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Title: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: GlansLiberation on 2017-11-14 13:50:24
G'day, fellow gentlemen,

I was wondering if there are other people here who'd also be interested in an additional forum subsection, "Pulled Back Erotica" or something along those lines. I'm aware, of course, that this forum already provides corresponding stimuli in various fashions for those who seek it out, but I would also appreciate written erotic fiction on the topic. Does anyone else feel share that sentiment? Would anyone else, perhaps more importantly, be willing to be a contributor? (Or does a place for such stories already exist? If so, please point me in the direction, so far I've only found circumcision-related erotic fiction.)

Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: soundsgreat87 on 2017-11-14 21:57:21
Oooh, I do like that idea. Might not be enough threads to warrant a whole section, but maybe you could start a topic. If it becomes a popular enough thing, maybe we can make a section of its own.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: jdm on 2017-11-15 20:47:58
I would also be interested in such content, but I'm not sure if this is the place for it. I certainly don't want to discourage it, it's just that this site has never been targeted towards erotic content. At least not directly. What do others think? How do moderators feel?
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: soundsgreat87 on 2017-11-15 23:54:09
How do moderators feel?

I feel fine with it ;)

It's still a pretty niche community and there aren't really any other places for material like it. I know a lot of guys come just for advice and to share stories but a lot come for the thrill of it too.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: Kylar on 2017-11-16 18:56:34
Same as soundsgreat :)
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: thesevenpointfive on 2017-11-16 20:47:44
Any one got a clue on topics of this erotica,
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: TapedStick on 2018-02-04 19:01:03
Hey guys,

Lets be honest, many of us would be interested in this kind of erotica. Anyone have any? I've had some conversations with some guys here about erotic stuff. With their permission, I might post some.  ;)

I think we need some ground rules like label the content for what it is, so nobody accidentally reads something that makes them want to vomit. Personally I would for instance prefer erotica where the people involved show mutual respect to one another rather than using one another as a piece of meat. We need some standard of dignity is all I'm suggesting. Let's be considerate to each other guys.

And I'd like to hear what kind of exciting pulled back adventures and fantasies might be on everyones mind. PM if there is any question as to whether it's a good idea for a public post.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: soundsgreat87 on 2018-02-04 20:40:23
Keep it public, not to PMs ;D

I think it would be fine to write stories based on real interactions, as long as names and places and stuff were anonymized.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: Jockbox on 2018-02-05 15:49:35
It's fine with me.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: Mana K on 2018-06-23 20:43:30
Great idea !!
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: ted danson69 on 2018-06-27 01:22:54
I think it’s a great idea
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: camchain on 2018-07-05 05:42:21
Count me in. I love being pulled back.  look's and feel's great.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: billymachine79 on 2018-07-05 19:26:33
I often do write erotica, and I do include a little bit of our common interest here at pulledback.org, but I've always done it for myself as a practice excersize, you know... try to show and not tell seems more imperative when it comes to erotica
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: soundsgreat87 on 2018-07-05 23:42:01
Well post some if you like ;D
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: thesevenpointfive on 2018-07-08 18:31:30
Well post some if you like ;D

If some one can start it would be great
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: teddanson 69 on 2018-07-20 03:09:39
I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist when it comes to locker rooms and gyms. There is always this buzz of testosterone and sexual energy that fills the air. I've always been keen to this feeling so any time there is a locker room involved I get mentally excited. I've been aware of this due to the nature of my foreskin. Growing up I was surrounded by helmet heads aka circumcised members. I was the only person with an "anteater" and naturally this would always attract a lot of attention. I grew to like the attention but there was always a bit of teasing mixed in. "Eww he's uncircumcised" or "why does your dick look like that" would echo through the locker room. However, in private many guys would ask, "hey how does your dick work" or "can you peel it back"? This shame mixed with sexuality created an interesting obsession with my penis, my whole penis. I grew to have a silent pride in my natural dick. I was always the center of attention.

Fortunately post high school I learned about "auto-circumcision" or skinning it back. Blogs like this were constantly in my thoughts and I anxiously waited for new posts and new ideas on how to keep my foreskin retained. The idea that I get the best of both worlds is sexually intoxicating. I have darker skin and my cock head is a beautiful shade of pink so skinning back is not only sexually appealing but also aesthetically appealing, in my opinion.

I have always enjoyed locker rooms so in my early twenties I started going to spas. I started out with your normal "spas", the ones your mother and sister go to for "girl days". Obviously the co-ed areas are clothed and fun to spend time socializing and relaxing in but I began to notice a trend. In the men's locker rooms many "peacocks" emerge, no pun intended. Many of the men you see with their female significant others in the co-ed areas, will strut around valiantly nude in men's locker room. I very quickly learned about the glory of the Korean Spa.

This is a glorious environment for so called "peacocks" and individuals like me that enjoy exhibitionism. I love entering a Korean spa with my foreskin pulled all the way forward and entering the shower. While in the shower I make sure to pull back my foreskin as much as possible to show off the distinct color variation and leaving it retracted. I can tell everyone's eyes are on me and it's such an erotic experience. I make sure to dry my glans and inner foreskin off so that my foreskin stays behind my glans. Then when I enter the sauna it's such a satisfying experience seeing the circumcised men follow me in. Their eyes are always glued to my dynamic penis. My pink glans always swells up in the heat and i can feel when my start to become engorged but not fully hard. One time a fellow spa goer struck up small talk with me in the sauna and I knew his intentions immediately. We talked about K-spa experiences and the weather and eventually he commented on my swollen member. He stated that he had noticed that I was uncircumcised and told me that I had a "beautiful cock". It was such a satisfying experience hearing this. I could tell he was turned on because his circumcised dick was hard and twitching. He kept trying to cover it up with a towel but eventually he put the towel to the side. He was average sized and had a low circumcision. We were the only two in the sauna at this time and he began to tug on his cut dick. It looked like a struggle but I could tell he was desperately horny. I spread my legs to show off my skinned back foreskin and began to stand at attention immediately. His eyes were locked on my pink glans and I began to slide my foreskin forward completely covering my glans and then back exposing the beautiful pink head he commented on. This went on for a couple of minutes until he asked the question, "I'm straight but I've always wondered what having a foreskin is like, would you mind if I tried stroking yours?" Of course this is one of my ultimate thrills so I graciously obliged. He had a very soft and gentle touch, almost as if he was afraid of hurting me. I could tell he was really into it because his cock was dripping with wetness. Inexperienced hands with an uncircumcised penis is one of the most adorable experiences ever, guy or girl. I told him that I would show him how I stroke myself and he looked eager to return his hand back to his own member. I made long slow strokes showing him the gliding motion of my long foreskin until one stroke I held my foreskin back. Since I had been skinning back off and on for awhile I began to dry slide my hand over my glans. This made him moan and I could tell he was on the verge of orgasm. I grabbed his free hand and told him to slowly stroke my exposed glans and inner foreskin as I was gripping my foreskin back at the base. He began to shudder and come. I watched his cock shoot thin streams of come onto his chest. It was quite intoxicating and sensual. He thanked me afterwards and of course, reminded me that he was straight. He left the sauna abruptly after that but I remained so I could calm down and let my throbbing member settle...to be continued.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: soundsgreat87 on 2018-07-20 22:50:10
Yesss, great work, keep it up ;D
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: Nexolaris on 2018-07-30 17:19:31
Wow, that was hot (pun intended)!  ;D
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: _yeah_ on 2018-10-15 03:26:42
Growing up in America, the vast majority of men are cut. In fact, I had never seen another person with a foreskin other than myself until I found this forum. As a child and through my school years, we would use the locker rooms for changing for gym class and for sports. There I would be, the elephant trunk in the room of circumcised guys. I would be made fun of and teased for having a different penis than everyone else. I liked to look of their penises and wanted mine to look the same. I was sitting in the bathroom one day during elementary school, fiddling with my foreskin and I came to realization that it could retract! I was so excited, only to find that my glans was extremely sensitive and when I pulled it back, it almost immediately sprang back over the glans. Disappointed, I returned to school the next day, and proceeded to change it the bathroom stall, as I couldn't show off my glans, and if I went as I was, I would get teased.
After a several years passed, I discovered autocircumcision and decided to give it a go. My foreskin was more loose now, and my glans wasn't nearly as sensitive. After much laboring over methods and retracting on and off, I finally worked up the courage to go 24/7. Now my glans was exposed the majority of the time, and I got to keep my foreskin. I was able to do everything with my foreskin, but yet I could also look and feel like a cut guy too!

