Author Topic: Frenulum removal  (Read 229 times)

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Frenulum removal
« on: 2021-07-29 15:25:13 »
I read the great thread by Soundsgreat87 on the site about frenulum tying, but I was wondering if any one saw the benefit that removing it did with skinning back. A lot of people replied in the tread, that they were doing it etc. I was wondering did they see a benefit. I ask as my frenulum has expanded for some reason and it’s causing me issue and I ( am seeing a specialist to get it removed) does it help with  skinning back and am looking to take action on it.
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Re: Frenulum removal
« Reply #1 on: 2021-07-29 17:45:16 »
I tied it a year ago and I have no regrets, before almost all methods I tried didn’t worked well with my frenulum or hurt it, in addition to that when I had an erection the foreskin didn’t retract by itself, now it does but foreskin still bunches a little bit under the corona but if I pull it back bunching will disappear and the penis will have a circumcised look and the best part is that it won’t go back like it did when I had the frenulum so it will have that circumcised look for the duration of that erection. Masturbation wasn’t painful but removing the frenulum does make it more enjoyable as you can move the foreskin back and forth with more intensity and range without fearing you will tear the fren. While flaccid it is easier to retract but my foreskin isn’t trained enough to stay like that for a whole day so it varies from person to person but comparing that to before when it couldn’t stay retracted when flaccid it is a big change. In terms of sensitivity my frenulum wasn’t very sensitive so it didn’t mattered to me maybe because I didn’t played with it enough, now I can pleasure myself with only touching the remaining of it so I can’t offer much info on that.
TL;DR: It helps in skinning back