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« on: 2018-12-17 03:36:45 »
Hi , I am from India, I am 32 and I am married. I am trying pull back for the second time now. The first time I tried it I stayed pulled back for 75 days. I have got a lot of useful information from in here. I am a grower and can luckily stay naturally pulled back, so dint have to use any technique. This is my first day. Like the last time when I attempted pull back , I am doing this simultaneously with a nofap challenge. I had taken up the nofap challenge because I am having a PIED issue. I was a bit concerned because there was this conflict of approach because I am trying to regain my sensitivity in my penis by not masturbating and at the same time staying pulled back which also desensitises  the glans to a certain extent. But I have decided to experiment and find out myself. My idea is to stay pulled back for ever. Current my wife is not with me, she will be returning only a year after. So I guess this is the best time to start staying pulled back. Wishing everyone good luck on your endeavours.

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Re: Introduction
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Welcome to the forum!