When I went to the pool after a long workday, I would enter the locker room, unzip my pants to make sure I was pulled back, and then proceed to change. I loved the feeling of being able to stand in a public locker room and show off my exposed head where others could see. Once I had changed, I proceeded to enter the pool.
On my evenings at the pool, I shared a lap lane with a couple people. But over time I grew to know the young woman I shared a lane with. We would always be at the pool around the same time, and after socializing, we came to know that we were working on similar college degrees along with other interesting things about each other.

One day, after a long day of college classes, work, and then swimming, I checked the clock on the wall at the pool and realized that I would miss the bus home if I didn't hurry. I got out of the pool and rushed into the locker room, showered and changed, only to arrive outside with the bus nowhere to be seen. I sat, waiting for the next bus for several minutes until the woman from my lane came out of the women's locker room to find me sitting there. Knowing I rode the bus home usually, she asked if I had missed the bus, I nodded. She offered to give me a ride to her place, and since it was late, she'd serve me dinner as well. I accepted and we rode her car to her apartment together and had a rather nice meal for being college students. After we finished, we began to talk about college, work, and hobbies. One of the hobbies she said she had was science, particularly biology. When I asked her why she didn't decide to major in anatomy and she blushed. She paused then proceeded to share that she looked into it during high school, but decided against it as she didn't like the idea of prescribing circumcision to others or to infants, even though the vast majority of males were cut i the U.S. I was beginning to get turned on by her talking about penises, but intrigued, I asked why she didn't agree with cutting and she responded saying that she loved the look of a circumcised penis, but didn't like the idea of cutting a part of them off. She then asked why I was so interested and I blushed. I thought about it, then told her that I was intact and she immediately  lit up with interest as well. She asked what it felt like, but I didn't know how to respond. She looked down, then asked if she could see my member as she was curious. I was reluctant at first, but I said it was okay, and she proceeded to unzip my pants and pull down my boxers. She stared in awe at my member. She noticed my exposed head and asked why it looks Mrs similar to a cut penis. At that point I began to tell about how I loved the look and feel of having a bare glans, so I had tried out a method of keeping the foreskin behind the glans called autocircumcision. While I was telling her about autocircumcision, she reached out and gently grabbed my now semi erect penis. As she was examining it, she saw the fold of foreskin behind my heaf. She gently pulled it forward until it covered my head for the first time in a long time. When she let go of my foreskin, it began to roll back over my glans until it came to rest behind my corona once more. She giggled delightfully and told me that she was amazing and facinated that I had trained my foreskin to stay back and that it was super sexy. I looked at her and noticed that her other hand was down her pants, touching herself. She saw me looking and blushed. She grabbed my head and began to massage up and down my shaft as she asked "I don't suppose you'd mind learning about my members, would you?" And that was when I felt the full extent of the deep, pleasurable sensation of having an autocircumcised penis
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: _yeah_ on 2018-10-15 04:35:49
Sorry about all the typos 😬
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: skinhead on 2018-10-16 18:58:01
That's a great account! My childhood was pretty similar - so very conservative in outlook, but thankful to be a free-thinking adult now
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: Nexolaris on 2018-11-15 10:35:44
Sorry about all the typos 😬
I like your story despite the typos. Thanks a lot!  :)
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: _yeah_ on 2018-11-18 21:26:41
Yeah, no problem!  :) Should I write more?
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: soundsgreat87 on 2018-11-19 00:48:31
Of course!!
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: Nexolaris on 2018-11-19 10:49:42
Should I write more?
Please do! ;D
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: scotsguy27 on 2018-12-30 10:53:38
Morning! After a few nights getting my writing cap on and getting Soundsgreat87 to have a read of it and get his approval I've finished it and ready to share it with you all...

It all began at Alex’s house, I had known him since high school and were in most of the same classes. He was your typical high school guy, into rugby, had an eye for the girls in our year, was well liked but not the popular kid. He was a gentle sole, caring about others before himself and would worry more about your problems that you did.

Fast forward 15 years to a house party for his girlfriends birthday. It was late evening in the summer and everyone had been day drinking before heading into town for the night. It was a small gathering. Myself, Alex, his girlfriend, about 4 of mine and Alex’s friends and his 2 of his girlfriend’s friends. We were in the summer house at the bottom of the garden and as all drinking games end it was finally time for truth or dare.

Things started basic then it started going up a notch, sex started to come into play and soon we were finding out things, especially relating to Alex and his girlfriends antics. I was always into Alex as we grew up but I knew he would always be into women. I’m not the instagram model type, just under 6ft, stocky build, short hair, glasses and into my comedies and sci fi.

Alex on the other hand was slightly shorter than me, broad shoulders, dark hair, piercing green eyes and a smile that could light up even the darkest of days. Even though I had a thing for Alex I knew that things would never go there and I suppose I liked the “chase” if you can call it that. Alex knew I liked him and he would play to that when he had a drink in him or wanted me to join him wether that be helping him pick something for his girlfriend or convincing me to stop being boring and get out the house as it was the weekend.

