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I agree with SG. A single vertical piercing like that would not work. Although the two holes are far apart, they would have to heal together under the skin around the metal, so if you removed the jewellery after healing, it would be like you mentioned with the foreskin being held back by just the short tunnel underneath the skin. I think this would then be quite likely to break, leaving you back at square one.

Two separate horizontal piercings like SG described would be a far more viable option. I have also thought about doing that myself in the past, except on the underneath side.
General Discussion / Re: Please remember....
« Last post by thesevenpointfive on 2020-10-23 13:57:30 »
Yes agreed
Polls / Re: Type of underwear
« Last post by Hhhh on 2020-10-23 06:55:17 »
I wear trunks, they are a shorter version of boxer breifs, or thats at least what they're called here in aus.
Polls / Re: Would you rather just have been circumcised?
« Last post by Hhhh on 2020-10-23 06:53:11 »
It's not that I would have preferred to be cut, but I would definitely have not been opposed to it.

That bare head and smooth shaft just seems so hot to me. Dont know, maybe one day I'll be converted and get it done...
General Discussion / Re: Any other young adults in here?
« Last post by Hhhh on 2020-10-23 06:48:11 »
21  ;)
I've thought of similar ideas (but have zero experience with piercing, so it was just speculation). The concern I have is that the two sides of the piercing are so far apart, that I don't know if the body will make a "tunnel" between them.

Another option I was thinking of, would be to do two small piercings - one at the base of the cock, and one in the middle. Then, each piercing will be very small and easily healed, but you can hook the piercings together like a chain. I don't know if it would be as effective, but surely it'd help!
Hi dudes!
It's me again with my ideas and stuff to get a permanent retraction without much need to take care of it that often :)

I've been thinking a lot of this idea before, but now after some member mentioned the piercing as a method to help stay retracted the idea came back to my mind.

So the idea is to bunch the skin down at the base and place a piercing through the shaft skin that comes out from the hairy part and as that part is not much movable it will keep the shaft skin there all the time.

I'm all fine with the piercings, I have 2 big tunnels at my ears and a frenum that I did myself so I guess I'll be able to do it right.
Also I think it will look much nicer than a tape of any kind.

And now here are the questions 😁

1st I'm sort of aware of any vein that I may pierce through and get it really bloody and messy, do you think there will be any on the way because as much as I know at the frenulum there is always a vein that we need to pay attention on when cutting or tying it, but this is the simpler one.

And 2nd which worries me much more is the fact that there will be basicly two holes placed pretty far from each other as one will be at the hairy part and to achieve the desired look the othe one must be around the middle of my penis.
So in any normal piercing there is a keratinized tunnel between the enter and exit that remains even if the jewelry is removed.
So what do you think will happen when I remove the jewelry from already healed hole? Will the skin move back to it's normal position or the two openings will stay joined as there will be a tunnel created between them?
I personally think that it will be free and able to move as when there is no piercing because underneath the skin there is basically no flesh that can get keratinized, actually what's under the skin as it slides free along the shaft which means it's not attached to it, some connective tissue called dartus tunica?
Is it possible in that tissue to get keratinized or not and will it be able to still stretch if so?

So I guess it's enough to start the topic.
Would like to hear opinions!
And here is a picture of my plan with a forceps placed at approximately the points I'm planning to eventually pierce it.
Thanks for the long read ! :)

General Discussion / Spoon method with thick shaft
« Last post by Hhhh on 2020-10-22 10:56:19 »
So my problem is I have quite a thick shaft and am i trying to use the spoon method because I really like the neat aesthetic it gives.

So my problem is because of my thick shaft whenever I walk around the foreskin unravels and rolls over my head. Currently I have a thin strip of tape between my corona and foreskin, holding the foreskin down as not to roll over the ridge. My goal is to keep it there for a month or two so that it naturally want to stay there without the tape.

So my question is, has anyone experienced this and have any tips? Maybe other techniques and do you think in the long run I might be able to remove the tape without my foreskin rolling over?

General Discussion / Re: Any advice?
« Last post by thesevenpointfive on 2020-10-21 11:48:39 »
I am retracted 24/7. Have no issues at all. In fact it feels uncomfortable if it's not

I think its fine, there are no issues and nothing to be shy about, getting skinned back for  24 hours will take you time, but just start and don't worry
General Discussion / Re: Any advice?
« Last post by Chub9999 on 2020-10-20 19:02:39 »
Im just started today
Gosh my foreskin was soo long
Will it go away ?
How does it affect your sex life ?
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