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Thirty years ago I developed an extreme taping system to bare as much of the inner foreskin as possible. In the process, deep wrinkles formed on the upper shaft skin that took five years for them to disappear after I decided not to have a bare head. The photo below is a demonstration of the process that I used.

Items required:

1. Three short pieces of wire;
2. Pieces of waterproof strong adhesive tape;
3. A thin rubber band;
4. Thread to whip the rubber band

One end of a tape is wrapped around one of the wires to hold it in place, adhesive to adhesive. A hole is punched in the tape just inside the wire and one end of the rubber band is poked through. The band is whipped in place with thread. The shaft skin is then pulled up, revealing as much of the inner foreskin and the tape placed on the shaft appropriately. Another wire is held in place just over the pubic with a piece of tape on each side. The other end of the rubber band is fed under this wire.

A second tape and wire are created the same as the first one. Again, the band is fed through this tape/wire and whipped in place with thread. An appropriate amount of band is left out so that when the tape is properly placed on the pubes that the shaft skin will be held high up. A little experimenting will be required to get the correct formula for you.

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