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General Discussion / Re: foreskin resistance ring
« Last post by maribald on 2019-05-19 10:29:53 »
Hi Johnscot,

can you tell me pls the brand of it?

Introductions / Re: Hello from North Carolina, USA
« Last post by dotnet on 2019-05-19 08:53:33 »
Whew! But jesus christ, seven times. Guess the american circumcision train isn't stopping anytime soon.  ::)

Everything is charged for in US hospitals so its more $$$ for the hospital.
This was on the BBC web site, not sure if the person etc had mental issues or its a anti circ thing, but ..
Introductions / Re: Philcanard intro
« Last post by Aftskin on 2019-05-19 03:51:14 »

General Discussion / Re: foreskin resistance ring
« Last post by soundsgreat87 on 2019-05-18 23:17:15 »
I think you're supposed to "unfold" it, put it on, roll the foreskin forward onto the inner layer, and fold it back onto the foreskin.
General Discussion / Re: Question about covering up.
« Last post by Ikke01 on 2019-05-18 11:05:34 »
Thank you all for the replies :). Really helpful!
I had it covered for about a week and then I decided to go back again. It's just a weird feeling to have it back covered up. It sure was nice to try, but pulling back has just become more natural :).

Thanks once again!
I've been permantently retracted for 18 months now and I'm the same as above. I enjoy manipulating my glans and being quite rough. whereas before they were too sensitive. I rarely use lube.

I take longer to orgasm but they are more intense.
General Discussion / foreskin resistance ring
« Last post by Johnscot on 2019-05-18 10:42:06 »
Has anyone else tried one of these?

Received mine in the post this week and the major problem from the outset is it's far too tight, I wouldn't even attempt to pee whilst wearing it and I think the restriction of blood flow makes it unsuitable for long periods.

Has anyone worked out why it has a double layer of rubber at one end??

Introductions / Re: Philcanard intro
« Last post by soundsgreat87 on 2019-05-18 00:13:39 »
Hi Phil! I split your post into a new topic.

Welcome to the board. Tell us a little more about your journey! You've been pulled back a whole year?
Introductions / Re: Hertsnick
« Last post by Jockbox on 2019-05-17 13:51:41 »
Welcome fellow UK pull back. I'd love to know more about you removing your fernulum, please. Nice to know that there is a growing number of UK guys that pull back.
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