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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
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England. 1950. A New World awaits.

Thomas is 19 years old and resides with his parents and his 3 younger siblings in their small cottage on the outskirts of London. He is the oldest of 4 and when he’s not doing his apprenticeship on the building site, he’s helping to look after his siblings.

After the war there was a great push for people to be trained up to help with the rebuilding of the country. Thomas lives in a fairly rural village on the outskirts of London and was brought up on a nearby farm working as a Labourer to earn his spending money. Now Thomas has left school and gotten an apprenticeship with the government to help give him a trade for life whilst re-building the country.

It’s 6am on a cold December morning. The kind where you can feel the chill and frost in the air against your face. Thomas is standing outside the local post office waiting for his regular lift into London from one of his co-workers who gives Thomas and another lad, Alfie, a lift into work each morning. Eventually after what seems a lifetime, the van arrives. They make their way to the building site.

It’s now lunchtime on the site and worked has stopped. Thomas gets an hour for lunch and can do as he pleases with his time. Thomas usually tends to head for the nearest sandwich shop and sits in the quietest park he can find so he can get away from the constant noise at the site.

As usual Thomas gets his sandwich, nothing fancy ham, cheese and pickle usually does the job, thereafter he heads to a small iron fenced park located in a large open square. As he walks though the large archway into the courtyard he spots a large wooden door with iron detailing. He glances upwards on the building and it’s some form of church style building. It has classic stained glass windows, gargoyle statues and right in the centre of the building above the door is a carved statue that depicts a naked male with a large penis with the glans visible, a vail draped over both its shoulders and a collection of flowers and plants at the males feet.

Thomas is curious but not shocked as it’s London and there’s many things in London that are eccentric. Thomas sits down in the small garden area in the square and has his lunch whilst observing the coming and goings of others in the square.

A few days later, Thomas is sitting in the same square and observing the front of the church style building. He notices that there is only ever males coming and going from the building, never any females. Taking note of this Thomas heads back to the site.

Work is now complete on this site however the government is rolling out this new service they are calling the National Health Service. It’s a scheme where everyone gets the care and treatment they need. Thomas’ company is one of many companies tasked with helping build new doctors and clinical buildings for the communities they serve. One of these new buildings is a short distance from the courtyard that Thomas has been having lunch in daily for the last few weeks. However the difference with this project is that Thomas is required to stay in London to complete the work.

On one of Thomas’ Saturday’s off he decides to take a walk into town and explore the courtyard a bit more.

Thomas walks up large grand steps towards the large wooden door. He notices a stone carving name plate to the right of the door. It reads “Priapus House”. The doors open suddenly, Thomas takes a step back. A few men dressed in suits exit. A male in an extravagant dress robe spots Thomas lingering around the entrance. “Welcome, how can I help?” The male states. Thomas enquires what exactly this place is.

The male explains that this is a sanctuary where they impart their knowledge of Priapus and offer guidance to men due to the newly formed NHS appointing “Priapus House” as counsellors in all sexual matters in males.

Thomas is intrigued and is given a tour of “Priapus House”. He observes a grand staircase and more stone sculptures and pictures of what looked like greek gods. There are classrooms teaching men about their penises and other sexual related things. Thomas is then shown the reflection room. It is a quiet room with a full wall mirror, it is a place where men can be naked, silent and reflect on matters and teachings. Thomas notices that the men appear to have their “helmets” on display and asks the guide why. Thomas is informed that the teachings tell of how all males are descendants of Priapus and that he was born with a short foreskin and his glans was forever exposed causing the glans to form into the shape of what it is today in males. Priapus was also considered a god of fertility due to his many offspring. By keeping their foreskins back and the glans retracted the followers are offering their appreciation of their blessed penises and wishing fertility to Priapus.

As Thomas scans the room he sees a familiar face… Alfie. Thomas’ eyes are drawn to Alfie’s short girthy penis surrounded by his thick bush and pink glossy glans. For a moment he’s focused on it. Thomas feels his own penis twitch slightly. Thomas excuses himself and leaves Priapus House.

December soon passes and it’s now January. Thomas is back home helping out with his siblings and on the farm. After a day spent on the farm Thomas heads for his bath. Thomas gets naked and makes his way from his room to the bathroom. He decides to expose his glans for the full bath. Thomas enjoys the feeling of the warm water encompassing his pink rosy glans. Thomas washes himself then gets out the bath and towels himself whilst still exposed. The towel brushing against his glans causes him to become erect. He waits for this to subside before leaving the bathroom.