His girlfriend was describing the first time she seen him naked, I instantly felt myself starting to get aroused at the the thought of seeing Alex naked. I had never truly seen Alex front on as it wasn’t really the done thing in a british school to proudly walk around strutting your stuff. It was facing the wall, get changed or if we had been doing swimming lessons, towels round you until boxers were on. She had finished telling the story and I was hard as a rock. I just sat there thanking the lord that I had chosen to wear jeans rather than shorts that evening as I knew it would be cold up town. We had all been sitting in a circle and listening to music when Alex decided it was time to switch on the space heater as it was getting colder. After listening to his girlfriend go on about his cock it was all I could think about. Up he got from his garden chair, I glanced at his crotch and I grew harder. I was tucked in and the thought of his uncut cock at eye level was doing nothing to help the situation. I knew I had became fully erect and that I wouldn’t be able to tuck back in until I was back in my own house.

So finally after hearing all about everyone’s antics we headed up town and decided to go into the local bar and then onto the nightclub. Jump forward to just after 3am. We had been drinking and dancing and by this point it was home time. As we stood in the taxi queue we were trying to organise who was going in which taxi to save money. I had left my car at Alex’s house and if I was to collect it in the morning the taxi would cost about £19 and I just wasn’t having that so Alex offered me the sofa.

After a short taxi ride back we arrived at his house. His girlfriend wasn’t up for staying up any later and I agreed that I would sit up with him for a bit longer as Alex was wanting to having one more beer before bed. About half an hour went by and I said to Alex that I’d head for a quick shower before bed as I was not smelling the best after being in a crowded club. He gave me the towels and told me that he would be sitting up listening to the music channels whilst I was getting ready for bed.

Whilst in the shower I heard the door open and could see through the glass that it was Alex, he came into the bathroom and went to the toilet, lifted the lid and started to undo his belt then he started to unbutton his jeans. I was pretending to look away but alcohol and curiosity obviously got the better of me and I glanced back to see Alex standing there trousers down, t-shirt up and schoolboy peeing. I glanced downwards, I seen his girthy cock hanging there. Alex wasn’t a shower by all means but he had my attention.

He had finished and next thing I knew Alex was standing there fully naked. He had it all, the broad shoulders, the perfect sized cock, a small trail of stomach hair and that damn smile. Alex then casually opened the door and got in the shower with me as he decided that he needed a shower too. Whilst I had been out in town I pulled back my foreskin and left it naturally back so I would still have that bare feeling and look. Whilst in the shower I was still pulled back and Alex noticed this and asked when I got cut. I explained the basics like how I think it looks nicer to me and that I often keep it like this but it was just a case of giving an answer and Alex was fine with it. Each to their own in a sense. I don’t know if it was the heat or the running water but I noticed Alex getting aroused. The water running down his stomach and onto his shaft that was slowly becoming engorged. I too was getting harder having Alex next to me.

He knew he wouldn’t be getting anything from his girlfriend tonight as she was already asleep and that ship had sailed. But Alex gave me a proposition, it was a “one time thing” since apparently we were both here and naked anyway and he wanted a release that night and I’d “get what I wanted”. I was nervous but he set some ground rules, hands on ourselves and we enjoy ourselves. I wasn’t going to pass this up so went with it. Alex was fully hard at this point. His head was much more pinker and sensitive than mine has he couldn’t stand the water on it.

We stood there facing each other caressing ourselves. I could see him looking me up and down and we met eyes at one point. He grinned and continued pleasuring himself. I was at the edge of coming and hearing Alex grunting and moaning made me go over the edge. I shot streams of cum onto the shower floor but he wasn’t quite there yet.

I made a daring move whilst my cock hung there head red from my stroking, I placed my hands on his chest as he continued to stroked, he let out a small groan. From what I had heard in the summer house Alex was a fan of nipple play… I started to caress his chest then moved towards his nipples drawing a circle round them and occasionally brushing a finger across them. This sent Alex into overdrive as he began breathing heavier, so I took it up a level and moved behind him and guided my hands to his arms and started helping him stroke his rigid shaft. I then took my hand and began cupping his balls slowly moving up to his cock. I began stroking it. Alex lay back onto me and threw his head back letting me do all the work.I could feel his wet buttocks clenching against me as he got closer, I kept him on edge until he let out a groan and I felt a hot, thick mess on my hand. He stepped away from me, panting and smiling. I smiled and I thanked him.

He had taken away the “chase” and ended the game in only a way Alex could. He was thinking about my feelings and he knew that I had built this “thing” all up in my head. Even after our little escapade it hasn’t effected our friendship it brought us closer together and Alex has even started going bare to see what all the fuss is about, he had started messaging me for tips and I talked him into spooning as I think it looks much nicer and shows off your helmet and Alex has a lovely helmet. At one point I was thinking I was getting sent more cock pictures than his girlfriend, but I wasn’t complaining as he wanted to last a bit longer in the bedroom and friends help friends in all aspects of their life. He enjoys the feeling of it and pulls back daily now but just in the house though, one step at a time…
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: soundsgreat87 on 2018-12-30 18:12:17
 ;D welllllllll...... that sounds almost like it could be a true story! (Or is it?)
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: Nexolaris on 2018-12-30 21:42:51
;D welllllllll...... that sounds almost like it could be a true story! (Or is it?)
The best stories are written by life.  :)
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: scotsguy27 on 2018-12-30 22:47:10
 ::) ;)

