Author Topic: Pulled Back Erotica?  (Read 17908 times)

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Reply #60 on: 2021-05-20 18:07:21 »
Scotsguy, awesome work! Very hot. Especially given you being a Scot, any thoughts on a story going bare while kilted regimentally? I’ve tried it a few times and the feel of the wool on my head is... distinct (definitely not for a new retractor). I like that I’m bare to the air though. Keep up the great work!

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Reply #61 on: 2021-06-13 23:45:23 »
Plz can someone add a story I know it sounds sad but I love listening to them the master /forced retraction ones are my favourite but I think that's my BDSM thoughts 😂😂😂

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Reply #62 on: 2021-07-10 04:48:53 »
These are hot stories. I have been into having my foreskin pulled back ever since being young - read my posts - and have always wondered, surely I mustn’t be the only one!
This site is amazing, especially after reading these erotica posts.
I too would love to read any erotica with a bdsm theme which involves forced foreskin retraction, especially if there is phimosis involved, or just having the foreskin pulled back hard and tight - very tight back as a form of cbt, for instance.

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Reply #63 on: 2021-07-11 18:19:35 »
Sorry for being away for a while guys. Been busy in real life haha

Below is a fantasy story set in the future. Hope you guys like it!

“New State”

The year is 2124. Europe’s countries have fallen and are now controlled as under one government, The New State. It is governed by The Council made up of elected residents from each Zone. There are 44 zones currently. After the fall of Europe some of the Zones residents broke into factions in an effort to fight back against The New State and their laws or “Protocols” as they are referred to. The New State have been in control for the past 3 years. The United Kingdom and Ireland are now known collectively as Zone 4. In 2123 The New State issued Protocol 251.

Protocol 251 states that all male residents of The New State attaining the age of 25 have 28 days from their 25th birthday to attend their local Hub to have their Clamp fitted. Failure to be fitted with a Clamp will result in the male resident being deported to Zone 66.

The Clamp is fitted to the males penis and is used to secure the foreskin in place exposing the males glans to ensure the highest rate of success for conception. The New State’s worker manual describes the Clamp as consisting of 2 circled rings, inner and outer. The outer ring consists of 2 halves hinged together at the same end. On each side of the halves there is a locking clasp which allows for locking with the inner ring. The Clamp is fitted/replaced yearly to comply with New State safety regulations.

Zone 66 is a man made country located within the South Atlantic Ocean that was built by The New State to “contain” any resident not complying with Protocols and found guilty by The High Court. Residents of Zone 66 have to fend for themselves and live off the land as The New State abandons residents there. Most non serious Protocol breaks are dealt with by way of money fine, The New State uses this method to put back into the Zones.

Adam lives in Zone 4 (Ireland), he celebrated his 25th birthday 9 days ago. He is the youngest of 3. He has an older brother Greig who is 31 and is fitted with a Clamp.

On the 9th day Adam attends his local Hub to have his Clamp fitted. He was nervous as his foreskin doesn’t really retract, all he could think about was “what if they rip it?”. When he’s erect his glans tip partially shows.

Adam stood there waiting at the desk, he was next in line. About 10 minutes later it was Adam’s turn to speak with the employee at the desk. He was asked for all his documents. Once the employee sorted through the documents he handed them back to Adam and informed him to attend at Area 1 in the building and wait to be called. He made his way to Area 1, which was a large seated waiting area. After a short wait another employee appeared and called Adam’s name. Adam followed the employee into an almost stainless steel clinical looking area with around 10 “beds” in a row.

Adam’s attention was drawn to a line of other males who were completely naked and laying down on a bed shaped contraption. At the end of one of the empty beds was a clear box. The employee led Adam to his allocated bed and told him to strip naked and place his stuff into the box provided. Adam did so and then lay on the bed.

A short time later employees came round the beds and started to strap all the males legs, arms and foreheads down. This was done to avoid any injuries when the procedure was done. A numbing cream was also applied to the penis to avoid unnecessary arousal when being fitted.

Adam lay there against the cool metal waiting on his turn to have the numbing cream applied. It was soon his turn. The employee smothered Adams cock in the numbing cream however his cock head still needed to be coated. The employee grabbed Adam’s girthy cock and slowly began retracting the foreskin, Adam felt his foreskin tighten around his cock head as it reached its usual retracted position. The employee kept pulling his foreskin back until Adam felt a “pop”. His rigid band slipped over his cock head and secured itself behind his very prominent ridge. Adam’s untouched pink cock head glistened under the bright industrial lights. The employee began coating his cock head. Adam winched in pleasure but couldn’t get hard because of the numbing cream, his buttocks clenching against the stainless steel bed as his arousal grew inside but the pleasure faded thanks to the numbing cream. Once the cream had the desired effect the next stage was the fitting of the Clamp. The metal beds had the ability to have the males legs separated to allow employees the greatest access to the penis. Around 20 minutes later Alex and the other males fitting was complete. They were then ordered to shower and get dressed, they were then allowed to leave. Adam knew he would have to return in a years time.

