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General Discussion / Re: Show off your inner foreskin
« Last post by Stickler99 on 2023-05-18 07:22:10 »
Mine hasn't changed colour as I normally keep it tucked in.
However it's not as shiny due to a daily application of surgical spirit
General Discussion / Re: Show off your inner foreskin
« Last post by Mafik13 on 2023-05-18 04:44:04 »
i definetly see the difference between time i hadn't pull back and now. It's definetly thicker that it was before or at least i feel it that way. It was light pink back then, now it's bit darker but it variates  depends on temperatures i guess. I noticed also that my veins are more visible now. It was nice to read about your experiences. here is some pics of how it looks like
General Discussion / Re: Everyone’s flaccid state
« Last post by robur on 2023-05-16 22:09:45 »
my flacid exposed
General Discussion / Re: Pulledback outdoors
« Last post by rastaman1978 on 2023-05-16 18:27:56 »
I´d normally go for nudist beaches during summer and always keep the foreskin retracted. Indeed is pretty common here is Spain, to see guys showing the glans on the beach, saunas, locker rooms etc.
Def have a point. I was thinking if the wrapping fabric is elastic enough, then it would stay situated enough even when going from small to big and from soft to hard without the change being an issue
General Discussion / Re: This won't be popular...but hear me out
« Last post by slicendice on 2023-05-16 04:25:01 »
it sounds logical, but might only be workable if the person is a shower.. it's basically combining fixation (keeping the foreskin where it is desired to be) with compression (preventing the "usual" lymph fluids from gathering in the foreskin, preventing the "usual" swelling)..

for growers, this method might not work at all, because the shrunken state means that all the foreskin would probably move and no longer remain where it is desired, rendering the method moot..
Aesthetics, sensations, don´t know just feel right for me. Could be also something about adutlhood you know.
General Discussion / Re: Show off your glans?
« Last post by CuriousSkinner on 2023-05-15 19:21:11 »
Well, this wrapping technique isn't the part that I think people won't want to hear. It sounds like as good as any of the handful of approaches on here.

I'm imagining using a non-stick tape with some elasticity to wrap your penis with while your inner foreskin is as exposed and retracted as possible. Leave an opening to pee and go for as many days as you can at a time. Might train towards a retraction with more exposed inner foreskin.

Anyone ever tried this?
General Discussion / Re: Show off your glans?
« Last post by soundsgreat87 on 2023-05-15 15:49:11 »
Alright! perhaps these are better

Yeah much better 😍
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