I took some inspiration from life haha
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: _yeah_ on 2019-01-23 00:29:21
I had finally achieved my goal. My foreskin was now able to rest behind my glans without rolling forward. When I told my girlfriend, she was beyond excited. She loved the look of my bare glans with the foreskin rolled behind it with the deep shift wrinkles at the base of my penis. She was so happy that she booked us a trip as a couple to a tropical island, where we would stay at a beach hut on a private beach overlooking a bay. In fact, when we got there, the entire side of the hut facing the beach was open. It was beyond beautiful there and so was she. We swam together in the ocean, her wearing her favorite bikini, and I in my favorite swim shorts (of course retracted inside). We enjoyed ourselves the whole day, but as dusk fell, the real experience was about to begin. We had both been waiting for the moment when we could test out my new retracted penis. And so, as the sun began to fall, I stood in the opening of the romantic, tropical hut, and she stood a few meters away at the waters edge, ready to begin.
She slowly teased as she slipped off her beach dress, throwing it aside. Now she was back in her same swimsuit. The two-piece, fiery red-orange bikini that highlighted her perfect body. The sunset reflected off the bay, seeping  through the palm trees and lighting her blond hair in a fiery glow as she walked towards me. She held out her hand and stood me up, put her arms around my shoulders walking me over to the Lanai bed. She then brought her hands down from my shoulders to my chest, from my chest to my belly button, then unzipped my shorts, dropping them to the floor and then did the same with my boxers, revealing my semierect penis, my autocircumcised foreskin resting snug behind my corona. She then stepped back so that she was directly between me and the sunset, her figure a silhouette of slim beauty. She turned to the side, her hair shifting lightly around her shoulders in the soft tropic breeze, her breasts pronounced on her slim figure as she removed her swimming bra and the dropped slightly, not too big, not too small, perfect. She then slid her swimming bottoms off, throwing them and her bra to the side. She reached down and tickled her shaved clitoris and vagina , sighing lightly with pleasure. My member twitched as it became more hard, my ridged band moving farther up my shaft towards my pelvis, my head and inner foreskin fully exposed. She walked toward me, knelt down and took my mostly erect penis in her gentle hands and began to stroke, starting with my soft dry glans, and then slowly making the strokes longer, moving down my velvety inner foreskin, pulling my skin taught to the base of my penis. I let out a moan of pleasure.
"You like that?" She whispered softly, stroking my bare head , "Well then you'll love this."
She pushed me to lay flat on my back, maneuvered herself above my penis, and placed my bare head inside her perfect vagina. She started slow, then rose to a moderate pace. I could feel her walls against my glans sliding up and down, massaging my penis with a firm and tender love that only her pusy could give. She leaned forward, closer to me. I felt her breasts barely touching my chest, her soothing breathing mine, I looking down and saw that amidst her vagina pumping up and down on my member, I could see and feel my shaft skin at the base of my penis, whilst everything above all the way to my glans within her was comfortably  taught, the foreskin stayed where it was supposed to be: At the base of my penis, leaving my head & inner foreskin fully exposed to her snug comforting vagina. She saw me looking and smiled.
"It's working isn't it?" She asked.
"Yeah," I replied, gently massaging her beautiful breasts. She giggled with pleasure.
"Mmmmmmm...Good," she sighed with passion, "Then lets take it up a notch, shall we?" She began rotating and rocking her hips as she went. We both moaned simultaneously. With one hand she fingered her clitoris, brushing it up against my member as she continued rocking her hips around and around, up and down. With the other, she touched my face, leaning in and kissing me softly. She mmmed with pleasure, pulled away from my mouth and whispered in her beautifully hot voice, "this feels so much better without the foreskin in the way. I can feel your head," she said, " Your corona against my walls. And yet you still have all those nerves, it's perfect" We sped up, me moaning with satisfaction as she giggled and mmmmed with pleasure. I had felt no greater pleasure in all my life and her face reflected the same. She leaned down, her slim body and perfect breasts against my body, her blond hair hanging down from her face to mine. She leaned in her face inches from mine, rocking her hips slowly on my bare head. We gazed into each others eyes. she smiled, her striking blue eyes reflecting happiness and love.
Once done, she put back on bikini, I slipped on my shorts, and we sat on the deserted beach and watched as the sun fell beneath the horizonline of the bay. She smiled at me, her arms around my shoulders, and pecked me with a kiss on my lips. She then reached into my shorts, and I felt her soft skin against my still bare head. She pulled my penis out, fondling it gently, "I love that you can have it exposed all the time and still have your foreskin."
"It's the best of both worlds," I remarked.
"Add having an autocircumcised penis to the long list of reasons why I love you." She said, resting her head on my shoulder as the stars began to emerge in the twilit sky.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: skinhead on 2019-01-28 20:41:30
 ;D 8) :P :-X
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: TapedStick on 2019-09-09 03:25:12
Any more erotica you guys dreaming up?
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: _yeah_ on 2019-09-09 18:50:26
I can write more if people are still interested   ;D
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: FormerRetractor on 2019-09-09 19:42:48
Well, I don't know if this would be considered Pulled Back Erotica, but it was my first public retraction.
I was on a team trip at a sports competition.  For several days we had all been showering at the club after the games, and I was very self conscious because I was the only one with a foreskin.  The local family that I was housed with had a big collection of books, and one was about sex, which I managed to sneak into my room at night.  In it there was a section about penises, with pictures of uncircumcised and circumcised ones.  It was my first real exposure to how different they were, and of course, I loved the exposed glans look.  I had already been retracting on an on and off basis, but no one ever saw it.  One day while in the club shower, with some of the other guys also showering in a wide open shower area, I got a bit of courage and retracted my foreskin in public for the first time.  I was quite aroused and had a tough time keeping my erection down.  I didn't look up at anyone, so I don't know if anyone saw my newly exposed glans;  but I kind of like to think that everyone was looking at it...I still find that memory erotic...
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: Jhead on 2019-09-10 23:34:45
I guess I will just share my experience in junior high school. My puberty started early and one of the games that people like playing is to pull people’s pants off. My pants got pulled pretty much in the first couple days of school. Interesting, i didn’t feel shame at all, so I just let them did it and dressed up after.
As long as you are not resisting, people will literally take it further. I guess some of my classmates just saw some pubic hair through my underwear so one of them actually suggested to strip off my underwear as well  and took photos of my penis. I just really enjoyed them posting photos of my thing to the class.
Some brave ones even started stroking my cock and tried to make me erect. Eventually, I found my way to masturbation and I actually started stroking myself. That videos got sent to a lot of the boys and girls in my class and there were literally people telling me that they started masturbating because they saw how pleasurable I was. I still missed those time when people just pulled off my pants and touched my thing.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: mukechin on 2019-10-05 17:43:28
Since people are writing about their personal experience I thought I would write something down - my entire reason to stay pulled back is due to my sexual partner's preferences.  While I do love the looks of glans being exposed, the real motivation is that every one of my sex partner prefer the looks, and actively encourage me to keep my glans exposed.

To keep in topic I'll just write about one of my experiences - my first girl friend is my first active sex partner, and she's already pretty experienced.  After we got together she's actually the one who initiated sex play.  We were just hanging out at her dorm room and she decided to poke me in my penis area while watching TV.  Of course I got an erection fast and then she then decided to pull down my pants and check my dick out.  At the time I often kept my glans bare when possible, but not fully committed like I am now; but with a girl I made sure my glans is out as sign of "respect".   So she started to measure my size and check out detail of my cock, which she find acceptable, but when she start to stroke the erection she find that my foreskin is long enough to cover the head.  She didn't like that very much and asked me if I'm uncut.  I told her honestly that I prefer to keep the head out and love the look, but I didn't want the scarring as it's ugly.  Her own first bf was cut and she agreed that it was not a good look... and then used both hands on my cock - one to keep the skin back and the other one to keep playing with my head.  This was such a turn on that I soon reached my max erection size and she was impressed.    They then proceed to tell me that she really would like to see me keep the glans exposed for her, since she find the head extremely sexy (all my partner told me that lol).  She then proceed to give me my first blow job while locking the skin tight at the bottom of the shaft, and it was my first orgasm with another person. It was mind-blowing and from that point on I find myself unable to masturbate with the foreskin method - all my orgasm must be done with the head exposed like a cut guy. 

From that day on all of our sex play involving her checking out my glans and telling me her desire to see it all the time.  She became obsessed with my dick and when we slept together she would keep one of her hands holding it so she can "keep it retracted". She really can't stand my head being covered and would actually scream if she sees it.  I guess it goes w/o saying that is when I first look into method of keeping it permanently retracted... I wish this site existed back then... LOL.   A lot of our sex involves either me or her holding my skin back at the root of the penis, and I have discovered that there are actual acupuncture at the base of the penis which would help stimulate the penis and help it grow larger.   Most of my sex partners since love to engage in sex plays relating to glans exposure as it would ensure my penis would reach its max size; then they would either suck it or just ride on in cowgirl style.  I added penis rings later to help keeping the skin back, but most of them prefer using their hands.  I guess they enjoy the ability to manipulate my dick and feeling like they own it.

