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General Discussion / Re: Silicon glans ring
« Last post by Loveboy100 on 2018-03-16 00:25:22 »
So how is it going Johnscot?  :)
General Discussion / Re: Update on my retraction
« Last post by cavalier on 2018-03-15 20:56:56 »
No No No No.
Polls / Re: Should I keep retracted at a water park?
« Last post by raz on 2018-03-15 17:35:22 »
It feels awesome with bare glans in water.keep it retracted.
General Discussion / Re: Update on my retraction
« Last post by thesevenpointfive on 2018-03-15 12:15:17 »
The retraction is going awesome but am struggling still with wanting to cover it.  So I have been considering circumcision but a lot of the doctors want to charge u lots as an adult to get it done.  So I kept looking and then I have found a doctor that can circumcise me for half of what other doctors charge.  So I just have to pick a day and he will let me know if it’s good and I will get circumcised.

Sorry bit confused you say "wanting to cover it" but then  you want to be cut. Which would stop you from covering your head. Normally after years of having it back guys think about getting cut as they are not interested in covering their head again
General Discussion / Re: Update on my retraction
« Last post by Aftskin on 2018-03-15 02:26:17 »
I agree with JDM. That is a really bad reason to get cut. It won't stop you wanting to cover the glans, it only denies you that ability. Only time having the head bare, so that it feels normal, stops you wanting to cover it at those times when you don't want to be bothered by the feeling. If you just stick with keeping it retracted a few months longer, I'm sure your brain will get used to it, and it will then feel strange to have the foreskin forward instead. But it's great to still have that ability and choice. Sometimes you might want to feel different.
Introductions / Re: Hey, from Brazil!
« Last post by jdm on 2018-03-14 22:27:46 »
Also, as far as shaving goes, it's just really hard to not trap hairs with the tape if you don't shave. And the tape puling on the hair is really not a good sensation.
General Discussion / Re: Update on my retraction
« Last post by jdm on 2018-03-14 22:12:47 »
I have to say, this sounds like a really bad idea to me. Because you're struggling with a desire to re-cover the glans, and circumcision will just make that impossible. So you may be struck with a desire to cover the glans, and be unable to do it. Be very careful!
Introductions / Re: Hey, from Brazil!
« Last post by jdm on 2018-03-14 21:57:26 »
I recommend KT tape. Absolute waterproof is good for some things, but it doesn't stick as securely, and it's kind of thick. KT tape is thin, stretchy and very secure. Here is some more info on the tape method.
General Discussion / Re: Ridged band stretching / on shaft
« Last post by jdm on 2018-03-14 21:54:17 »
The dartos muscles in the area between the inner and outer foreskin (I never know if that part is the ridged band or not) are what keeps my foreskin behind the head.
Yup, that's it.
I can stretch it and make the muscle loosen which makes the foreskin much easier to push forward for a while before the muscle contacts again, so that it wants to stay on the shaft behind the larger diameter of the head's corona. The inner foreskin is used to being folded back over the muscle area when I'm soft, so that is where it prefers to be, rather than over the corona and partially covering the head.
Very interesting. My inner foreskin won't stay folded over the muscled area like yours does. And my rigid band never contracts enough to really keep it locked in behind the corona.
If my penis gets really shrived and all the dartos muscle has contracted as much as it can, then it is much more difficult to push the muscled area of foreskin forward over the head, and it goes back behind the head when I let go. It stays forward when soft once the muscle in the skin has relaxed though.
Not my experience at all. Who knew there was that kind of variation?
When getting erect with the skin forward it will stay forward covering maybe 3 quarters of the head. But normally the foreskin is already back before an erection and then if pushed forward, it will come straight back again, like in Soundsgreat's video.
Mine will come back if I push it forward about a third of the way. If I go any more forward, it will stay forward.
Getting my foreskin to automatically retract easily with a erection is something I would like to achieve too. I can currently only do it if my skin is really loose and I get super erect, like how hard you get just before you cum. But I never get that hard before my foreskin has already manually been pulled back (in the rare occasion that it was forward before erection).
Good luck with that. That can be pretty hard to achieve.
General Discussion / Re: Update on my retraction
« Last post by Kylar on 2018-03-14 19:04:50 »
Oh come on, not you too...
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