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General Discussion / Restarting
« Last post by anon21 on 2018-07-20 14:30:24 »
Alright, so backstory: until now I've only been doing this intermittently and mostly at home. I've never really felt comfortable keeping myself pulled back out of the house due to the concern of many reasons, like feeling the skin rolled forward even though it's actually not, pubes making it itchy and so on and so forth. Then I completely stopped for a couple of months now.

Today I decided to try keeping it retracted for a full day while I'm at work and I made it through ;D Pubes trimmed giving minimal to no annoyance, skin stayed back all the time whenever I go to the restroom to check.

I might be going out on the weekends, and I'm certainly hoping to immediately add more days being retracted soon. Will see how I would progress over the weekend.

Results from today:

Introductions / Re: Hi from Germany
« Last post by bobenc0 on 2018-07-20 11:33:13 »
Welcome! How old are you now? Emmm .. what type of circumcision did you choose? Any pics before/after would be nice!
General Discussion / Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Last post by teddanson 69 on 2018-07-20 03:09:39 »
I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist when it comes to locker rooms and gyms. There is always this buzz of testosterone and sexual energy that fills the air. I've always been keen to this feeling so any time there is a locker room involved I get mentally excited. I've been aware of this due to the nature of my foreskin. Growing up I was surrounded by helmet heads aka circumcised members. I was the only person with an "anteater" and naturally this would always attract a lot of attention. I grew to like the attention but there was always a bit of teasing mixed in. "Eww he's uncircumcised" or "why does your dick look like that" would echo through the locker room. However, in private many guys would ask, "hey how does your dick work" or "can you peel it back"? This shame mixed with sexuality created an interesting obsession with my penis, my whole penis. I grew to have a silent pride in my natural dick. I was always the center of attention.

Fortunately post high school I learned about "auto-circumcision" or skinning it back. Blogs like this were constantly in my thoughts and I anxiously waited for new posts and new ideas on how to keep my foreskin retained. The idea that I get the best of both worlds is sexually intoxicating. I have darker skin and my cock head is a beautiful shade of pink so skinning back is not only sexually appealing but also aesthetically appealing, in my opinion.

I have always enjoyed locker rooms so in my early twenties I started going to spas. I started out with your normal "spas", the ones your mother and sister go to for "girl days". Obviously the co-ed areas are clothed and fun to spend time socializing and relaxing in but I began to notice a trend. In the men's locker rooms many "peacocks" emerge, no pun intended. Many of the men you see with their female significant others in the co-ed areas, will strut around valiantly nude in men's locker room. I very quickly learned about the glory of the Korean Spa.

This is a glorious environment for so called "peacocks" and individuals like me that enjoy exhibitionism. I love entering a Korean spa with my foreskin pulled all the way forward and entering the shower. While in the shower I make sure to pull back my foreskin as much as possible to show off the distinct color variation and leaving it retracted. I can tell everyone's eyes are on me and it's such an erotic experience. I make sure to dry my glans and inner foreskin off so that my foreskin stays behind my glans. Then when I enter the sauna it's such a satisfying experience seeing the circumcised men follow me in. Their eyes are always glued to my dynamic penis. My pink glans always swells up in the heat and i can feel when my start to become engorged but not fully hard. One time a fellow spa goer struck up small talk with me in the sauna and I knew his intentions immediately. We talked about K-spa experiences and the weather and eventually he commented on my swollen member. He stated that he had noticed that I was uncircumcised and told me that I had a "beautiful cock". It was such a satisfying experience hearing this. I could tell he was turned on because his circumcised dick was hard and twitching. He kept trying to cover it up with a towel but eventually he put the towel to the side. He was average sized and had a low circumcision. We were the only two in the sauna at this time and he began to tug on his cut dick. It looked like a struggle but I could tell he was desperately horny. I spread my legs to show off my skinned back foreskin and began to stand at attention immediately. His eyes were locked on my pink glans and I began to slide my foreskin forward completely covering my glans and then back exposing the beautiful pink head he commented on. This went on for a couple of minutes until he asked the question, "I'm straight but I've always wondered what having a foreskin is like, would you mind if I tried stroking yours?" Of course this is one of my ultimate thrills so I graciously obliged. He had a very soft and gentle touch, almost as if he was afraid of hurting me. I could tell he was really into it because his cock was dripping with wetness. Inexperienced hands with an uncircumcised penis is one of the most adorable experiences ever, guy or girl. I told him that I would show him how I stroke myself and he looked eager to return his hand back to his own member. I made long slow strokes showing him the gliding motion of my long foreskin until one stroke I held my foreskin back. Since I had been skinning back off and on for awhile I began to dry slide my hand over my glans. This made him moan and I could tell he was on the verge of orgasm. I grabbed his free hand and told him to slowly stroke my exposed glans and inner foreskin as I was gripping my foreskin back at the base. He began to shudder and come. I watched his cock shoot thin streams of come onto his chest. It was quite intoxicating and sensual. He thanked me afterwards and of course, reminded me that he was straight. He left the sauna abruptly after that but I remained so I could calm down and let my throbbing member be continued.
General Discussion / Re: Perly Penile Papules & Pulling Back
« Last post by lunarian on 2018-07-17 21:35:53 »
The good news is that I didn't have any trouble with healing or any negative effects. The bad news is that after a few weeks the papules healed back to some degree. Still a big improvement but I need to get back to it.

I can only speak about my own experience, but as far as "DIY surgery" goes, this was pretty approachable.

Thanks! Hoping the pen arrives today or tomorrow so I'll have a go at it :)
General Discussion / Re: Perly Penile Papules & Pulling Back
« Last post by Professor Plum on 2018-07-17 03:33:15 »
Hey Professor Plum. Any update?

The good news is that I didn't have any trouble with healing or any negative effects. The bad news is that after a few weeks the papules healed back to some degree. Still a big improvement but I need to get back to it.

I can only speak about my own experience, but as far as "DIY surgery" goes, this was pretty approachable.
General Discussion / Re: Change in glans shape since retracting
« Last post by Nexolaris on 2018-07-16 10:59:13 »
I've also noticed my glans is more bell shaped than before altough I have no idea why is it like that. Maybe beacuse of the foreskin not restricting glans it can reach it's full "potential"?
I'm sure you're right. After tying my frenulum the difference between before and after became very obvious. My frenulum wasn't too short but the tip would be pulled down by it. Afterwards the tip of my head wasn't pulled down anymore, making the head appear longer in comparison when looked at from above.
Introductions / Re: Londonchap
« Last post by Nexolaris on 2018-07-16 10:19:48 »
Nice to have you! Your avatar looks great but it's also super tiny ;D
It's only the picture that's tiny,otherwise it looks big!  ;D
Introductions / Re: Hello from gguhoa
« Last post by Nexolaris on 2018-07-16 10:16:59 »
It seems like you enjoy the journey more than the goal itself. That's interesting.
Introductions / Re: Hi from Germany
« Last post by Nexolaris on 2018-07-16 09:38:53 »
Willkommen im Forum!  :)
General Discussion / Re: Swelling under Corona
« Last post by scotsguy27 on 2018-07-15 18:08:45 »
Usually about an hour? For example if I wake up and its swollen I pull it forward when I get up and keep it forward until I’ve had breakfast, showered and then retract it when I’m getting dressed
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