100% of my sex partners tells me they find how I keep my glans exposed a sexual turn on, as they all find exposed head sexy ( a couple said they prefer cut dicks but in reality they just prefer the glans exposure, not the scar line).  Maybe I'm just lucky but they all told me that all of their own gf share the same preference too; they are just not so honest with their guy if they happen to be uncut.  As you can see, for me keeping my glans exposed is not just a personal obsession - it's literally the foundation of my sex life.   
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Post by: mukechin on 2019-10-05 18:47:25
Not sure if it's related, but my username means "pulled back dick" in Japanese, because I'm a big fan of a specific genre of Japanese AV which involves pulling back foreskin.  It usually feature a young man with a long foreskin, and then an older female either a doctor/nurse or family member  (mom/aunt/sister etc) will help them pull it back for the first time, clean it with their tongue (usually), and then proceed to suck it with lust in their eyes.  There's even a series where the guys were being bullied by several women (usually staged as older female classmates or office ladies) by playing and laughing at their "covered dicks" (it's a real shame for men to appear before girl w/o glans fully exposed in Japan, and women openly ridicule men who have covered dicks).  Then they force down the foreskin and the exposed glans "mesmerize" the girls and the camera show their panties getting wet.  Of course then they proceed to suck and fuck the bejezuz out of the bullied guy, LOL.

There are literally hundreds of this kind of JAV that I've enjoyed and there's a similar genre of hentai manga as well.  The dedication of this kind of "fetish" is why Japanese AV is by far my favorite kind of jerk off material...
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Post by: TapedStick on 2019-12-12 07:23:11

can you give us some links or tell us the terms to search man? I'm curious what this porn would be like.
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Post by: Lykofos on 2020-01-04 22:15:09
Once when I was 20, I had fun with a strong, middle-aged guy, although the retraction occured after sex. We were watching TV (resting a bit), and suddenly he retracted my foreskin; both of us were smiling. :)
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Post by: DonFish on 2020-12-23 13:08:21
Did anyone write any more of this?
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Post by: _yeah_ on 2020-12-30 21:46:14
Did anyone write any more of this?

I have a fictional one I wrote a while back, but never finished it. I'll finish it up and post it soon
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Post by: billymachine79 on 2021-01-02 00:08:52
where should I start posting my writes? I write pulled back erotica for hobby and have a few stories. Should we make a new topic?
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Post by: scotsguy27 on 2021-01-02 20:08:34
No, post it here.

Thats what this thread is for.
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Post by: Chubbyforeskinguy on 2021-01-07 22:48:40
Ever since reading Mukechins post about Japanese porn I've been watching and observing the behaviour of the pornstars and they do seem to want to keep the foreskin retracted at all times.

This video: https://www.xvideos.com/video50114917/japanese_babe_yui_takashiro_is_eagerly_fucking_her_ex_uncensored

Starts of with a nice zoomed in view of a retracted cock fucking.

It looks like the guy retracts pretty often because his head stays bare pretty easily.
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Post by: scotsguy27 on 2021-03-02 13:13:04
Anyone still wanting pulled back erotica? I’m off work next few days and have time to kill. Thinking about writing a short story.
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Post by: scotsguy27 on 2021-03-02 15:40:42
Got bored this afternoon so ended up writing this. Hopefully you guys like it. Its not too raunchy as I tried to focus on making the decision to go “public” with having a bare glans.

Ben was the youngest of 2 with Jack being a few years older. They had an average upbringing and were close to one another. Their parents were pretty average as well, with one exception, the nudist holidays. Ben had been on plenty of holidays with his family before but this one felt different.

Friday morning they arrived at their log cabin, Ben’s mum left the car and quickly went to inspect the place as she was a stickler for making sure things were perfect. Jack and their dad started unloading the luggage and bags whilst Ben got out and looked at the surrounding view before grabbing his stuff from the car and heading inside.

Next again day it was time to get up and get ready. Ben woke up in his bed with the sun shining in through the window. He could hear his mum and dad up and about talking about the day. Being at the cabin meant clothes weren’t needed so Ben got up and got ready before heading to the kitchen to grab breakfast.

Jack soon emerged from his room and joined the rest of the family in the livingroom. Ben was sitting on the sofa when Jack joined them which gave him quite the eye-full when Jack walked in. Jack was the one that got the “good” genes being 6ft 1, muscular with a larger cock than Ben that was cut. Ben wasn’t the runt of the litter by any means he was just under 5ft 10, athletic build and an uncut cock about 5 inches. Ben wasn’t ashamed of his body but always felt a bit jealous of Jack in the cock department. It took Ben a moment to realise that he was fixated on Jack’s cock infront of the family, he could feel pressure in his cock building which made him snap out his daze.

Ben has always been fascinated by shapes of cock heads and liked the feeling of a bare head when back at his house but his family had never seen him pulled back as he’d always pull forward when in a family setting, not even Jack had seen him pulled back.

Fast forward a few days and Ben had been thinking about just pulling back one day and seeing what would be said to him. During the time there Ben had seen a fair few cocks that were retracted and nobody battered an eyelid.

One morning Ben woke up and decided that he’d go for it and pulled back his foreskin to reveal his perfect shaped purple head that glistened in the sun from the window. Ben felt good about life that day. He could be who he was.

Ben walked into the kitchen, he felt the air breeze against his cock head which gave him a rush, whilst making his breakfast he heard Jack coming into the kitchen. Ben was facing away from Jack and it was now or never to see what the first reaction would be. Ben turned round towards Jack and made his way to the table. Jack caught sight of Ben’s bell-end staring him in the face. Ben could see that Jack was slightly aroused at this sight which made Ben smile to himself.

Jack and Ben were sitting having breakfast together when Jack stated “So, is this a thing then?”. Ben knew exactly what he was talking about. The pair discussed Ben’s cock with Jack giving him brotherly advice about having a bare cock. Ben was nervous about his parents seeing him but Jack assured him everything would be fine. Later that day their parents came back to the cabin after being out most of the morning.

Ben was sitting on the sofa with Jack watching a Netflix series, they had pretty much wasted the day watching TV. Ben got up to grab more cans of juice from the fridge when his dad seen his bare cock head, which raised an eyebrow.

Next day they had a day out together and nothing was said by his mum, dad or anyone. Ben felt good and was proud to show off his bare cock. The rest of the holiday Ben remained bare and was loving the feeling of being exposed.
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Post by: Bifunguy on 2021-03-02 20:02:28
Well done, good contribution!

