Author Topic: Problem with spoon method after fixing frenulum  (Read 759 times)

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Problem with spoon method after fixing frenulum
« on: 2018-11-14 11:12:35 »
in 2016 Due to soreness I contacted doctors and was diagnosed with frenular brevis (short frenulum) and was later on operated and most of the frenulum was removed, a so called frenuloplasty.

I´m not to happy with the results, the head is still very much sensitive to the touch and my foreskin is always covering the head.

A few times I have tried the spoon method to keep the skin retracted, and on the top side I can kind of get away with it, but on the underside the skin bunches up a great deal and very quickly become uncomfortable almost like restricting blood flow. And the skin strives to go it´s natural forward positition or an extra fold.

I would say that I am a grower, with a normal sized head and a foreskin that always in soft and hard state has been long enough to cover, and even leave a little bit of slack.

Does of you who do the spoon method, was it much a struggle at first to get it right? Were you intact or had the frenulum fixed?

Any input is greatly appreciated.