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General Discussion / Re: Show off your glans?
« Last post by Livingwithglansonair on 2023-05-26 20:28:49 »
Heres mine. Your opinion?
General Discussion / So glad
« Last post by Difficult Time on 2023-05-26 17:08:36 »
I was delighted to find this group, because it answered a question I have had for a very long time now.

I have always wondered whether (other) guys who had gone from having foreskins covering them almost all of the time to having completely exposed, bared glanses all of the time got used to the change in such a way as to stop noticing it altogether. What I have learned by reading the many interesting accounts here is that the actual answers are diverse: some do get to this point—some even report that they got to it pretty quickly; some get to the point where they can be aware of the difference, but mostly don’t actually notice it (I found especially interesting and clear the analogy to always being able to see your nose, but not actually noticing it unless you pay attention); but some also report that they still notice and feel the difference, but are not bothered by those feelings. I have been one of this last type for many years now, and wondered if my incomplete adjustment to having a permanently bared glans was unique. It is good to learn that there are others with this experience. Given all of my uneasiness about the whole topic (long story here—no matter!), I’m glad to know that others have had the same kind of experience. Actually, I’m kind of glad that I do still notice. It actually reminds me of why I made the change and what benefits I have enjoyed because of it. I don’t deny that there are times when not noticing at all might relieve me of a certain level of distraction. But, for me, I would certainly would never want to go back to being always covered by a foreskin, and all that entails! Bared is best!
My foreskin only partially covers my glans when I have a semi, but it can slide back behind the glans if I'm fully hard.

Some pics and a video:

Amazing results! Thank you for the motivation, I want to achieve similar result! Thank you friend!
My frenulum snapped when I was in my 20's
Not something I would recommend you try.
Prior to it snapping it was a little to short to allow me to keep retracted full time.
But since, the foreskin is more that happy to remain back.
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Polls / Re: Erect length
« Last post by Kylar on 2023-05-24 18:38:59 »
how do you insert photos?

There's the "Attachments and other options" under the message box when replying, and there you can upload reasonably sized photos.
General Discussion / Re: Asking about ways to get it work.
« Last post by Lex on 2023-05-24 17:36:06 »
have you a method without additional thigs? and for how long i may to use 2 glans rings?
Polls / Re: Erect length
« Last post by Toe on 2023-05-24 16:47:44 »
mine is over 7 inches, only in my best dreams.   hangs soft about 3.5, then with some stimulation manages to hit 6 inches, and about 5 circumference
how do you insert photos?
General Discussion / Re: How are the freshmen doing?
« Last post by ask4me on 2023-05-24 09:07:10 »
I've been trying to be totally pulled back for 5 days now. Going pretty well but would love to understand what is the spoon method and also when. To expect it to start drying out.

I'm planning to be permanently pulled back as I love the look and feel and also to somewhat reduce sensitivity.
General Discussion / Re: How are the freshmen doing?
« Last post by barehead23 on 2023-05-24 07:52:13 »
I'm on my second day today! Just pulling back and letting it sit there. Works ok during the day, but it rolls back over the head quite often when I lay down to sleep, so maybe I need a ring for during the night.

My foreskin is pretty thick and long so it looks pretty bunched up, I'm hoping that will reduce over time.

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