Kian lives in Zone 4 (Ireland). Kian is 26 years old and is a member of The Faction. He lives in a self sustained camp with other Faction members. Most Faction’s live off the land or use fake documents. Kian’s documents state he was fitted with a Clamp, he isn’t and has free use of his foreskin but avoids public nudity as its obvious that he isn’t Clamped which would mean if caught he would be abducted and taken to Zone 66.

7 months later, Adam meets Kian in a local bar. They hit it off. Laughing, sharing the same interests, liking similar drinks, etc.

Whilst on the dancefloor Kian leans in towards Adam. They hesitate. Kian stares into Adams green eyes. Adam stares back. As they lock eyes they embrace each others lips. Adam can taste the sweet cherry from the drinks they’ve been consuming. The end of the night comes. Adam invites Kian back to his place for “Coffee”…. Everyone knows there’s no Starbucks in The New State. This meant sex. Which meant Kian would need to be naked. He sensed he could trust Adam.

Adam and Kian stood there in the bedroom, kissing each other, grinding their bodies against one another. Slowly taking their clothes off. Kian was down to his boxers. He hesitated. Adam caressed Kians throbbing cock through his boxers. He slowly pulled down Kians boxers. Kians engorged vainey cock sprung from his boxers showing off his unclamped cock. Like Adams cock, Kian’s foreskin was tight when hard with a portion of his cock head being exposed.

Adam noticed this. He glanced at Kian. Kian stuttered trying to explain. Adam put his fingers on Kians lips. Kian stopped. Adam pulled Kian towards him grinding their bodies and throbbing cocks against one another. The pair fell onto the bed. Kian flipped Adam onto his front exposing Adams peached shaped bum. Kian lubed up Adams hole, grabbed his cock and slowly slipped his cock into Adam. Adam grunted in pleasure. His cock spilling precum onto the sheets.

Adam and Kian soon becoming lovers. Adam begins to question some of the Protocols. Adam soon decides to join the Faction with Kian. They both live in the camp together, off the grid but have their fake documents ready to use when in the Capital.

Kian told Adam about a Faction member who worked as an employee but defected and could remove Adams Clamp. Adam got his Clamp removed but his foreskin was used to being retracted so his cock head was permanently exposed. As a pact between Kian and Adam, Kian said he would keep his cock head exposed too after all, they were partners for life.

Adam kept his Clamp in his keepsake box as a reminder of the society that he never wants to be a part of.

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Reply #64 on: 2021-07-11 20:00:00 »
Another thought provoking literary masterpiece Scotsguy27!

Thank you for sharing.  :)

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Reply #65 on: 2021-07-12 22:49:17 »
We need more bro u are too good at this, i get life gets in the way but we need u here these story's are just tooooo good like bro pm me I wanna talk bout your creativity thanks again bro from all of us , we will be waiting patiently for the next one

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Reply #66 on: 2021-07-29 19:40:43 »
Based on true story. Mr X (20 yrs), Miss Y(20 yrs) and her younger brother Z went to camping in the mountains along with friends and siblings. At late night, almost everyone was drunk and almost passed out except X and Y who were still in their senses. It started raining so everybody started going back to their tents. Z started going to side for peeing but he was stumbling as he was drunk. So X and Y put him on their shoulder support and took him to pee. Y unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and retracted his foreskin to pee. By the time he finished peeing he was having an erection hence she was struggling to put it back in the pants. At it was raining so X and Y decided to keep it like that and all three came back to the tent. Z was almost passed out as they were back in the tent. Y was embarrassed and X was laughing. All three covered themselves with a blanket.

X: Your brother seems to have a sensitive organ. You should not have pulled back his skin.
Y: Why? It should be pulled to pee to keep it clean. I have seen my brother pulling back to pee and then cover it. It should also be cleaned while bathing.
X: So you like guys with cut skin.
Y: Not really but it should be clean all the time. Though I find it attractive to have exposed cock while it is erect. May be you should also maintain hygiene there.
X: I keep mine pulled back all the time.
Y: Really? Wow! So yours one remains clean and hygienic all the time. Ready 24 x 7 for action. Girls will like it.
X: Do all girls like exposed penis?
Y: Obviously, no girl in mood want to retract a guy only to find odor and white dirt.
X: Do you want to see mine? Let me show you.
Y: Aw its so embarrassing.

X pulled his pants down and took her hand and put it on his cock. She started to feel the exposed glans of the softie. She started to fondle it and then in no time it was fully erect. She then pulled her panty down. Both were now bottomless.

Y: Feeling about your cock has made me so wet.
X: Let me feel it.

X started rubbing her clit which made her release more lub. They were simulating each other. X  turned climbed over Y. Now he was between her legs hugging her and started mounting his cock to penetrate.

Y: Wait! I have not done this before. Let's not do it now.
X: But my balls are ready to explode and I want a release.
Y: I want a release too.

She then wrapped her legs around his waist and locking him and tightly hugged him.

Y: Now rub your cock head in my pussy crack.

X started rubbing his glans over her pussy simulating her clit and pussy hole very slowly. Both started moaning with pleasure. Y started oozing out fluid and curled her toes. She never had orgasmed like this. Her fluid made it extremely slipery. He could not bear any longer and released his cum on her pussy emptying his balls. He was releasing spurts after spurts. He never had cum so much. They started kissing each other.
Both were so tired that they felt asleep soon in each others arms.