Author Topic: The Experience - Teasle's Diary.  (Read 36559 times)

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Re: The Experience - Teasle's Diary.
« Reply #120 on: 2019-01-12 19:28:34 »
Hey guys,

I know its been a really long time, just because I moved and I was really busy at work. Now i started again and I have to tell you about it :D

I started using a penis extender (quick extender pro)

And i figured out that with the foreskin pulled back it would hold better and wouldnt hurt over the time using the device. So I did pull the skin back, and what can I tell you, after only 5 days, i really feel good about the glans and the rubbing against my underwear.
Where before I would really feel the rubbing and it was kinda sexual, now I only feel it rubbing but not in a sentual way. More in like if you would scratch your lips. Of course its still sensitive but no way near the same when I started.
I guess that it went so quickly was that I am doing this a long time on and off and I think my glans was in a way a bit ready for this and started to be more tougher then a normal glans would be.

What do you guys think about that? The rapid adjustment and the overall practise of using a penis extender?!

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Re: The Experience - Teasle's Diary.
« Reply #121 on: 2019-01-19 17:20:29 »
Reading through all your progress is very interesting. I have been fully retracted for over two months now, pretty much 24/7, using a DIYBDsilicone ring just like the black one you made out of the foamy thing. I made it out of an old iPhone case.

I bought a foreskin corrector made of silicone from AliExpress, but they sent me the wrong one. The one I ordered was intended for permanent retraction and the one I got was a very simple and standard silicone ring with an even shape all around, like a finger ring.

I decided to use it anyway, and since my glands is already used to being exposed all the time, I can go about my life normally. The one problem I have is a lot of swelling on the foreskin when using the ring I bought. There is no pain, and the swelling looks more like a blister, sort of like water filled.

I'm trying to alternate between the ring I bought and switching to the DIY ring as the swelling does not happen with the DIY one.

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Re: The Experience - Teasle's Diary.
« Reply #122 on: 2019-01-26 17:53:32 »
Teasle, your extender pics are very interesting. Thanks for sharing!  :)