Author Topic: Tutorial for a somewhat different 'spoon method'  (Read 784 times)

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Tutorial for a somewhat different 'spoon method'
« on: 2020-09-26 18:36:27 »
Hey guys!
As i've promised to some of you on the discord channel i'm now trying to give you a tutorial on my modification of the spoon method. With this method i can create a super neat and tidy look while not carrying something obvious like a spoon with me all the time.
The most important part of this technique is a hair-pin!
I've discovered this method for me a few years ago but most of the time just retracted the skin naturally by pulling back manually. A few weeks ago i got back into the spoon method and fell in love with the looks of it again.

So you may ask now, why a hair-pin? For me there are 2 different advantages if not more.

First of  all it's super discreet. You could never carry a spoon with you all the time as it's too big, too heavy and just a strange thing to carry around. A Hair-pin can be put and hidden in any pocket or even carried in your wallet with the excuse to maybe be able to lockpick a door or something. So it's not really a questionable thing for  a dude to carry around a Hair-pin.

Another advantage is that a Hair-pin got less surface area leading to an easy slide through the fold
Some of you even told me that the spoon got stuck in the fold and opened it up again.
The Hair-pin is the perfect tool for me to carry around and be able to make such snug tuck-ins.

The basics are totally the same as the widely-known spoon method.
Another advantage is that the fold in the hair-pin can catch some drops of tap-water to lubricate it while doing the fold. You dont need anything else as spit or lube will just lead to a certain smell under that fold.

After pulling back the foreskin totally at first you need to find the right spot on your inner skin which will be the base of the fold. Finding the right amount to tuck in is key in doing a neat fold. You will totally need a few tries to find your right amount.

If you think you got it right, push the outer skin over your handle to create the first part of your fold on the topside.
Now to get this fold all-around your shaft swing the hair-pin left and right until you reach the frenulum while still in the fold. The underside around the frenulum is the crucial part in getting a consistent tuck which will even hold while doing sports and sitting or squatting down.

Use as much water as lube as you need. It will be absorbed by the skin over time.
The first few days might be a little uncomfortable and your skin needs to accomodate to the new style, but after a few days it will be really comfortable.

I've attached some pictures of before, finding the right spot, doing the first part of the fold and the end-result.
If you want or need i could post some other pictures later to make things more clear, but it's not really that easy with just 2 hands.

Maybe check out my other posts aswell to clear some things up.

I'm always up to answer questions so reply, comment or DM if you want.


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Re: Tutorial for a somewhat different 'spoon method'
« Reply #1 on: 2020-09-26 18:38:39 »
Here's a picture of the end-result as i reached the maximum of attachments

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Re: Tutorial for a somewhat different 'spoon method'
« Reply #2 on: 2020-09-26 21:06:32 »
An excellent tutorial, supersonic, and a great looking result there. 8)

Tucking in is also my preferred style as I think it looks so neat and I like the way the back of the corona sits proud of the smooth shaft.

I reckon the term 'spoon method' should be banished anyway. As so many posts on here have demonstrated, a wide array of implements are used. I hoped to build a gallery of them in a thread here: - you could resurrect that thread with a picture of your hairpin.  ;)
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Re: Tutorial for a somewhat different 'spoon method'
« Reply #3 on: 2020-09-29 19:35:59 »
This definitely looks great! Will try and let y'all know!