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Informal autocircumcision techniques guide

Started by soundsgreat87, 2014-01-04 23:13:38

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This topic is locked. If you have a suggestion for a new technique or want to discuss existing ones, please start another topic to talk. This way we can keep this guide neat and tidy. Thanks!

So you've decided to try autocircumcision. Maybe you're suffering from hypersensitivity and premature ejaculation and want to try desensitizing your glans. Maybe you're considering circumcision and just want to try wearing your glans bare for a bit to test the waters. Maybe you just find it interesting or arousing or fun. Whatever the reason, this guide will try to lay out some terminology, techniques, and other information. What it won't do is talk about the (mostly subjective) benefits and disadavantages to skinning back. Leave that for other threads!

First, let's address some of the physical parameters of your penis, foreskin, and crotch which affect what kinds of techniques you can use and how easy it'll be for you to skin back. The end goal for many guys is to be able to stay skinned back without any assistance, but unless you've been granted one of a few certain combinations of physical traits, chances are you're going to have to have a little help, at least at the start. What kind of help you'll need will be mainly determined by these three characteristics:

  • Whether you're a grower or a shower ("shower" as in "one who shows," rhymes with "mower"). Showers tend to "show" more of their cock when flaccid, whereas for growers, the penis can be much smaller while flaccid and/or can retreat partially/entirely into the body.

    Your grower/shower status is partly determined by genetics and partly determined by the amount of fat around your cock. Genetics can't be changed, but your weight can be (at least to some extent). If you have a thick fat pad around your penis, it will effectively make your foreskin longer, since it's being pushed forward; it will also make you more of a grower, since your flaccid length can be swallowed up by the fat. Note that for the purposes of skinning back, we only care about the length of the penis as measured from the surface of the crotch, not "bone-pressed" length, since the foreskin "starts" at the surface of your crotch.

    Unfortunately, if you're a grower, your options for skinning back are more limited! This is because the large difference in the size of the penis between flaccid and erect states means that a method that works at one hardness might fall apart at another. If you've got a chubby crotch, losing weight might help less than you'd think; depending on how your body distributes fat, the pubic fat pad can be fairly thick even if you're only slightly overweight. I've seen some really chubby guys with short penises achieve the skinback status, so it can be done, but it's probably not as easy as for skinny guys.

  • The length of your foreskin. If you've got an elephant trunk even while erect, you're probably going to have some extra difficulty. If you've got a hard time covering the glans while flaccid, well heck, you're almost there already. However, most guys are somewhere in between, in which case the other parameters will play a bigger part. Longer-than-average foreskins do open up some different techniques which shorter foreskins can't use.

  • How tight your foreskin opening is relative to the size of your glans. Often people say that having a big glans makes it easier to skin back, but it's not just the size of the glans; if you have a big glans and a very loose foreskin (like me!), you'll have plenty of trouble skinning back. What matters is how tightly the foreskin hugs the shaft once it's pulled back behind the glans (and also how much thicker the glans is relative to the shaft).

    If your foreskin opening is very tight (you have phimosis), bad things can happen if you leave the skin back too long. Look up paraphimosis. Slightly-tight foreskins can experience some minor swelling, but it will go down. If your foreskin opening is too loose, nothing bad will happen, it'll just be harder to keep it tucked behind the glans. There seems to be a "sweet spot" in foreskin tightness, where it will stay happily behind the glans without restricting any bloodflow.

Just as an example, I'm chubby and a grower, with an slightly-longer-than-average skin and a very loose foreskin opening. This has limited my options greatly, which is one of the reasons I know so many methods: I've tried so many!

There are a few other less universal factors, both anatomical and not, that can play a part as well:

  • A short frenulum (the band on the underside that joins the glans to the foreskin) can pull the foreskin forward over the glans when you don't want it to. Some guys opt to stretch or cut/tie the frenulum or have it removed by a doctor. Other guys are lucky enough to have a long or nearly nonexistent frenulum, perhaps from a natural tear. Even if you have a fairly loose/long frenulum, certain methods can be made easier or more comfortable by lengthening/removing it.

  • The choice of underwear. It might sound silly, but it can have an impact, especially when you first start skinning back. Tight-fitting underwear such as thongs, briefs, and boxer-briefs can help keep everything in place. They'll also be somewhat more comfortable for those with a sensitive glans. Looser choices such as boxers or going commando will provide more friction to the glans, possibly keratinizing it faster, but this friction can be painful to those who have yet to desensitize, and all the jostling around may make it easier for the skin to roll forward again.

  • Whether or not you sleep nude. Staying skinned back overnight is often a big hump in the process of keeping it back permanently, as you're unconscious for several hours, your cock becomes erect and flaccid many times, and it can be squished against the bedsheets which can unfold skin and pull off tape. Sleeping nude makes this all a bit more difficult, so if you're trying to train your skin to stay back overnight, you might want to try sleeping in some tight-fitting underwear at least at first. Again, this can help hold everything in place and avoid the jostling that comes with sleeping nude.

Now that we've got some basics, we can start to talk about the techniques. I'll describe each technique briefly, as well as talk about pros and cons and what characteristics it's well-suited to (or not).


