Author Topic: Why permanent retraction is better than circumcision?  (Read 967 times)

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My wife asked if there is any advantage of permanent retraction over circumcision. This may be an interesting question to ask here. Based on my sexual experiences pre- and post- retraction, I can think of a few benefits of retraction:

(1) Permanent retraction is reversible if desired (or necessary). I think this is a huge plus.

(2) Permanently retracted men have fully exposed and keratinisied glans, just like circumcised men. But retracted men have intact foreskin rolled back behind the corona. That foreskin has millions of nerve endings for sexual satisfaction. Circumcision cutoff those nerve endings. Permanent retraction exposes the glans keeping the nerve endings intact. So sexual pleasure and satisfaction of a retracted man should be more satisfying.

(3) My foreskin has grown to a thick ring behind the corona. In a vaginal intercourse, most women experience an additional stimulation due to the the friction with my rolled-back foreskin. It helps my wife to reach orgasms within reasonable time. Due to my fully keratinisied glans, I can hold longer and almost always ejaculate long after she is fully satisfied. That was not my experience in my pre-retracted intact status. This may be a special case happened to me.

(4) My exposed glans has grown into a visibly large mushroom. And my erect penis slightly curves right (due to a tension between my flenum, rolled back foreskin, and glans). Based on my experience, many women find it visibly stimulating. This also may be a special case happened to me.

Is there other reasons?
Retracted since 1996.

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Re: Why permanent retraction is better than circumcision?
« Reply #1 on: 2022-09-30 17:04:51 »
My wife won’t let me get a circumcision. She says sex is better with FS. She doesn’t like the scraping feeling of the head Corona/rim scraping her inside.

Surgery and cutting the skin in a nerve dense area can cause nerve damage. After it heals it can be painful to touch the skin that has been cut. Can make nerves over sensitive and painful.

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Re: Why permanent retraction is better than circumcision?
« Reply #2 on: 2022-10-03 12:42:01 »
No co$t associated with pulling yourself back vs scheduling a $urgery.

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Re: Why permanent retraction is better than circumcision?
« Reply #3 on: 2022-10-05 18:12:03 »
Besides the reasons already given, I like the fact that you end up in a gray area (neither cut nor uncut) and that it is a body modification that is not obvious. Most people will assume that you are cut, if somebody notice it, you can always say that your foreskin naturally takes that position, without adding that it was intentionally modified.

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Re: Why permanent retraction is better than circumcision?
« Reply #4 on: 2022-10-09 06:56:52 »
My take on the reasons offered:

It's reversible: can't argue with that.

It's more sensitive: I disagree. Speaking from personal experience, I don't think there's a meaningful difference between a high cut and retracted in terms of sensation. Low cuts are another matter but when I went from being retracted to getting a high cut I felt zero change in sensation.

It provides more stimulation for women: I don't buy that. When you ask women about how cut Vs uncut feels you mostly get "I can't tell the difference" or "different, not better or worse" type answers. Some women say they prefer the friction of a cut dick. If someone tells you one type of dick gives women a lot more pleasure than another then you'd be well advised to disbelieve them.

The exposed glans flares out: yeah but this happens with circumcised guys too. It's not an advantage over circ. If anything you get less of a flared appearance with being retracted due to the excess skin bunching up under the glans rim.

Circumcision can cause permanent pain: I mean, maybe that's true but I'd say you're talking about like 1/1000 cases here. It's not a legitimate criticism of circumcision in general.

No cost: can't argue with that. The cost is imo the main downside of circumcision.

It's a non obvious body mod: not really sure I understand why that's an advantage. I have no problem telling people I chose to get circed or lying about it if I don't feel like sharing too much information. Also, it's not like it's an issue that comes up often. How many people ask you about your dick? That's an extremely weak argument in favour of not getting circumcised.

To give my own two cents, circumcision just looks a lot better. Of the three options, cut, covered, uncovered, I actually think being retracted is the least attractive. Foreskin looks kind of ugly but masses of wrinkly, bunched up foreskin looks even worse. The reason I prefer being circed is that it looks miles better. Also the foreskin would roll forward on occasion. Not a problem but it was annoying. I wanted permanent glans exposure and you only truly get that with a circ. No more waking up to a moist glans because your foreskin slipped forward in the night.

Being retracted is nicer than being uncut, it's cleaner and I like the dry feeling. But I'm glad I got cut. Besides the hole in my bank balance I think getting cut is definitely an upgrade over being retracted and I have no regrets.

The main advantages of retraction are that it's free and non permanent. If you decide that you want it to be permanent and that you don't mind the cost then in that case I would definitely say that circumcision is the superior option. IMO retraction is for guys who are nervous about operations or don't want to spend lots of money on their dick. I don't think there are genuine advantages to being retracted in terms of how it feels, looks, functions etc. If we're comparing an RIC guy to a retracted guy then IMO the RIC guy is better off, basically because his dick looks a lot better. The cost is the biggest downside of a circ.

I spent 11 years being retracted, but that was only because I didn't have the finances to get circed for a long time. I think retraction is like the easy alternative to circumcision if you can't afford it. I definitely don't think it's better than being circed, quite the opposite.

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Re: Why permanent retraction is better than circumcision?
« Reply #5 on: 2022-10-09 17:50:47 »
There are advantages for being pulled back as well as being circumcised. I think most of them were being touched upon in the posts above. Depending on your personal goals both options can be a viable choice.

