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Two years in and an observation

Started by Test123, 2024-03-23 20:09:59

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This weekend marks two years of permanent retraction for me. It feels normal to be retracted now, and I don't really notice it most of the time, unlike the first few months when I was always aware of my exposed glans.

One observation I have, as a grower, is that I don't experience the same level of shrinkage when I'm pulled back. Anyone else noticed this? It's like my foreskin, which isn't tight, must contribute to my penis shrinking back into my body when it's forward, but it doesn't do that when it's retracted.


If you are saying you feel like things are "larger" when you retract and flaccid, I'm 100% there with you.

Retracting for 21 years. Heterosexual.


I suppose that's part of it, HeroicGlance.

But more than that: with my skin forward, I find that my penis shrinks into my body so that sometimes it's only about 1-inch when flacid (but grows a lot when erect). With my skin permanently retracted, it's generally about 3-4 inches when flacid, so the difference between flacid and erect lengths isn't as great.

I don't think the foreskin is tight but it definitely causes a greater degree of shrinkage when it's covering the glans.


I experienced the exact same thing.


Interesting, Rololo. I'm wondering if I might have mild scrotal webbing, and keeping the foreskin back provides a bit more skin to stop the scrotal skin being pulled up the shaft of the penis? Do you think that might explain your experience too?


@rololo How old are you mate? When did you start retracting and how long have you been permanent?


Completely agree with you. I am just over 2 months full-time retracted, and there is much less shrinkage and turtling. Looking forward to seeing it 2 years in


Thanks Spyder, and well done on getting to two months in. The early weeks and months are the hardest, but you'll get to a point where it starts to feel completely natural. I'm two years in now and I don't notice that my foreskin is retracted most of the time. In fact, it feels odd if it's forward.


I'm in my late 20's and it's been a couple of years by now.

I cannot say if you're assumption is correct but I suppose it could be valid.