping with it on tonight, since it seems like the sleeve seems to keep the swelling in moderate check. Hey, maybe I'll make good on making progress posts! Who knows?

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Hope it works out for you this time! ;D