What best describes your flacid state before you started going bare headed?

It wouldn't roll back
2 (2.1%)
I pulled it back, and it would stay there most of the time when I go about my day
22 (22.7%)
I had to manually pull it back but it would stay there if I didn't touch it
16 (16.5%)
It would roll back but would not stay back at all when I let go
43 (44.3%)
I pull it back and it would stay back for days without rolling forward
9 (9.3%)
My skin is naturally retracted and stays there
5 (5.2%)

Total Members Voted: 97

Author Topic: What best describes your flacid state before doing any pulled back methods  (Read 1554 times)

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Just curious how you all started out.

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I started last year, I’m not a full time retractor (3-4 months here or there). I was interested in getting circumcised and came across this site. When flacid and uncovered my whole head is covered meaning I naturally roll back to urinate. If I’m erect only the tip of my head shows. I use the spoon method as I would want a low cut if I ever were to make the leap. I like the look of my penis using the spoon method as it keeps its shape when flacid and erect. Since pulling back when I’m not using the spoon method my foreskin naturally rolls back and stays there when erect.  I’ve changed my masturbation habits as a result and take my time as I’ve discovered new spots I like.

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I’ve always been able to retract and it stay back indefinitely.  I had no idea this wasn’t the case for all guys until I found this site.

I’ve been lucky that I’ve never needed tape or glans ring to stay retracted. I do use the spoon method nowadays but that’s because I think it looks neater rather than a method to stay back.

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The very first time I found out the foreskin is retractable was when I was 13 yo. At the time my foreskin was rather tight even for my flaccid state that everytime I tried retracting I ended up with some stinging, visible stretch marks. It didn't actually bleed, but it definitely stung.

Only occasionally would attempt to retract afterwards until I was like 15 or 16. I started masturbating daily since then with my foreskin, the opening eventually stretched enough and my glans have also desensitized enough.

I have a decent amount of foreskin, so it doesn't automatically retract even when I'm actually a grower and my penis becomes erect.

Not a full time retractor, but my foreskin can stay back as long as needed as long as I don't do anything too intense.

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I started at 13 or so, but not really serious, just say an hour. Then few years later started again, but this time for a bit longer, then a break, Then i started in earnest, with the skin being back for months. I can say, that now the skin will stay back and it takes a lot to move it forward. I will go forward, hence i have to then use some method like spoon. But it interesting that it now will stay back and even when hard, the skin will stay back even some strength to pull it forward.
Love skining back and letting my head show

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My foreskin is pretty long and I'm a grower. I need to tape it to ever have it stay uncovered while soft. I can spoon method while hard

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You sure you're a grower Soldier? A dick that long I'd think would be a shower even when soft.

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Mine would pull back quite easy flacid but it was very tight when erect & then got stuck back