Author Topic: Please help! I just began trying to retract, but I really don't know any methods  (Read 159 times)

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Hi everyone,
Im turning 20 today (Oct 13) so I wanted to make a change in my life and try to begin keeping my foreskin retracted as a birthday goal

I have a lot of phimosis like issues but only when it is erect, when flaccid I can pull it all the way far back. When erect, partly because my erect dick is so much longer than my flaccid dick (erect it is around 8+ inches when measured straight, but there is a big upward curve to it which adds an inch or a half, im really not trying to brag or something sorry), my foreskin and frenulum is far too tight to be able to pull all the way back and it is painful when I try to pull it back during masturbation.

I have tried lubricating it and many other techniques but not only does it not pull back and expose the glans, the glans is also extremely sensitive to touch. I really want my foreskin to stay back so it exposes the pink head in contrast with my dark black shaft (for some reason I have really black colored shaft, even though my other skin is light brown idk if the color contrast is normal)

Im a still a virgin (except oral sex), I have had 4 ex girlfriends in the past, but I never actually proceeded to having vaginal sex with them because I didn't feel attached enough and I want to feel a very strong connection before I actually have vaginal sex, but blowjobs have been uncomfortable for me in the past because of my sensitive head. Also I feel awkward because here in the midwest most guys are circumcised and girls are kind of choosy about it, especially for oral sex.

I hope to learn from you guys about the best ways to keep it retracted as I am totally new to this and I hope to see good results within 1 or 2 years where it can stay far pulled back permanently without any support and my other goal is to make my glans much less sensitive to blowjobs.

I will probably post close up pics and stuff soon as I start the process, but as of right now I dont really have many pics to post sry. I only have an old masturbation video from a year ago:

Also i just wanted to ask how much time should i start keeping it retracted at a time and are there any household items or DIY methods i can use rather than buying rings and stuff, what method is best for growers? How much time will it take until it is fully retracted back permanently, like a year?

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I recommend two of the pinned posts here in General Discussion.