Author Topic: Opinion of permanent retraction/frenulum cut  (Read 1462 times)

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Opinion of permanent retraction/frenulum cut
« on: 2018-06-28 02:08:40 » - first picture is my cock with no hands, i’ll talk more about that later
in the post.

 Am i a grower or shower? Would my cock look good retracted with a dry head and a cut frenulum? Would cutting my frenulum make my foreskin sag down and let my head dry out for good?

What method is best for retracting permanently?

I also feel my penis is bent. Look at the first photo. That's how my penis naturally sits. Why? Can I fix it? Would this help?

How is sensitivity affected after cutting it? How long until head "dries” from retraction? Is mine drying already? I usually jack off no lotion and force my foreskin to stay down, i usually use a sock or something to block my head and isolate it. Makes me cum way harder.

Also, out of curiosity, What type of penis do I have? long foreskin? short foreskin?

Please enlighten me on if I should do this or not. It's somewhat of a fetish but I just think having a dry head and having to work harder to feel it is nice.
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Re: Opinion of permanent retraction/frenulum cut
« Reply #1 on: 2018-06-28 16:37:00 »
- can't tell if grower or shower cause you only posted hard pics.
- of course it'd look good, but I think we're all biased here ;D
- what method is best depends on the dick. that's something you have to find out for yourself.
- it's bent cause dicks are different. don't know if/how it could be changed.
- varying opinions on how sensitivity changes when cutting the frenulum.
- how long it takes to dry and keratinize is highly individual.
- I dunno, a penis-type penis?

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Re: Opinion of permanent retraction/frenulum cut
« Reply #2 on: 2018-06-28 18:25:13 »
1. Just like soundsgreat said
2. I'm sure of it but that just probably because I love my own penis after frenulum tie
3. My foreskin is more stretchable after ties but it depends on the dick
4. It's normal, don't think about as of some defect
5. I feel... Different without frenulum. Definitely still great if not better, but different
6. It took me few months to see effects of keratinization
7. I'd say your foreskin is not very long but i'm not an expert

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Re: Opinion of permanent retraction/frenulum cut
« Reply #3 on: 2018-07-01 15:55:34 »
The link doesn't work anymore. What happened to your image(s)?