Keep them coming… I'm sure there's a sequel to this story…
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Post by: Felipecut17cm on 2021-03-03 17:42:47
Excellent idea.  I would like to read those erotic stories.
 :) :) :)
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Post by: scotsguy27 on 2021-03-08 16:52:26
I’m off work for a few days and some readers seem to like my stories, what would folks views on one focused on being pulled back mixed with some bdsm?
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Post by: Mana K on 2021-03-09 06:25:23
Yup - sounds hot ! (http://)
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Post by: scotsguy27 on 2021-03-09 17:59:10
Hi guys, hopefully you’ll like this one. Took me an hour to come up with it. Took some fantasy and mixed it with real life experience haha

Sub KJ was 25, slightly under 6ft, stocky build with broad shoulders, short dark hair, piercing green eyes with a girthy 6 inch uncut cock. He was also not so adventurous when it came to his sexual experiences. Sub KJ was about to experience something entirely new....

Sub KJ found himself standing in what appeared to be a waiting room but this would be anything further than a dentist’s waiting room. About 10 minutes later Master arrived and ordered Sub KJ into the room. This was all new for Sub KJ and he didn’t want to disappoint so hurried quickly in with Master closing the door behind him.

Master ordered him to take his clothes off as all new Subs need to be inspected. Sub KJ took his clothes off but hesitated when he was in his boxers. “Everything...” Master said in a calming voice whilst looking at Sub KJ’s girthy cock pressing against them. Sub KJ cautiously slid them down. Master ordered him to retract his foreskin so that he could see what type of head was underneath. Sub KJ slid back his foreskin back revealing his pink bulbous helmet. “I see Sub doesn’t use his cock much”. Sub KJ knew it was true, he’d had sex only a handful of times and would wank once a month at most. “We’ll need to change that” stated Master. “From now on whilst I’m your Master you’ll stay exposed”. Sub KJ nodded. Master reminded him “Sir!”. “Yes Sir” Sub KJ replied. Master then lead him over to a contraption that looked like it was around when King Arthur was alive. Master strapped him in.

Sub KJ was placed on all fours with his hands and feet restrained against the wooden frame. His peachy bum exposed in all its glory with his bare glans being visible whilst his tight ball sack covered his shaft. Sub KJ waited, feeling the air rush over his body, waiting on Master. He seen him walking around infront then went behind him. There was silence. Nothing happened.

Before Sub KJ could try and look behind him, THWACK! Master’s wooden paddle had sent a warm shudder up his bum. He was startled, then another and another. Sub KJ could feel his cock growing as it pressed against the wooden frame. Master kept using the paddle which caused Sub KJ to precum so much that the frame was now wet and it gently massaged his swollen pink glans causing Sub KJ to moan in pleasure.

Noticing this Master said “Oh you’re not getting away that easily”, he stopped the paddling and started focusing on Sub KJ’s cock which by now was ready for milking. Master would release Sub KJ’s built up pressure but only by giving Sub KJ’s swollen glans what it desired, total pleasure.

Master caressed Sub KJ’s glans over and over until Sub KJ couldn’t take any more as his cock started pulsing and cum started leaking out like a tap. Sub KJ groaned in acceptance as he lay against the frame exhausted. Master unlocked him, cleaned him up and then placed a cock cage on him, leaving his glans bare. Master told him “You’ll stay like this until next month when you’re ready for you’re next milking”.

Sub KJ done his first month and at first it was uncomfortable and a reminder that he didn’t own his cock. After a few months Sub KJ seen Master’s cock for the first time and was amazed as Master even kept his glans exposed. A year later Sub KJ moved on from Master and wasn’t caged anymore. KJ had kept his promise to master and lived life with his glans exposed. As a result of doing this his glans was more prominent, everytime KJ caught glances of his cock head he smiled and was reminded of the journey Master put him on.
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Post by: Mana K on 2021-03-10 05:13:13
Hot bro ! Nice work !!
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Post by: JP789112 on 2021-03-10 17:45:34
Hi guys, hopefully you’ll like this one. Took me an hour to come up with it. Took some fantasy and mixed it with real life experience haha

Definitely made me hard. Wonder how much of it came from real experiences. ;D
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Post by: PBnaturist on 2021-04-18 15:19:37
Definitely made me hard. Wonder how much of it came from real experiences. ;D

I was wondering the same!  ;D
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Post by: scotsguy27 on 2021-04-22 13:42:13
Definitely made me hard. Wonder how much of it came from real experiences. ;D

To answer that question....  ::)

I’ve been someones submissive before (I have a thing for it). I’ve never been in a cock cage though.
Title: Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
Post by: PBnaturist on 2021-04-22 14:32:13
To answer that question....  ::)

I’ve been someones submissive before (I have a thing for it). I’ve never been in a cock cage though.

well . . . not yet anyway!  ;D
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Post by: acheilidh on 2021-04-29 13:19:50
well . . . not yet anyway!  ;D
First time for everything.
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Post by: scotsguy27 on 2021-04-29 14:10:14

I know people enjoy reading my stories but I'll be stopping for a bit as I'm trying to abstain at the moment and don't want to trigger myself whilst writing a paragraph lol

I'll be back writing soon though.
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Post by: scotsguy27 on 2021-05-17 20:45:53
Back at it with another story. I took my inspiration from the lavish Bridgerton parties.

"Bare Minimum Help Wanted":

Luke was skimming through the adverts in the local paper seeing what work was available as he was on summer break.

His eyes glanced across the pages when his attention was drawn to a small advert that simply read;

“HOUSE STAFF WANTED. BARE MINIMUM REQUIRED.” with an address below to attend if you were interested in applying.

Luke thought he may as well go for it as he’s nothing to lose and it’s a job that’ll pay. The next day Luke got himself dressed suitable for what he assumed would be an interview style meeting. Once he was dressed he made his way to the address with job advert in hand.

Luke eventually found the address on Google Maps after a quick drive about. The house was a large 3 storey mansion that looked a good few hundreds years old, surrounded by large acres of lawn and trees with a driveway that seems to go on forever.  At the end of the driveway there was a large fountain infront of 2 large wooden doors.

He parked his car and made his way over to the large wooden door. He seen a thick rope attached to a bell. He thought to himself “surely not?”, he pulled the rope which rang the bell. A few moments later a man dressed in very regal looking clothing opened the door and asked Luke why he was here.

Luke showed the man the advert he had cut out. The man looked at it, looked back at Luke then said “This way please”. Luke entered into the large reception area that boasted a large sweeping staircase with artwork on the walls. The man then led Luke down a grand looking corridor and into a room that was decorated in artwork with the only furniture being chairs lining the edges of the room. Luke seen that there was a few other men there. He thought “this must be the waiting area whilst we’re being interviewed”. Luke took a seat and began talking with the other applicants.

About 20 minutes later a few more men arrived and took a seat. A short time later, two men dressed in very regal clothes entered the room and closed the door behind them. They both had clip boards with them.

One of the men announced;

“Right chaps, you’re all here for an opportunity to work in this house for Madame. This house has a high standard that you’ll be expected to meet. Madame only wishes for the best.”

