Author Topic: Questions before deciding whether to start foreskin retraction  (Read 2215 times)

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as someone who was actually not convinced about being perma retracted but eventually became one, I hope my answers help you.

1) There are no real ristriction how you masturbate. Unlike getting circucmcised, your foreskin doesn't go anywhere and it is still there to be used - if you will - as it has been being used. Personally I don't masturbate anymore by gliding foreskin over the glans as I used to. I use one hand to pull the skin down tightly and then use my other hand to make a ring (like ok sign) and slide it over inner foreskin. And I masturbate completely dry with no lubes or so.

2) Sorry I haven't really retracted that long and can't really tell if this happens.

3) At very beginning or sometimes later you will experience glans peeling. The flaky skin comes more from that rather than permanent feature. Although your glans skin eventually gets more "scaly" over the time.

4) I haven't experienced it myself but I think it also requires a lot time to experience such effect unless you have been retracting already from your teen typical growing age. Judging from circumcised at birth guys, it seems lack of foreskin covering glans definitely seems to help corona to flare out more

5) Many people on this forum says it takes long time to recover certain amount of sensitivity by covering the glans but you can't really go back to where you started.

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1.  It varies.  Most of the time I masturbate close to the way a circumcised guy would masturbate, with my skin held back, and either stroking with or without lube, or jacking the shaft skin behind the glans.  Sometimes I will still use my foreskin, but my foreskin is pretty short, so even when I use it, I usually only pull it up as far as the sulcus, not up and over the glans.

2.  There is a problem called paraphimposis.  Some men have very tight tips of their foreskin, and if it is ratracted behind their corona, it can be difficult to pull the foreskin forword again.  This can be a serious issue, so if your foreskin is very tight, you should use caution.  Separately, I began retracting before my penis grew to its full size in puberty so I think that resulted in a shorter than normal foreskin and now my foreskin often stays retracted on its own without any specific retraction mechanism, but that is quite different from paraphimosis.

3.  When I first began long term retracting, I did indeed experience some peeling on my glans and inner foreskin, but this only lasted a short period of time, and has only recurred very rarely, and only if I kept my glans fully and continuously covered for an extended period of time before returning to retracting.  A few days or weeks of covered glans hasn’t been enough to cause a recurrence of peeling in my experience.

4. I started retracting intermittetly during puberty and more or less permanently in my 30s.  I haven’t noticed a significant difference in the size or shape of my glans, but the color and texture of my glans changed dramatically and is now pretty much indisingishable from a circumcised glans, pale purple and silky, rather than dark purple and sticky.

5. I am not aware of a change in senstivity, but I began retracting long ago so its difficult to know for sure what may have changed.  I do know that now that my glans and inner foreskin have been exposed for a long time, direct stimulation such as a stoking with or without lube feels very good and never overly sensitive or painful.  I’m quite happy with my sensitivity uncircumcised with a permanently exposed glans and I suspect that I’d also be happy circumcised, but I have no interest or desire to go back to having my glans fully covered all the time.

It’s quite likely that my foreskin retraction has permanently stretched out the end of my foreskin.  In intact men who don’t regularly retract, the tip of the foreskin has some sphincter muscles that will contstrict, and in doing so will pull the foreskin all the way to the tip of the glans and pull in tight.  Any retraction method that keeps your foreskin behind your glans for an extended period of time will stretch out this sphincter so it is the diameter of your shaft.  In my case, it means that even when I’m not retracted, my foreskin doesn’t have a strong tendency to pull itself fully closed beyond the tip of my glans.  It tends to just cover about 1/2 to 1/3 of my glans, roughly the place where my glans is the same diameter as my shaft. This means the tip of my glans is virtually never covered, even in the rare times I’m not retracting.

I have no regrets at all.  I love the way my penis looks with the glans always exposed and it feels great for masturbation and partnered sex.  It’s good to be cautious, but if you are on this forum, I suspect that you will really enjoy living pulled back as the rest of us do.

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On question 1:
Basic masturbation (model adolescent) is rubbing foreskin over glans. I sure had to, in my younger years, just looking at my bare glans would hurt. I could not shower with my glans exposed, as every drop of water was like an arrow hitting. Later, when all calmed down a bit down there and I could actually enjoy doing it, without spurting to orgasm, I found out, glans and foreskin have different sensations. (On my model at least...) It is like always having been used to drinking bacardi and coke mixed. Always the same mix. When you retract, you have more choices in the mix. You can do a bit of bacardi, and then a bit of coke. Or the other way round. Masturbation comes with variable flavors when retracted. The quicky still works fine (you can't sweat it out, and always good for health to do it). For me that is foreskin. But the "let's enjoy this for a while" became a lot nicer with the velvet soft touch of my glans. With lube, the old shower feeling comes back a bit. I rarely use it. There were times where I did not bother staying retracted. The old sensitivity came back. The difference is however simple. You can play the piano with one hand. Or with two. Retracted, you extend the keyboard. Place for two hands, and more variation in music. You will still be able to play a simple polka. Even with one hand. Yet, some like grand piano's, others are more comfortable with a whistle. All up to you.

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Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer all the questions. Regarding my first question, which also relates to how to roll back, is it ok if I just leave it if my foreskin can stay behind my glans without rolling over in a flaccid state? Or do I have to tuck it in nicely using rings and stuff? The rate at which I become desensitized is not an issue, since I'm most likely doing this long-term.
Of course you can just leave it retracted without using any rings, or tucking. If it works for you. For many of us, the foreskin will not stay behind the glans without using a ring or other device to keep it there. If yours will stay on its own, all the better. But this may change over time, as the rigid band at the tip of your foreskin expands. When it loosens up, you may find that it will no longer stay behind the glans without some sort of assistance from a ring, or other device.

Reason I'm asking is because when I roll it over, I sometimes can see my inner foreskin. Is that supposed to happen? Hope I'm explaining myself clearly here.
I'm not sure if I understand what you mean here. Are you saying that your inner foreskin is becoming visible while it is covering the glans, or when the glans is uncovered? Please try to rephrase the question.