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Introduction howto
« on: 2014-08-11 18:55:13 »
I thought I'd collect some general guidelines about introductions, maybe it'll make them even better.

When you open an introduction topic, try to name it after yourself (your username, nickname) — we all know that you're introducing yourself ;)
Tell us your age and location (country is enough), your physical sex (hey, there might be some ladies interested in this topic too, but that's something I've yet to see), when you started pulling back, why, and how, and preferably tell us more about it (eg. if you had any struggles with it, early and later experience, etc.), and it could be an interesting thing to mention your ethnicity as well — culture seems to have a lot to do with it :)

It's also never a bad thing to tell us about yourself a little.  We aren't all just foreskins and penises.  Photos are definitely welcome.  And please use the forum profile and add your chat contact info (if you want to ever talk to anyone from here outside of the forum).

Most of you have done your intros mentioning these, which is great — if you have any more ideas about what to include, please tell me in comments.