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Introductions / Re: Hi from Germany
« on: 2018-07-20 11:33:13 »
Welcome! How old are you now? Emmm .. what type of circumcision did you choose? Any pics before/after would be nice!

Introductions / Re: Hi
« on: 2018-06-23 05:58:02 »
Hi :)
Nice story, pretty similar to mine about the progress!
Great to read, and thanks for having you here because you really helped me to encourage myself finally having a frenum piercing !

General Discussion / Re: One month update
« on: 2018-06-14 07:38:33 »
Looks good for me :)
Have you tried to simply pull it back, does it stays retracted or it slips over the glans ?
Wearing a right size ring behind the glans may help flaring the corona just a bit I guess..
The glans is pretty dry but is nice to dry out tue inner skin too :)
Keep it back!

General Discussion / Re: Been on a break but back to it :)
« on: 2018-06-06 11:33:05 »
Well, welcome back to the game :)
It looks great! And I agree that it is nice to wear loose underwear !..

General Discussion / Re: high and tight
« on: 2018-06-03 20:20:56 »

Hey guys, here is a link of how do I use that device..
A special video I made for soundsgreat :)
I am still wondering how can I make a better and more comfortable one but for now that works very well.. it's nice to jerk of with it but it takes time for the skin to get completely used to it ;)
Usually I wear it from morning to night all day long.
Hope you like it !

Hmm I think rubbing alcohol is common practice when you want to speed up the process of desensitization and keratinization of the glans and inner skin, however I left it all happen in natural way slowly and nicely :)

About the flaring, well it does happen and the glans should flare at least a bit, ofc. Some guys get more of it and some doesn't have any flare :)

It probably takes from 2 to 4 weeks to get comfortable and the first weeks is the hardest

Highly suggesting to stretch the frenulum it it is a bit tight, try different methods to see which one fits you best.. emmm try to dry up the inner skin too it is one of the tings :) ..and Everytime it rolla forward just pull it back again.. soon after you will have a new greater dick ;)

That surely looks comfy and nice but is sort of pricey..

General Discussion / Re: Sideeffects
« on: 2018-05-24 21:08:51 »
For beginners the best method is spooned or a ring behind the glans

General Discussion / Re: Gym
« on: 2018-05-24 21:04:46 »
Try using a silicone ring behind the glans, it is almost impossible to roll the skin over the glans during any exercises when wearing one of them ;)

General Discussion / Re: one last try
« on: 2018-05-09 19:50:49 »
Well bro just don't give up! It took me quite 6 months to train it to stay back itself, and I was mostly using the spoon method during the period, I in my opinion have good amount of skin - can even overhang a bit when fully hard.. after that moment it stays back just like that:)
I like a lot to use tape method for example but when I take off the tape it ofter rolls over the glans short after..!?

Emmmm about the sex spooned, I don't think it is possible, well you will surely put it in at first but then the skin will unfold and it will all go the normal way ..

Good luck!

I said it couple of times in other topics, but still.. when I was young .. I don't remember exactly but about 4-5-6 y.o. I was not able to expose even the tip of my glans, the freaking doctor recommended circ.. but my parents didn't go for it, soon after I was still not able to retract it and we went to another doctor who forced my skin back... It hurt like hell as my mom told me I screamed loud, and she said my glans was covered with dirty white stuff..they cleaned it and we went home.. a lil by lil mm by mm I slowly retracted more and more of ky skin until full retraction.. as much as I remember it took me couple of months :) ever since then I was retracting to piss and to wash innthe morning and shower before bed ..until 3-4 years ago when I really wanted to feel circumcised..
Half a year of part time  retraction, Permanenton for 2 years, A LOT of stretching, many different methods, now I can retract the skin so far back it looks like there is no skin at all :)

Introductions / Re: Cromwell22
« on: 2018-05-06 18:58:55 »
Welcome :)
Very interesting story to read!
I'm sure that your son thanks your wife about it :)
And ..just give it time and experiment with different methods, some stretching of the frenulum will surely help ;)

I would love to find a way to do it but what I have found online so far about it is sort of no way.
If you want to make your skin longer let's say it is possible by stretching and developing new cells but if you want to make it shorter you need to take off cells from the skin in order to make it shorter... So how can you do it without surgery... I still don't know ;(
Permanent retraction does make it look and act as a shorter one but all the skin is still there at place.

So.. keep looking 👀

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