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General Discussion / New type of rings
« on: 2018-10-13 13:43:28 »
Has anyone used these type of rings?

Please share experience if any.

General Discussion / Experience of using Rings
« on: 2018-09-15 15:23:20 »
How many of here are using rings to keep retracted. I am using this: to to keep permanently retracted. The smallest ring is very useful to keep retracted without any hassle. Do any one of here has experience of using rings?
Please share your experiences.

General Discussion / Pulled back from adolescence
« on: 2018-07-12 18:19:38 »
How many people here are permanently pulled back since starting of puberty?

Anyone use olive oil to keep pulled back? After having bath, I pull back and apply olive oil. I found that applying olive oil on glans and foreskin it tends to keep retracted with deep shaft wrinkles. It keeps on retracted untill I get an erection.

Anyone tried it?

Hello Everyone!
Do anyone has experience of having phimosis stretching here?

At around age 11 doctor told that I have almost pinhole phimosis and suggested stretching method to cure it. Foreskin hole was too small. So, I started stretching my foreskin during bath for 10 min everyday. I massaged my foreskin with petroleum jelly(Doctor advised to use oil or petroleum jelly) before going sleep and after waking up in the morning I did streching exercise. This continued for 2-3 month and as a result my glans was 20% exposed. After that i stoped doing as it is bit akward (to stretch in bath or in the morning ). I didnot know that phimosis has not cured then as i thought that it is normal to retract only a bit of glans or peehole. That time foreskin was also fused with glans.

When I was 13 it started to itching and went to doctor. The itching was due to built up of smegma. Doctor cleared underneath foreskin with equipments as still I had phimosis showed stretcing techiques and recommended to continue stretching. I started stretching after bath and before going to bed.This time stretching was a bit easier as glans was not fused now and also it gets erect when i start the stretching(it is easy to stretch while erect). I also did pulled the foreskin whenever i was sweaty. It took almost 1 year for the foreskin to expose the glans fully. During checkup doctor suggested that to keep it retracted permanently for 2-3 month so that foreskin doesnot get constricted again and after doing that for that period it can be kept back to normal and only retract while bathing everyday. That was my first experience with keeping foreskin retracted. After 2 months I stopped keeping it retracted(as it used to roll down) and only retract while bathing or peeing.
Now 22 and thinking of keeping it permanently retracted.


I was searching for foreskin ring and found out this:

Could anyone tell the experience of using these and also long term effect of using them. I am concerned about getting infection from regular use. Moreover, it is really useful to keep the foreskin retracted 24 x 7 ?

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