The other man turned to them all and stated;

“First part of the process is to check how suitable you all are to work in the House. Please remove all clothing, including underwear and place them in the baskets under your seats.”

Luke and the other men all glanced around at each other in a “WTF?” moment. Some of the men left the room. Some started to undress. Luke wasn’t ashamed of his body and got naked. After this part of the process there was about 10 men left.

The two well dressed men announced that when they called your name you were to step forward for inspection. Luke stood at his chair and watched as one by one men went up and were inspected. After a few moments observing Luke noticed that they were turning away men that were circumcised. Luke knew he was at least in with a chance then since he was uncut. Eventually his name was called.

Luke walked over to them and stood infront of them. The men took measurements of his arms, chest, waist, legs and surprisingly his penis. Luke wondered why they would need to measure his penis for his uniform… Luke was told that he had been successful and to go back to his chair.

The well dressed men then explained that if you were still in the room you had been successful. There were 4 left. They then told them that whilst at the House they would be provided with accommodation, food and their wages. Luke thought this was an ideal situation. Living in a grand house, free food and a wage. They were then led to their room.

Luke was lead into a shared dorm room for the House staff. He couldn’t help notice that they were all naked… with their foreskins pulled back.

Luke settled in and was putting some of his stuff away. He turned to one of the existing House staff members and asked why he had his glans showing. The staff member smiled and said “you must be new here”.

The staff member went onto explain how Madame admires the male form and that is why it is only male staff and they must always have their glans on display for Madame when working. He went onto explain that Madame had guests visit and how she puts on extravagant events for her friends and associates and that House staff are always working at them. He then explained that Madame uses the House staff’s glans to display how much service they have. If its red/pink you’re new and if it’s darker or fading you’re an experienced member of staff.

Luke was taken aback by this but thought it’s just the same as being a naked butler…except his penis is there for all to see.

Fast forward to the next day and it was Luke’s first day on the job.

Luke got up, showered and ready for the day. All new staff members would have an experienced staff member work with them for the first month. Luke was paired with Charlie. He was about 30 years old and had been working at Madame’s for just over 4 years. Charlie told him what would be expected of him at the dinner party and that he needed to pull back his foreskin. Luke pulled back his foreskin then him and Charlie went to help set up the dining room for the party.

Whilst Luke was moving furniture and arranging things he noticed that his glans was covered. He went to Charlie and asked him how he kept his back all day. Charlie told Luke to follow him. The pair went into the kitchen of all places. Charlie’s penis has become accustomed to being exposed and his curved bell shaped glans held his foreskin behind and in place. Charlie explained to Luke that when he started out he used something called the “Spoon Method” to keep it exposed. Luke was confused at the idea and Charlie told him he would do the spoon method and then teach him after work.

Luke and Charlie went back to sorting out the dining room. Roll on 7pm and it was show time.

Guests started arriving and filled up the seats. Luke and Charlie were on serving food and drinks that night.

Luke entered the dining room for the first time since the event started. When he walked in he was overcome with what was on display. All the dinner guests were well dressed and chatting amongst themselves. There were staff members painted gold posing on the dining table for the guests to observe and admire. There was staff putting on artistic displays at the side of the room. The room was filled with the sound of chatter and classical music. Luke found it surreal.

Once dinner was over it was the entertainment part of the event which took place in the large garden at the back of the dining room. There was a large pool surrounded by glowing fire pits, acrobats performing, more staff members standing posing on podiums and others waiting with drinks for guests. Luke’s first day was a full on experience that he’d never forget.

Luke worked at Madame’s for the next 5 years during the summer. He worked at all kinds of events put on by Madame. His favourite events were the Mid-Summer ball which was a charity affair and Madame’s birthday weekend.

Luke trained many men for Madame and enjoyed his time there. His glans remains exposed for Madame.
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Post by: Pulledback on 2021-05-19 17:52:48
Sounds like a good idea
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Post by: Gopherbear on 2021-05-20 18:07:21
Scotsguy, awesome work! Very hot. Especially given you being a Scot, any thoughts on a story going bare while kilted regimentally? I’ve tried it a few times and the feel of the wool on my head is... distinct (definitely not for a new retractor). I like that I’m bare to the air though. Keep up the great work!
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Post by: Pullbacknewbie on 2021-06-13 23:45:23
Plz can someone add a story I know it sounds sad but I love listening to them the master /forced retraction ones are my favourite but I think that's my BDSM thoughts 😂😂😂
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Post by: belkinian on 2021-07-10 04:48:53
These are hot stories. I have been into having my foreskin pulled back ever since being young - read my posts - and have always wondered, surely I mustn’t be the only one!
This site is amazing, especially after reading these erotica posts.
I too would love to read any erotica with a bdsm theme which involves forced foreskin retraction, especially if there is phimosis involved, or just having the foreskin pulled back hard and tight - very tight back as a form of cbt, for instance.
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Post by: scotsguy27 on 2021-07-11 18:19:35
Sorry for being away for a while guys. Been busy in real life haha

Below is a fantasy story set in the future. Hope you guys like it!

“New State”

The year is 2124. Europe’s countries have fallen and are now controlled as under one government, The New State. It is governed by The Council made up of elected residents from each Zone. There are 44 zones currently. After the fall of Europe some of the Zones residents broke into factions in an effort to fight back against The New State and their laws or “Protocols” as they are referred to. The New State have been in control for the past 3 years. The United Kingdom and Ireland are now known collectively as Zone 4. In 2123 The New State issued Protocol 251.

Protocol 251 states that all male residents of The New State attaining the age of 25 have 28 days from their 25th birthday to attend their local Hub to have their Clamp fitted. Failure to be fitted with a Clamp will result in the male resident being deported to Zone 66.

The Clamp is fitted to the males penis and is used to secure the foreskin in place exposing the males glans to ensure the highest rate of success for conception. The New State’s worker manual describes the Clamp as consisting of 2 circled rings, inner and outer. The outer ring consists of 2 halves hinged together at the same end. On each side of the halves there is a locking clasp which allows for locking with the inner ring. The Clamp is fitted/replaced yearly to comply with New State safety regulations.

Zone 66 is a man made country located within the South Atlantic Ocean that was built by The New State to “contain” any resident not complying with Protocols and found guilty by The High Court. Residents of Zone 66 have to fend for themselves and live off the land as The New State abandons residents there. Most non serious Protocol breaks are dealt with by way of money fine, The New State uses this method to put back into the Zones.

Adam lives in Zone 4 (Ireland), he celebrated his 25th birthday 9 days ago. He is the youngest of 3. He has an older brother Greig who is 31 and is fitted with a Clamp.

On the 9th day Adam attends his local Hub to have his Clamp fitted. He was nervous as his foreskin doesn’t really retract, all he could think about was “what if they rip it?”. When he’s erect his glans tip partially shows.

