Author Topic: Restarting the Journey - Testing if foreskin will "shrink"  (Read 2550 times)

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Day 1

Hi all!

I have posted a couple times here off and on about keeping my foreskin retracted. Overall, I have not been consistent at all. Even though now I am able to retract my foreskin farther back than before, I have not really made any progress on being permanently retracted.

I have three goals:

1) I want to be able to stay retracted without the foreskin rolling forward. As you see, I do have a lot of foreskin, making this a challenge. The first two pictures are "before" pictures to show you what I am working with. I love the idea of being able to show all of myself and have nothing to hide.

2) I want to reduce glans sensitivity. Quite frankly, I am tired of being overly sensitive.  I want sensations to be pleasurable without me needing to worry about whether or not the the sensation will be too much. I want to be able to engage in some roughness without giving it a second thought.

3) I want to see the extent to which permanent retraction affects how much coverage I will have when I pull the foreskin forward. I find it aesthetically pleasing when the foreskin only covers about half of the glans when flaccid and when the foreskin cannot cover the glans when erect. I think this is fairly practical, too. It seems like this is exactly what happens to some men after retracting for awhile. From what it seems like, most everyone has said that the foreskin does not shrink but it learns how to scrunch in so that it sits in a position that bares the glans. (If I'm wrong about this, let me know). Yet at a glance, it could give the appearance that the foreskin has shrunk.  However, it seems like other men have not had this experience at all. If I can stay on track this time, I'll be sure to share photos of my progress to show if, over time, the foreskin loses its ability to cover the glans. I hope this happens, but I'll keep going even if it doesn't.

The last two pictures show that I am using a silicone sheet methods --- cutting out a hole as a retraction device. I can say that the foreskin retraction devices from Japan have not worked well for me, probably because of the amount of foreskin I have.  But this method seems to keep my foreskin in place at all time. Every so often, part of the ring will slip a little bit forward, but it still stays in place. I'll probably make another one or two of these with a slightly smaller opening. The ring is a bit flimsy, so I might need to go with thicker silicone at some point. But for now, it works!

Today marks yet another Day 1, and I have been wearing it for a couple hours. The last two pictures show what it looks like. The first picture shows how bunched up the skin is along the shaft. That is not swelling. The second picture shows me pulling back the skin for a comparison.

Luckily, because I have tried to do this in the past, when the glans rubs up against my underwear it is not painful. I can definitely feel it if even the slightest rub occurs. I probably won't be able to wear this all the time since sometimes I do have to be around people. :) But I'm pretty confident that once I get over noticing my bared head, I can wear it 24/7. If everything goes well, I'll post daily for a couple days to note any immediate changes that happen. After that, hopefully I'd be posting every other week or once a month.

One last thought before I go: I'd rather have a long trunk of a foreskin than be circumcised. I'm pretty happy with my penis the way it is now, but the idea that I can improve it without an operation is pretty exciting. :)

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Hey, haven't seen you in a while... glad to see you found the silicone ring method works for you ;D

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Thanks, Soundsgreat! Nothing else seemed to stay in place. Taping was also quite a hassle for me, but maybe at some point I'll go back to it.

Day 2:

I was able to wear the ring for about 10 hours before the swelling became noticeable. I didn't try to sleep with it on.

Right now, I'm just pulling back the skin the way it wants to be pulled back before slipping the ring on. If I tuck the skin under itself (like the spoon method) it would probably be effective with the ring, but might cause problems if swelling occurs and I want to unfold the skin. So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing right now until the skin "learns" not to swell anymore (hopefully).

Because I've tried this before, I'm somewhat used to what it feels like having my glans rub on underwear. The sensations were quite noticeable but not painful. I also didn't walk around a whole lot yesterday, so we'll see how this goes as I proceed.

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Hey Razraz. My penis looks a lot like yours. I was wondering on your progress. Hope it's going well.

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I have a similar setup like yours. Have you tried the girls hairband?
It is available in any size, you can find a confortable one. Also it is a form of elastic textile. I could wear during sleep. My longest period was 2 days and only took off while had a shower. Also can be stacked. I can put on 2 if I want to force my foreskin more back.

Check my methods here