How did your journey begin?

Just personal preference
Other purpose all together?
Friends or Family cut or were pulled back

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« on: 2021-01-05 09:38:30 »
Hello I am fairly new and have been pulled back for multiple years now. Just curious about what started the journey of pulling back? Be it cosmetic or something else? Thank you.

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Re: Journey
« Reply #1 on: 2021-01-05 15:45:52 »
My first observation of having seen the foreskin retracted was father, uncles and cousins. I later (teenage, adulthood), observed it in others. I will be interesting to hear in others what clicked for them.

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Re: Journey
« Reply #2 on: 2021-01-05 21:40:55 »
For me it out of curiosity and for fun!
Part-time retractor.
I just love tucking back and free-balling.