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Stealth for men

Started by Rlewin, 2014-12-18 00:53:05

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Recently I came across a product called stealth for men. It is a type of underwear designed to wrap fully around the penis shaft. If worn with a uncut cock the fore skin remains retracted while wearing it. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this and is willing to talk about it before I know if I want to buy it. The link is


Looks interesting i'd like to get one to test


Definitely looks interesting, I'll  think about getting one ... once I've digested the usual shipping costs.
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Looks quite interesting :)

The other thing I have been having on my mind was that thing that made cut guys look like uncut... SenSlip — would that work?


Be sure to send me a picture when you get one and a review. I don't know if I want to get one so I'll see whether it's worth it. ;)


Looks cool but I don't know if I want to buy it yet.


Hey Guys,

As the creator of the Stealth for Men I can answer any questions any of you might be having.

Although I am circumcised myself I get plenty of positive reports back from satisfied uncut users.

The most important thing is to follow the sizing instructions carefully. The method we use attempts to eliminate the variables.

The basic procedure is to measure the completely flaccid and fully stretched penis for length of shaft (not including glans) and girth behind the glans again completely flaccid and fully stretched with only enough tension on the tape to take up the slack skin of the frenulum to lightly measure the firm underlying tissue of the penis itself.

The Stealth Pack includes the Stealth Regular, a "Jacket" and flesh tone "Skin". These additional spandex sleeves are worn in layers to give a firmer sheath. This will prevent buckling of the cotton sheath under the forces of hyper retraction as well as more extension and fatter girth.

The biggest benefit of wearing Stealth in my opinion is the immediate increase in confidence that the sensation of a bigger penis generates in the user. It can literally change the way you walk, talk, sit and move as a result of the way you feel.

After a short period of time you can wear Stealth in comfort 24 hrs a day, even while sleeping.

I have included a pic for your reference.



I was wondering if that was a picture of a cut or uncut penis? If cut I would like to see a picture of a man who is uncircumcised. Just to see how it would be if I bought it. Thank you! :)


That image was mine and I am cut, but you cannot tell the difference one way or the other. Both will look the same when wearing Stealth with the any excess skin pulled back so that the silicone bead seats itself behind the glans. Here is an uncut pic for you but as you can see it is not possible to make the distinction.


I would be interested in getting one of these, I just have a couple of questions.  It looks like it wraps around the balls too, are there any circulation issues?  What about cleaning the device?  I'm planning on getting one, and if it works, getting others.


Stealth has an adjustable ball band with snaps for a tighter/looser fit depending on the size of the ball sack and/or desired amount of lift to the genital mass. When sized correctly there are no circulation issues whatsoever so it can be worn 24/7 no problem. Due to the "healthy function" treatment the garment does not need to be washed as often as regular clothing as it will remain smelling fresh for weeks even with daily use. However when washed it should be done by hand in warm water with mild hand soap. Do not use harsh detergents, bleaches or fabric softeners as this will compromise the healthy function treatment. You can wash in the drying machine at high temperature with no problem.


Im really interested in that product, has anyone here tryed it out yet?

Or maybe Mr. Stealthman would you be interested in sending out a review unit for some advertisement?


Interestingly enough I have also recently came across this product while surfing the www.

Like most of you I would like to know how people like it or wouldn't mind testing it out.


Here is a link to an independent "pre-review" that will be launching on the 23rd of this month...

You still have till Monday to enter their free giveaway draw, just enter at the following link...

You have 3 chances so its probably fairly decent odds.... goodluck!

BTW here is a pic wearing the new Retainer Band.


Lots of good info.  Thx.  I'm an old married guy not so interested in projecting package size so I may skip this product. It does look very well thought out, though.

Question:  we see the new retainer band in the pic.  Any chance of selling them separately? It looks softer and wider than a typical cock/glans ring and might help some of us keep the foreskin back. Is it stretchy at all?  I'd suggest selling a three pack: One according to your measure guide along with one slightly bigger and one slightly smaller. Just a thought.
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