Just pull it back.

The simplest method. Some guys have all the luck, and can simply pull their foreskin behind their glans and it'll stay there, no problem, for as long as they want. This seems to require a pretty precise opening-to-glans ratio (slightly tight): any looser and it'd just roll forward again; any tighter and it'd be uncomfortable.

An example of a user of this method is willpembleton. He seems to be a shower, and has a fairly long foreskin, but it's tight enough to stay tucked behind the head permanently. Chances are, if you can do this, you've already tried it, in which case you don't really need this guide!

Good for: guys with a perfect-tightness foreskin opening who are more of a shower than a grower. Even long foreskins seem to work with this.


The spoon method.

The idea is to roll the foreskin forward over itself on the shaft behind the glans, sometimes with the assistance of a thin object like a spoon handle, creating a pocket that keeps the foreskin neatly tucked back. It's a popular method, but some guys seem to think that if it works for them, it works for everyone. Not true. It actually requires a pretty particular set of characteristics.

For this method to work, you really have to be a shower; growers have considerable difficulty with it. From personal experience, what happens is that when forming the pocket at a semi-erect state, it works and looks great. However, when flaccid, the penis becomes small enough that the doubled-over foreskin still rolls forward to cover part or most of the glans anyway, defeating the purpose (although it is the outer foreskin which makes contact with the glans, which can still help dry it). And when erect, the pocket can easily unfold as the penis becomes much longer.

This method can also be difficult to achieve if you have a loose foreskin opening. It's really the opening that's holding the pocket folded on the shaft, so if it's too loose, it doesn't matter how much coercing you do, it'll come unfolded.

Lastly a short foreskin can make it impossible to make a pocket in the first place, or the pocket will easily come unfolded with a semi or erection.

Good for: showers with a normal-to-tight foreskin opening and a normal-to-long foreskin.

Here's a visual guide of how to do it:


The glans ring method.

This involves putting a small cockring immediately behind the glans, which keeps the foreskin at bay. Many guys have used this successfully, and some wear the ring permanently.

The choice of ring material can make a big difference in effectiveness and comfort. Metal rings can be unusable for growers: a ring that's loose enough to fit comfortably around the shaft during erection may be too loose to stay on when flaccid, or conversely, a ring that stays on when flaccid may be uncomfortably tight during erection. Some guys like the feeling, though! This is less of a problem for showers.

Good for: showers. Length and tightness of foreskin don't seem to matter.

The alternative is a rubber or silicone ring. This avoids the grower problem by stretching to accommodate the penis during erection, but it brings its own problems. A ring that's too tight can block the flow of urine even whil flaccid, forcing the user to remove it to go to the bathroom. Furthermore rubber and silicone have a habit of grabbing onto pubic hairs and tugging at them, which is rather unpleasant for those of us who like a natural pubic bush. Otherwise, it's fairly unobtrusive and works well.

Good for: just about anyone it seems, as long as you like keeping things shaved.


The homemade cockring method.

The idea here is to take a piece of elastic material (such as a square from the cuff of a gym sock, or a piece of a large elastic bandage, or a ring of foam/silicone craft board), cut a hole in it, and stuff your glans through it so that the sock/bandage holds the skin back. It's similar to the cockring methods, but can be made with materials around the house, and you can tailor them to exactly the size you need. The downside is that you might have a piece of old gym sock hanging off your junk :P

I've tried the sock and it seems pretty effective. It's comfortable, not too constricting, and does its job well, even when bending over. It does have a habit of shedding little bits of cloth all over my junk, and can feel a bit itchy at times. It can also absorb fluids and get smelly, which isn't so nice. Lastly, it's not permanent; you'll  have to keep making new sock-rings every couple days, since the weaving kinda goes shot after being stretched for a while.

Good for: pretty much anyone, as long as you have a supply of socks or other materials you can cut up.

Here's an example by a guy who goes by maxmax33 or 57ukab, who made a ring out of some kind of silicone sheet as a way of dealing with his balanitis:


The double-cockring method (with credit to wudafuk, who took the pictures that follow).

Here's a method I haven't tried, as I have no cockrings, but it looks rather effective. You get two cockrings (the example uses metal ones but I suppose rubber/elastic could work as well). Roll your foreskin forward. Put the larger cockring on first, and push it to the base of your penis. Then put the smaller one on behind the glans, still over the foreskin. Then you roll the foreskin backwards over the smaller cockring, and when it's totally pulled back, you then slide the larger cockring forward, tucking the edge of the rolled-back foreskin under it.

This seems like it would be very effective, as long as you have properly-sized rings. It also keeps the inner foreskin exposed, which is nice to dry and desensitize it.

Good for: as I haven't tried this, I can't say whether or not it'd work for growers, though it sure seems like it might. But you'd have to have a fairly long foreskin either way to be able to roll it backwards like this.

Since it might be a little difficult to follow, here is a step-by-step guide in images:

1. Get two rings, one slightly bigger than the other.

2. Put the larger ring around the base of your cock with the skin forward.

3. Put the smaller ring around your cock, just behind the glans, skin still forward.

4. Begin to roll the foreskin back off the head and over the smaller ring.

5. Now the foreskin is rolled backwards to the base. At this point, you should tuck the skin under the larger ring, sliding it forward as you do so.