Thomas keep his glans exposed for the next few months. One morning whilst reading the newspaper he sees an advert for a handyman at Priapus House. Thomas applies and gets the job. He is supplied with accommodation and 3 meals a day whilst he works there. Thomas moves down to London to start his new life.

Whilst working there he meets Alfie again who has now moved into Priapus House and is part of the caretaker team responsible for the upkeep of the grounds and general matters at Priapus House. The pair are in separate rooms on the same floor and work similar shifts and doing the odd jobs around the place.

One evening Thomas, Alfie and the Counsellors are around the dining table having dinner, with Thomas and Alfie sitting opposite one another. Whilst conversing with others at the table , Thomas feels Alfie’s leg against his leg, he looks at Alfie and Alfie stares back giving a subtle grin.

Due to Priapus House being an older building it meant that there were communal bathrooms on each floor rather than individual bathrooms in the bedrooms. Thomas makes his way along the hall to the bathroom, passing Alfie’s room on the way. When he gets to Alfies door, its open, he glances inside and sees Alfie lying on his bed in boxers and reading. Alfie catches Thomas staring. He closes the door.

Thomas is in the bathroom and begins to run his bath. As he is waiting on the bath filling up he hears the door open. Thomas turns around. It’s Alfie in his boxers. Alfie slowly walks over to Thomas. The pair stare into each others eyes. Thomas pulls Alfie closer to him, pulling down his boxers slowly as they stare into each others eyes. Alfie kisses Thomas before placing his hand on Thomas’ throbbing penis that’s pushing against his boxers. Alfie takes out Thomas’ erect cock. Alfie places his lips around Thomas’ plump pink glans and teases him. Thomas lets out a groan in pleasure. Alfie places his hand on Thomas’ mouth to stifle his moans as not to drawn attention to the others.

Thomas pulls Alfie upwards, spins him onto the end of the bathtub, bending him over. Thomas caresses Alfie’s firm buttocks making his way to his girthy bushy cock. Thomas grabs Alfie’s cock and starts stroking. Thomas stops, takes off his boxers and places his cock in between Alfie’s buttocks before sliding into Alfie’s arse. Thomas starts thrusting into Alfie. Alfie is bracing himself against the side of the bathtub as he feels Thomas’ large glans ripple along the inside of his arsehole.

With every stroke Alfie clenches, gripping Thomas’ cock in some vain attempt to keep him inside Alfie. As Thomas goes harder and faster Alfie begins to moan in ecstasy before becoming overwhelmed with arousal.

At one point Alfie’s head is under the water. His eyes closed, the sound of the running water cascading into the bathtub, feeling every stroke of Thomas’ cock as he clenches down, feeling his heart beat faster, his hard cock straining against the side of the bathtub, every thrust causing his cock to rub and twitch against the bathtub, his precum helping massage his cock against the porcelain.

Alfie can feel it approaching. Thomas cums inside his arse. Thomas continues to thrust hard and fast causing cum to trickle down Alfie’s balls. The sensation sends Alfie into overdrive. Alfie lets out a groan under the water as his cock twitches out cum sending it down the side of the bathtub.

Thomas lifts Alfie’s head out the water. Alfie is breathless with pleasure. Thomas leans forwards from behind and kisses Alfie. The pair end up in the bathtub together. Alfie resting on Thomas’ chest as they lay simply enjoying being in each others company. No words. Just each others presence.

Whilst laying in the bathtub there’s a knock at the door. Thomas and Alfie look at one another giving each other the look of “Oh No! The jigs up!”.

They hear a voice asking “You going to be long in there?”

Thomas, looking at Alfie, replies “No, not long now”.

Alfie has to contain himself from laughing.

Thomas and Alfie worked at Priapus House for many years to come, eventually moving into their own house together but they were just “very good room mates”….

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
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Anybody else have some stories?

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
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Hi guys, been a bit busy for the last few months. Decided to spend my day off writing a short story with inspiration taken from The Last Kingdom. Hope you guys enjoy.

Eoforwic (York). The year of our Lord 868.

War rages on against the Danes invading and capturing Britons in their campaign to conquer.

