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Re: Peeing stream
« Reply #15 on: 2019-11-11 00:54:16 »
I can help the stream by squeezing the blood out of my glans, or to press down on it from top and bottom to open up the meatus a little.  On occasion the exact opposite also helps: pulling the skin back real tight so that the frenulum pulls down on the head and stretches the meatus out.

This. Before I started retracting, I always had troubles peeing with a straight stream as my foreskin was really tight. So the glans was a lil squeezed and the stream usually became a spray LOL. Making pressure on the right spots can help to control the stream shape.
Quite ironically those troubles disappeared when I started retracting.

OP have you tried to gently squeezing the glans at its sides while you're peeing?

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Re: Peeing stream
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I actually saw a doctor and asked for a surgical solution but he said that would not be possible. Yes, if meatus needs to be widened as this is a widespread common surgical operation but not narrowing the meatus. Even a urological clinic I contacted via email did not want to tackle this topic at all. I do not know why not as this is really a painful experience for me everytime a have to pee in a public toilet.

Maybe you could use one of those glans rings with an attached urethra plug that has a hole through it. If you could find one that had a very short plug that fit your urethra just right then you could just quickly swing it into place when you need to pee.

Like this one for example.
Permanently retracted for 9 years.