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Derek's thoughts

Started by Derek, 2024-01-25 15:31:06

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Quote from: Derek on 2024-01-25 15:54:04
I am a shower, so maybe it helps a lot. My foreskin has shrunk a bit. I like sounding and ball stretching.  My frenulum has stretched as well as meatus. Now I  use 12mm steel rods.
The best thing about pulling back that you can milk your glans and experience very powerful sensations.
Thinking and being in touch with your manhood is super important. Like, feeling this connection through your penis is a big part of it. Every dude should get that. We gotta understand our bodies. It's not just about looks or whatever . it's about really getting what it means to be a man and being cool with every part of ourselves.

I understand very well what you wrote because I agree with it 100% I'm glad you haven't abandoned the forum, you could be of enormous help to newcomers too!

I don't understand if mine is a shared thought: after some time (obviously it depends on many factors... maybe we can talk about it) that the glans is exposed because the skin is pulled behind the corona, the sensitivity of a circumcised man is totally acquired . That is, it makes no difference being pulled back and being circumcised for the glans (obviously the big difference is in the foreskin)

So I think you can easily be compared to a circumcised man, I think that's everyone's goal! So my compliments! your glans has a perfect texture, homogeneous but keratinized, pleasant but not thin.
Having an exposed glans makes u a man!


Hey guys, thanks a bunch!
Going through permanent foreskin retraction has not only changed the look of my penis but has also given me a whole new perspective on my body. That's why I'm hanging out on this forum.
It's not just about the mechanics, but also about connecting with other members of the community and understanding the relationship with your own manhood.
Came across this awesome podcast by Holistic Alpha Male, check it out: [Your Relationship With Your Cock](


Some guys say that after getting circumcised or keeping the foreskin pulled back, the head of the penis gets kind of tougher/keratinized and I totally agree with that. But, I don't think it's the same as the tough skin you'd find on your heels. It's more like the skin just changes a bit, gets a bit thicker maybe. I came across the term "habituation," and I think that's a big part of it. Permanent foreskin retraction is about both keratinization and getting used to it, habituation. Your brain just stops noticing all that rubbing after a while. So, it's not just about the skin getting tough, but also about not feeling as sensitive because you've gotten used to it.


Habituation explains the fact that even though I moisturize my glans, I don't regain the hypersensitivity, although my skin is smooth. It seems that the cells become thicker.
I've also noticed that the deep wrinkles I developed during permanent foreskin retraction have become less pronounced because my foreskin shrank a bit, likely because it has lost some collagen and is not as elastic anymore.


After several years of permanent foreskin retraction, my foreskin coverage index has changed. I always wake up with a bare glans because my foreskin slips back during nocturnal erections. In my daily life, I don't even notice that I am pulled back. The only sensation I sometimes have is the feeling of tension from the bunched-up foreskin. The colder the climate, the more intense the feeling of tension. In warm weather, my flaccid state is 12 cm, so the foreskin is distributed more evenly. My deep shaft wrinkles have started to disappear. As for sensitivity, I find the coronal ridge very sensitive, especially if I pull my foreskin down with my left hand and grip my glans just under the coronal ridge.

In one study, I found an interesting fact: nerves transmit pleasure more effectively when the skin is wet. That means that with the use of lube, a dry glans becomes very sensitive, so you don't lose your sensitivity completely. Another study claims that the loss of sensitivity in circumcised men is a myth because the studies which claim that are of low quality. So, if you consider permanent retraction, don't be afraid that you will end up with a desensitized member. You will experience a shift in sensitive areas and lose hypersensitivity.

As for sharing dick pics, I've heard on one of the podcasts that men want to share their pictures because they seek validation and acceptance as sexual beings from others. However, usually, other people do not find someone's dic pics very attractive. Instead of seeking external validation, men should start to accept and love their bodies internally. Permanent foreskin retraction helps a lot in this case because it allows one to become more aware of his penis anatomy. I also appreciate that this site helps explore these issues together with other men in a supportive and encouraging way.


Almost the same result😂


The picture wit the arrow in it shows the results I want.  It looks really good.  I'm glad to be lucky enough to have found this site where I can explore and find answers without fear of judgment.
Feels good to have my penis head out and visible in locker rooms and gym. I freeball at work doing construction. Visible penis line looks good.


My new pic😀



Quote from: Derek on 2024-03-25 14:53:21
My new pic😀

Have you cut your frenulum, Derek? I'm interested by the fact that your foreskin is sitting a little back from your coronal ridge, so some of the inner skin is exposed.


No, I haven't cut my frenulum. However, my foreskin tends to roll back on its own when I'm semi-erect. It's starting to happen after several years of keeping my foreskin permanently retracted.


My observation on keratinization 😀

I've noticed keratinization of my glans and inner foreskin, but I haven't lost any sensitivity to pleasure. In my experience, after several minutes of edging, I actually don't notice any difference from my intact state. The build-up of sensations leads to an even greater level of pleasure.


I like Separatec underwear because it keeps everything in place and feels like a second skin.


Quote from: Derek on 2024-03-30 07:31:36My observation on keratinization 😀

I've noticed keratinization of my glans and inner foreskin, but I haven't lost any sensitivity to pleasure. In my experience, after several minutes of edging, I actually don't notice any difference from my intact state. The build-up of sensations leads to an even greater level of pleasure.

Edging while pulled back is pretty awesome. For me I like to rub the head and inner skin directly without any lube or anything. It doesn't make me cum, but it can be a great feeling for a bit. I still like to finish by rolling my foreskin back and forth over the head, I feel this is the best of both worlds.