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Re: Why permanent retraction is better than circumcision?
« Reply #6 on: 2022-10-11 23:28:30 »
Okay, this will probably be lengthy, so a TL;DR:
In functional terms, it's *not better* in terms of pleasure, but masturbation is impaired, if you're into that or if you don't use your foreskin normally, that's unchanged//better, otherwise, it's the same thing. In the psychological terms, it might be better for you, playing off the thought of "having everything I was born with" // being natural, but that's a you thing. In the looks terms, again, its a you thing. In the monetary terms it's better as you won't harm your pockets for the same end-result, but unless you're from the U.S. it should be cheap. With that said, there's no real better or worse, there's personal preferences and psychology behind it, in my own personal tastes, not all penises look *fine* when retracted just like @nunchuck said, I don't really mind looks at all though, I'm in for the moment, but it's something I take notice, if you got a pretty dick I won't deny you got a pretty dick and might compliment, but the other way around is also true (albeit I will keep it to myself). At the end of the day, it's your body and you do to it whatever you want, just don't let anyone talk you into doing something, and there's no real difference either way.

Now to elaborate a bit on my take on things:
I stayed retracted from 2016 to ~2021 after a frenulum tie I had no issues nor need any devices to stay retracted, I only covered myself during masturbation for the split seconds of the gliding motion. After those years, I would spend time remaining covered and uncovered at my heart's desire, albeit I disliked being covered.
I circumcised myself this last Saturday at 2 am, I won't go into details of how as I don't wanna encourage people to do it, and staying retracted definitely isn't a "training" in any way shape or form with this being "the real thing", that thought is just stupid, and as a fact, I kinda did it out of nowhere just because. I did it out of fetish pretty much, so yeah.

Here's my counter arguments to the original post's with my opinions attached to it, within logic applied to them:
✮ Circumcision, as it is, is reversible to a certain extent. Restoration is a thing, and while sure, you won't have the "original" thing, it will be pretty much the same, personally the so claimed "millions of nerve endings" never did anything for me (and I experimented a LOT). So just like you can just un-retract, you can spend a few years using those devices to get skin back there. So points 1 & 2 of the original post don't really click to me.
✮ I'm bi and more into men (and bottom while at that), with women I believe its more of a technique thing but sexual matters are more psychological thing to be honest, it reads to me as if you got a fetish about being retracted and/or the women you've been with found it interesting. I both own and use textured dildos and have a few girl friends in that same situation, and it kinda has to be REALLY textured to make a difference, I doubt your foreskin is way thicker than your glanular ring, specially with the motion that tends to extend it, so that's why I take it with a huge grain of salt and dismiss it as a mental thing.
✮ Looks are a personal taste, you might hate foreskin, you might love it, and same applies to any and all partners you have you might love/hate theirs and they might love/hate yours, quick reminder here that not all dicks look the same, some can be prettier than others retracted (or covered for the matter) but it's a *you* thing, it's your body and it's up to you if you go covered/retracted/circ'ed. Personally I find that there's a certain charm to it, and I actually like the 'action' of uncovering and find full on exposed penises a bit vulgar. Also a quick thing: your glans curving thanks to your frenulum is a medical issue known as Frenulum Breve (short frenulum), if it doesn't cause you pain, its nothing to worry about, but it's not *normal*.

Now replying to other points:
✮ Cleanliness: How hard is it to pull back and rinse? Come on.
✮ No-cost: Can't argue with that. You CAN take the DANGEROUS route to circumcise yourself and save those few bucks, but you can end up causing serious damage upon yourself. And again, just because you can doesn't mean you should. Circumcision costs vary greatly from region to region (and country to country), in mine, you can get it done from ~200 usd to ~1.2k usd (you can even get it for free if you're willing to wait in a queue on our public health system, but I would much rather go to a private doctor and talk it through honestly, trust that more), and medication is cheap around here, barely adding 30 usd to the total cost.
✮ Non-obvious body mod: It's funny that this I read this now, literally yesterday I was thinking whether circumcision is considered a body mod after deciding I wanna get a split tongue later in 2023, and was surprised to find it isn't considered one. I don't see this as a pro or con, but I will say: No, people won't assume you're cut. I've been into this for nearly 10 years now, and I'm yet to see someone that is passable as cut. Take it from Japanese men, people just know they're just retracting. The only way I can think someone can be passable as cut, is if they retract their foreskin and don't unretract it AT ALL for years on end, so it basically becomes redundant and just shrinks into the shaft, but even then there's limits to that. Or if they were born with a shorter foreskin I guess. It's the wrinkled pattern that gives out you're not cut (and it's not like there's any benefit to that). But again, looks are a personal preference, and you have to pay attention to someone's dick to notice that. And personally, I've never heard of foreskins that conveniently naturally retracts, I don't know how I would react if someone tried pulling that on me on the spot, but I would probably chuckle, not in a rude way, just as a "oh dear" knowing they're probably embarrassed.
✮ Circumcision causing pain: I mean, I've read a few cases FROM anti-circumcision groups, but most of them were related to infant circumcision arguing that too much skin was cut so when they hit puberty and their penis grew, erections were painful. I guess those just fall under botched ones, and I am against non-adult circumcision either way.

Now my opinion: There's no better or worse, there's preferences, it's your dick, it's your body, do with it what you want and aim on pleasing yourself more than others. To me, retraction/circumcision is a fetish of denial(as in self-pleasure) and vulnerability, that's all there is to it.
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