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share masturbation techniques

Started by halfard, 2024-03-16 11:06:23

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Quote from: Derek on 2024-03-21 04:37:47
Here is my favourite technique:

Likewise ! I wear almost the same "ring", squeezing/pulling on my balls and I stretch my skin to the utmost downwards. But always dry, it is ultra soft, no lube needed otherwise I come way too much faster.


Last year I started experimenting with jerking off without foreskin. At the beginning I was using some lube or precum.
Later I tried starting dry and it was a huge discovery for me. Great sensations.
I sometimes use some fabric, like t-shirt or sock, to jerk out. Finishing is usually with some spit or precum (even some water is working fine, just moist the palms and cock).
Now I always masturbate with foreskin retracted and wrap my cock with TP at the beginning. It helps to keep foreskin retracted and holds precum, I am avoiding creating more mess then necessary.


Very interesting addition from Derek.  I learned a lot from these posts. As a dad and family man for the past 42 years I have never had men to talk about these things with.  I appreciate your knowledge agrees with my experience.
Talk with me about health and and habits important to all men. WhatsApp Skatter1984

King Tuck

 Greetings to all. As a new member to this group I've been reviewing the comments and then ran across this one. Yes the last few months I've gotten in to keeping my foreskin retracted at least part of the time as I kinda enjoy the feeling of the head being out.
The manner in which I've been activing this is with 2 different sized O-rings as well. I use a heavier silicone cock placed about a 1/2" from the tip of my foreskin and push it all the way back until it buries its self and the skin rolls over it at b base of my penis then I use something blunt like a popsicles stick to push the ring in further while holding the outer skin that has rolled over the ring. As there is almost a 1/2 of skin I have enough to comfortably slide the 2nd Slightly larger but thinner O-ring in place and fix it back as far as possible. This holds my foreskin all the way back brilliantly but for additional security I add 3 to 5 pieces of medical paper tape and I'm set for the day or masturbation if that is the goal. Note I can add the tape easily as I do shave down there and have for years.
I just thought I'd chime in with my method of holding my skin back.


Since discovering how to pull down my skin completely as a teenager, I've only able to masturbate with the skin pulled down tight.  I can't really orgasm well using the skin for some reason; I can come but the sensation is different.  The orgasm is explosive if I fully expose the glans.  All the partners I've had all prefer seeing me touching myself in this way only; all of them beg me to keep the head out or get cut.  Right now I can only do it with the skin down tight, held by a hand or a cock ring.  I really won't do it any other way, and the glans gets more sensitive this way over time.


I have noticed an increase in pleasure on my frenulum since I started the pullback lifestyle. It also feels great to stay pulled back while I stroke too. It used to be uncomfortable because I have a tight foreskin, but it's getting more loose and more pleasurable by the week.


This PH creator is a great reference for us I think. Not sure he's a permanent retractor, but his masturbation techniques are all very glans focused with the foreskin full ignored 90% of the time.


I really enjoy using one of those sleeve toys for a bit more fun. For the day to to day, I would usually just slide the foreskin up and down the shaft over the head. Lately I've been edging by rubbing the head while pulled back, I find that can give a really different sensation than other methods.

King Tuck

Quote from: HCheung on 2024-03-18 17:40:18I would still use my foreskin to jerk off before
But recently I've been rubbing my bare glans and shaft directly with my hands, often without lube
And it feels really good  ;)
I'm new to this site. I do enjoy the feel of my foreskin staying all the back which I'm doing now achieving with two O rings. I masturbate using a Lube on just my glans which feels amazing!


Just normal for me is making sure the skin goes on and off the head so my hand doesn't directly touch the glans.
But if I've got some time and I'm hornier than normal, then I'll keep the skin fully retracted and tight with 1 hand, use lots of lube and rub the head directly. I have found that the orgasm is more intense this way and the cum explodes out.
Ill sometimes use a bit of extra lube and slip in a butt plug as well. I'm not a gay man, but I quite often play with my asshole cos it feels amazing.


I have also noticed like others that the longer I have been keeping it pulled back that the more pleasurable it is to play with the head in general. Very intense orgasms with new sensations when I have it pulled back too.


Easy, I pull all the way back, then use some coconut oil as lube. Feels much better than using foreskin and I never look back


I am able to use three techniques to masturbate.
1. The one I used for years, using my long (2cm) overhang. With my thumb and index finger I squeeze my overhang and that feels very intense and pleasurable, climax is reached within one or two minutes.
2. The "normal" technique using my hand, however I slide my overhang over my glans (my foreskin is long enough to cover my glans completely when erect).
3. For me new, using lube when my foreskin is behind my glans, this feels intense as well however it takes much longer for me ;) since I am used to my first technique.


It's great to hear everyone's techniques. I pretty much only ever masturbate with the skin behind the head now. After almost 3 years retracted my head must have flared as I have to really work on getting my foreskin to cover the head now.

This means I can either just stroke with quite a loose grip and focus on the shaft and head without the ski. Rolling forward, or I can hold slightly firmer just below the head pulling my foreskin right back (I can pull it back fully to the point I look tightly cut. Sometimes I will use a circular motion on the heads one frenulum, which is pretty intense, but I cum quite quickly.

King Tuck

It's nice to have the option. For years I love the feeling of my foreskin rolling over the glans then I got into keeping it retracted. Partially because of and ex,GF who encouraged it.
Lately though masturbation I'm enjoying it fully retracted and taped to better hold it in place for a time. Then I'll go back to letting it stay covered for a few days.