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Everyone’s flaccid state

Started by Shoreguy1992, 2021-06-14 04:41:59

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Just curious to see everyone's flaccid state please post pics and what method you use and how long you've been practicing autocircumcision. Below is a pic of mine taped back, it is the only way I can have a exposed head while soft.


A type of spoon method.
Been permanently pulled back for about 25-30 years.


Aww that looks fantastic and super natural. Love the PA tho, still thinking of doing one to myself.
32 Y.O. Permanently retracted ever since May 09 2016. :)
... Self frenum pierced at Mar 19 2018 ...
I love it !


This is mine. I go between just pulled back and the spoon method. Been an on off retractor since I was 15/16 with me getting into more the last 5yrs or so. I have more pics in the gallery.


pic is from last year but it's how I've been wearing it for a while.


been retracting for 3 months now but i'm not really constant with it. my fav method is the spoon one because of the look but i tuck with my fingers and some spit.
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All looking good Scotsguy27, Stickler99 and bxnmntn!

I'll have to get an up-to-date pic on when i get the time!  :D


At first i tried the spoon method but with me it didn't work then I tried with a ring but I didn't like how it looked. In the picture i wearing a ring with the spoon method.


I can just pullback when nude or commando . . .


. . . and wear a ring to bed or when in underwear. The ring stretches to accommodate erections.


Mine mostly stays back behind my glans corona ridge even at night (as long as I sleep w/o pants ;) or w tight underwear :(). That it mostly stays on its own is lucky for me. On the other hand 'skin doesn't like to stay tucked in with "spoon" method and nearly always unfolds within minutes esp if not hard. Been retracting intermittently for 25(?) years (since a teenager) but near constant retracted for few months


Here is mine. Retracted every day for 2 years, but pulled forward to sleep.


Quote from: Nivek on 2021-06-17 04:15:16
Here is mine. Retracted every day for 2 years, but pulled forward to sleep.

Nivek : I'm curious about you for we have the same amount of skin when soft. It's been 2 years you say but :

when did you noticed you were able to stay pulled back in any given situation with no artificials (spoon/tape/ring...)?

Why didn't you pull it back at night ? As for me, no pb, it does not keep me awake or hurts.

Sorry for the interruption Shoreguy1992, I will post my willy for an apology tomorrow, even if I already would :)


@ Lask- did you buy the ring? If so from where?



For me, it didn't take long. Just a month or two, I can't exactly remember. But in the beginning, I had to take many trips to the washroom to adjust. One day it just stayed back and has been they way ever since.

I have some trouble falling asleep, and being aware that im pulled back just makes it harder. It's nothing uncomfortable or anything, I think it's psychological.

Too bad I have to pull forward to sleep, so keratinization has been limited...