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Pulled Back Erotica?

Started by GlansLiberation, 2017-11-14 13:50:24

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G'day, fellow gentlemen,

I was wondering if there are other people here who'd also be interested in an additional forum subsection, "Pulled Back Erotica" or something along those lines. I'm aware, of course, that this forum already provides corresponding stimuli in various fashions for those who seek it out, but I would also appreciate written erotic fiction on the topic. Does anyone else feel share that sentiment? Would anyone else, perhaps more importantly, be willing to be a contributor? (Or does a place for such stories already exist? If so, please point me in the direction, so far I've only found circumcision-related erotic fiction.)

Thanks in advance!
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Oooh, I do like that idea. Might not be enough threads to warrant a whole section, but maybe you could start a topic. If it becomes a popular enough thing, maybe we can make a section of its own.


I would also be interested in such content, but I'm not sure if this is the place for it. I certainly don't want to discourage it, it's just that this site has never been targeted towards erotic content. At least not directly. What do others think? How do moderators feel?


Quote from: jdm on 2017-11-15 20:47:58How do moderators feel?

I feel fine with it ;)

It's still a pretty niche community and there aren't really any other places for material like it. I know a lot of guys come just for advice and to share stories but a lot come for the thrill of it too.



Any one got a clue on topics of this erotica,
Love skining back and letting my head show


Hey guys,

Lets be honest, many of us would be interested in this kind of erotica. Anyone have any? I've had some conversations with some guys here about erotic stuff. With their permission, I might post some.  ;)

I think we need some ground rules like label the content for what it is, so nobody accidentally reads something that makes them want to vomit. Personally I would for instance prefer erotica where the people involved show mutual respect to one another rather than using one another as a piece of meat. We need some standard of dignity is all I'm suggesting. Let's be considerate to each other guys.

And I'd like to hear what kind of exciting pulled back adventures and fantasies might be on everyones mind. PM if there is any question as to whether it's a good idea for a public post.


Keep it public, not to PMs ;D

I think it would be fine to write stories based on real interactions, as long as names and places and stuff were anonymized.


Mana K

ted danson69

I think it's a great idea


Count me in. I love being pulled back.  look's and feel's great.


I often do write erotica, and I do include a little bit of our common interest here at, but I've always done it for myself as a practice excersize, you know... try to show and not tell seems more imperative when it comes to erotica


Well post some if you like ;D


Quote from: soundsgreat87 on 2018-07-05 23:42:01
Well post some if you like ;D

If some one can start it would be great
Love skining back and letting my head show