Osbert lives in a small village on the outskirts of Eoforwic. He was captured and taken as a prisoner during a raid by the Danes in 858 where he was transported to Daneland. During his time there he was put to work in the House of Knýtlinga who ruled over Daneland having escaped back to England when he was 19 in 867.

In Daneland when a male turns 18 he begins a week long ritual referred to as “Forhud-Bar”. A practice where male’s retract their foreskin for the rest of their life to show gratitude to the God of Fertility, Freyr.

Osbert’s glans is forever bare due to “Forhud-Bar”. Having a bare glans in England is extremely rare, as such Osbert often does not bathe in the open with the other males of the village as he feels outcast.

It was now springtime in Eoforwic, the markets were in full swing, the crops blooming and traders passing through. One such trader passing through was Aethelwold. Whilst Osbert was working in the village iron-mongers Aethelwold came in wishing his sword repaired that had been damaged during a recent fight. Osbert obliged and told him to return in the morning.

The next day, Aethelwold returned and collected his sword from Osbert. The pair got talking and Aethelwold made mention of travelling to the south of Wessex to join the fight in Winchester with the King. Osbert spurred on by Aethelwold decides to join him on his travels. They set off for their 6 day travels to Winchester in the morning.

Whilst travelling they stop at a lake in the kingdom of Aylesbury to take rest. The pair set up camp for the night. The tent is situated next to a wide open lake surrounded by low-lying shrubs and oak trees.

Osbert undresses leaving his clothes at the side of the lake and enters. He feels the soothing chill of the water on his glans. Osbert’s foreskin was so tight and used to being retracted that he visually presented as what modern people would refer to as circumcised. He floats in the water taking in the surroundings and spots Aethelwold wandering naked in the shrubs. As he emerges naked from the shrubs, Aethelwold places the food he has gathered at the side of the tent and makes his way into the lake also. The pair bathe and soon leave the water.

Upon exiting the water, Aethelwold notices that Osbert’s cock looks different from his. “Ozz, has somebody chopped your cock?” Aethelwold shouts amused towards Osbert. Osbert’s stood there, body wet, his bare cock hanging there feeling the breeze against his glans, balls and taint. Osbert instantly looked at Aethelwold’s and shouted back “it is all there, come check if you don’t believe me”.

Aethelwold stood naked and wet at the side of the lake, his uncut cock twitching when teased by the breeze. Aethelwold hesitated for a moment before walking up to Osbert.

He grabbed Osbert’s balls. Osbert let out a gasp/whimper. Aethelwold’s uncut cock started to stir, becoming filled with blood, touching Osbert’s soft cock everytime it twitched as it got harder and harder. Osbert took a step closer to Aethelwold. Their wet bodies and cocks embracing. Osbert took his hand and placed it on Aethelwold’s now hard cock and in one stroke retracted Aethelwold’s foreskin exposing his pink, shiny, sensitive cock. Osbert took his hand, spat on it, looked into Aethelwold’s eyes, placed his wet hand on Aethelwold’s cock and started caressing his glans. Aethelwold whimpered in pleasure as Osbert began slowly stroking.

Osbert began to get harder as Aethelwold returned the favour and started stroking his cock. The pair’s cocks strained as the pleasure spread between them. Aethelwold spun Osbert around and they embraced against a nearby tree. Aethelwold spat on his hand and lubed up Osbert’s tight arse. He slid his cock into Osbert, who grunted in pleasure. Aethelwold grabbed Osbert’s hips and slammed his cock in and out, faster and faster. Osbert could feel the pressure building in his taint as he was pounded. Osbert’s body gave in and he began having an orgasm, spurting his cum over the tree and the ground. Moaning in pleasure.

Aethelwold too was straining and feeling the pressure building, as Osbert was orgasming his tight arse was clenching onto Aethelwold’s cock making it harder and caressing it. Whilst Osbert was orgasming and his arse was contracting with every spurt it caused Aethelwold to give one final thrust before draining his cum into Osbert. The pair collapsed onto the grass and lay there panting whilst Aethelwold’s cock pulsed.

The pair ended up back in the lake washing their cum off each other. Whilst bathing Aethelwold began asking Osbert questions about how his cock was bare. The pair continued their journey to Winchester and in time, Aethelwold too would have his own version of “Forhud-Bar”.

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
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My Forhud-Bar is dripping pre!  ;)

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Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
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Plz add it's been a while litteraly anyone 🤣