Having Skinned back for a few years would you consider getting cut

No - like the feel but don't want to be cut
130 (39.6%)
Yes -  thought about it
139 (42.4%)
Maybe  - if after a few years i would consider
41 (12.5%)
To expensive - and like playing with my skin
18 (5.5%)

Total Members Voted: 246

Author Topic: Being Cut  (Read 17109 times)

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Re: Being Cut
« Reply #30 on: 2020-07-16 01:46:46 »
I would never get rid of my foreskin. It is too much fun to play with, I love sliding it back and forwards over my glans, watching the head pop out. Keeping my foreskin retracted is a play thing for me, it gives pleasure to see the head exposed, but having the option to cover up is good too. I do like (now with the spoon method) having it held back for a day or two without it closing. Having a foreskin for sex is great too. When I get head, having it move around, up and down is great. Vaginal sex (well for my girl anyway) gives some extra glide, and for anal, the extra skin makes it slide easier with less lubrication.
Keeping my foreskin retracted and intact gives me the best of both worlds now.

Offline thesevenpointfive

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Re: Being Cut
« Reply #31 on: 2020-07-16 10:54:05 »
Having spoken to a doc, he said that high and tight cuts are difficult to do, most now want to use a device rather than use freehand. He claims the device causes less pain and is easier, and gives a tight cut. So even if you think about it, the doc doing any thing may just tell you to do the normal cut.
Love skining back and letting my head show

Offline G9082

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Re: Being Cut
« Reply #32 on: 2021-01-09 17:09:33 »
I have been but staying pulled back for years now. So that is my current status. I do keep getting circumcised “on the table “however it has not been a major priority. I did get picked on and singled out in locker room situations for not being cut. Experienced a significant amount of harassment when I was younger. Was asked why mine looked different all the time. Strongly prefer pulled back look and it has helped me blend in better in a situation to where I’ve had to get changed/showers around others. Growing up guys were comfortable getting changed around each other and all of my closest friends and even cousins are circumcised. I’ve even had doctors perform physicals and look at me kind of in shock to see that I was not cut. Unfortunately growing up most of the locker rooms/shower rooms I had to use had no dividers and were all out in the open. So zero privacy. Don’t have a circumcision fetish but did not like being picked on and harassed either. Pulling back has been a major help.