Adam stood there waiting at the desk, he was next in line. About 10 minutes later it was Adam’s turn to speak with the employee at the desk. He was asked for all his documents. Once the employee sorted through the documents he handed them back to Adam and informed him to attend at Area 1 in the building and wait to be called. He made his way to Area 1, which was a large seated waiting area. After a short wait another employee appeared and called Adam’s name. Adam followed the employee into an almost stainless steel clinical looking area with around 10 “beds” in a row.

Adam’s attention was drawn to a line of other males who were completely naked and laying down on a bed shaped contraption. At the end of one of the empty beds was a clear box. The employee led Adam to his allocated bed and told him to strip naked and place his stuff into the box provided. Adam did so and then lay on the bed.

A short time later employees came round the beds and started to strap all the males legs, arms and foreheads down. This was done to avoid any injuries when the procedure was done. A numbing cream was also applied to the penis to avoid unnecessary arousal when being fitted.

Adam lay there against the cool metal waiting on his turn to have the numbing cream applied. It was soon his turn. The employee smothered Adams cock in the numbing cream however his cock head still needed to be coated. The employee grabbed Adam’s girthy cock and slowly began retracting the foreskin, Adam felt his foreskin tighten around his cock head as it reached its usual retracted position. The employee kept pulling his foreskin back until Adam felt a “pop”. His rigid band slipped over his cock head and secured itself behind his very prominent ridge. Adam’s untouched pink cock head glistened under the bright industrial lights. The employee began coating his cock head. Adam winched in pleasure but couldn’t get hard because of the numbing cream, his buttocks clenching against the stainless steel bed as his arousal grew inside but the pleasure faded thanks to the numbing cream. Once the cream had the desired effect the next stage was the fitting of the Clamp. The metal beds had the ability to have the males legs separated to allow employees the greatest access to the penis. Around 20 minutes later Alex and the other males fitting was complete. They were then ordered to shower and get dressed, they were then allowed to leave. Adam knew he would have to return in a years time.

Kian lives in Zone 4 (Ireland). Kian is 26 years old and is a member of The Faction. He lives in a self sustained camp with other Faction members. Most Faction’s live off the land or use fake documents. Kian’s documents state he was fitted with a Clamp, he isn’t and has free use of his foreskin but avoids public nudity as its obvious that he isn’t Clamped which would mean if caught he would be abducted and taken to Zone 66.

7 months later, Adam meets Kian in a local bar. They hit it off. Laughing, sharing the same interests, liking similar drinks, etc.

Whilst on the dancefloor Kian leans in towards Adam. They hesitate. Kian stares into Adams green eyes. Adam stares back. As they lock eyes they embrace each others lips. Adam can taste the sweet cherry from the drinks they’ve been consuming. The end of the night comes. Adam invites Kian back to his place for “Coffee”…. Everyone knows there’s no Starbucks in The New State. This meant sex. Which meant Kian would need to be naked. He sensed he could trust Adam.

Adam and Kian stood there in the bedroom, kissing each other, grinding their bodies against one another. Slowly taking their clothes off. Kian was down to his boxers. He hesitated. Adam caressed Kians throbbing cock through his boxers. He slowly pulled down Kians boxers. Kians engorged vainey cock sprung from his boxers showing off his unclamped cock. Like Adams cock, Kian’s foreskin was tight when hard with a portion of his cock head being exposed.

Adam noticed this. He glanced at Kian. Kian stuttered trying to explain. Adam put his fingers on Kians lips. Kian stopped. Adam pulled Kian towards him grinding their bodies and throbbing cocks against one another. The pair fell onto the bed. Kian flipped Adam onto his front exposing Adams peached shaped bum. Kian lubed up Adams hole, grabbed his cock and slowly slipped his cock into Adam. Adam grunted in pleasure. His cock spilling precum onto the sheets.

Adam and Kian soon becoming lovers. Adam begins to question some of the Protocols. Adam soon decides to join the Faction with Kian. They both live in the camp together, off the grid but have their fake documents ready to use when in the Capital.

Kian told Adam about a Faction member who worked as an employee but defected and could remove Adams Clamp. Adam got his Clamp removed but his foreskin was used to being retracted so his cock head was permanently exposed. As a pact between Kian and Adam, Kian said he would keep his cock head exposed too after all, they were partners for life.

Adam kept his Clamp in his keepsake box as a reminder of the society that he never wants to be a part of.
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Another thought provoking literary masterpiece Scotsguy27!

Thank you for sharing.  :)
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We need more bro u are too good at this, i get life gets in the way but we need u here these story's are just tooooo good like bro pm me I wanna talk bout your creativity thanks again bro from all of us , we will be waiting patiently for the next one
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Based on true story. Mr X (20 yrs), Miss Y(20 yrs) and her younger brother Z went to camping in the mountains along with friends and siblings. At late night, almost everyone was drunk and almost passed out except X and Y who were still in their senses. It started raining so everybody started going back to their tents. Z started going to side for peeing but he was stumbling as he was drunk. So X and Y put him on their shoulder support and took him to pee. Y unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and retracted his foreskin to pee. By the time he finished peeing he was having an erection hence she was struggling to put it back in the pants. At it was raining so X and Y decided to keep it like that and all three came back to the tent. Z was almost passed out as they were back in the tent. Y was embarrassed and X was laughing. All three covered themselves with a blanket.

X: Your brother seems to have a sensitive organ. You should not have pulled back his skin.
Y: Why? It should be pulled to pee to keep it clean. I have seen my brother pulling back to pee and then cover it. It should also be cleaned while bathing.
X: So you like guys with cut skin.
Y: Not really but it should be clean all the time. Though I find it attractive to have exposed cock while it is erect. May be you should also maintain hygiene there.
X: I keep mine pulled back all the time.
Y: Really? Wow! So yours one remains clean and hygienic all the time. Ready 24 x 7 for action. Girls will like it.
X: Do all girls like exposed penis?
Y: Obviously, no girl in mood want to retract a guy only to find odor and white dirt.
X: Do you want to see mine? Let me show you.
Y: Aw its so embarrassing.

X pulled his pants down and took her hand and put it on his cock. She started to feel the exposed glans of the softie. She started to fondle it and then in no time it was fully erect. She then pulled her panty down. Both were now bottomless.

Y: Feeling about your cock has made me so wet.
X: Let me feel it.

X started rubbing her clit which made her release more lub. They were simulating each other. X  turned climbed over Y. Now he was between her legs hugging her and started mounting his cock to penetrate.

Y: Wait! I have not done this before. Let's not do it now.
X: But my balls are ready to explode and I want a release.
Y: I want a release too.

She then wrapped her legs around his waist and locking him and tightly hugged him.

Y: Now rub your cock head in my pussy crack.

X started rubbing his glans over her pussy simulating her clit and pussy hole very slowly. Both started moaning with pleasure. Y started oozing out fluid and curled her toes. She never had orgasmed like this. Her fluid made it extremely slipery. He could not bear any longer and released his cum on her pussy emptying his balls. He was releasing spurts after spurts. He never had cum so much. They started kissing each other.
Both were so tired that they felt asleep soon in each others arms.