6. And here it is tucked under the larger ring. At this point you can adjust the tightness by pulling more or less skin under the larger ring.

7. The final result while erect. Keeps the inner foreskin fully exposed as well!


Taping methods.

There are probably dozens of ways of taping the foreskin back, but I'll just talk about the most common ones (as well as a janky one I came up with myself).

The "feel cut" method: I call it this because it comes from a pair of images from circlist that call it as such. The idea is to roll the foreskin all the way forward, then put a ring of tape sticky-side out below the glans, roll the skin backwards onto it, tape over the joint, then push the now-hidden first ring of tape backwards beneath the taped joint. This pulls the skin back from the base, stretching out and exposing the inner foreskin, which makes it look and feel more like a true cut cock. The complex rolling and folding kind of implies that you need to have an average-to-long foreskin for this to work. Here are the actual images which describe how to do it:

Getting the right kind of tape and actually pulling off the tricky "pushing the tape back" maneuver can be tough, but with practice I'm sure it can be done easily. Also, where you put the tape and how far you roll the skin changes how tight the result is, so it can take some fiddling. Actually getting the tape on without getting a full erection can be very difficult -- if you're like me, stretching the inner foreskin is intensely pleasurable and can give you an erection almost immediately. And lastly, it might get a bit annoying to tape up your cock every day.

Once again, we growers get the short end of the stick here. This method can work and look (and feel!) great while semi and erect, but when flaccid, there can be enough surplus skin to entirely cover the glans. Worse, since it's the inner foreskin which covers the glans, this provides no real drying benefits at all.

Good for: showers with a good amount of skin to work with, and guys who don't mind fiddling with tape on a daily basis.

The spoon-tape method: this involves pulling the foreskin all the way back, putting a ring of tape sticky-side out below the glans, then rolling the skin forward onto it, in effect doing something like the spoon method but with tape inside the fold. This doesn't solve the flaccid problem for growers, and can also be a bit uncomfortable as the edge of the tape has a habit of poking the glans or pinching the inner foreskin against the glans.

Good for: adventurous showers? Not my favorite method but maybe it'd work for someone.

My tape method: it's not very elegant, but it seems to work. Starting with the foreskin rolled forward, roll it backwards folded over itself on the shaft (kind of like a reverse version of the spoon method). You'll have a "collar" of foreskin below the glans with the inner skin exposed. Now just tape the joint between the inner and outer skin. Tada! It doesn't look particularly great, but it does its job and even keeps the inner skin exposed as a bonus. It can still partly roll forward onto the glans, but not to the extent of the other two taping methods.

The choice of tape for this method is somewhat important. Generally, the stickier the better, though too sticky and it can become painful to pull off of the sensitive inner foreskin. If the tape isn't sticky enough, it has a habit of working its way off, leaving you with a ring of tape in your shorts. Also, the firmer plastic-backed tapes can poke at your inner skin and glans uncomfortably, so I'd recommend a paper or gauze-backed tape instead.

Good for: just about anyone with a foreskin long enough to roll backwards over itself, unless your penis retreats far inside your fat pad, which can cause the tape to come off.


Vladimper's reverse spoon method (a.k.a. the coin method).

You roll the foreskin forward, put a small disc-shaped object (such as a coin, button, disc of foam, or even a curved piercing) on the head, roll the skin back over it, then flip the object backwards along with the skin, tucking the skin underneath the object.

Here's a short video I made demonstrating it:

At last, a method designed by a grower for growers! I've used this successfully, and it really doesn't want to come undone, even when bending or sitting while flaccid. Positioning the object on the skin and finding a suitable object are both somewhat tricky. Some have surprisingly rough edges that pinch and chafe the skin. Even objects which seem smooth can end up pinching when left in for long periods of time.

One downside is during erection, this method can be a bit painful. I'm sure it depends on how much you grow and how thick you are (as well as the choice of object), but it can feel uncomfortably tight, and the object can really pinch.

Good for: anyone with enough skin to do it, and it works particularly well for growers.

Here is a step-by-step guide made by Vladimper himself:

Sascha's variation using a rubber ring.

Our own member Sascha has had success with this method. Simply roll the foreskin backwards over the ring laid flat on the shaft. It might look a bit funny, but it's soft and comfortable!


My reverse-spoon-elastic-ring method.

This is an extension of the coin method that I came up with after watching a video of a guy who did something similar (though he folded his foreskin forward rather than backward). Instead of a single small object being folded into the skin, you make a ring of elastic (the fabric-covered kind) which goes all the way around the cock. Roll the foreskin forward, put the elastic ring on behind the glans, roll the skin backwards over it, and then flip the ring and skin backwards together. This has the advantage of using a much softer material than the coin method, and also distributes the stress evenly, reducing the pinching and uncomfortable tightness.

I've used this a number of times and it seems rather effective, even for a grower. I can keep it on for hours/days at a time. Some guys think it looks funny but I think it's alright. It also exposes the inner foreskin very well.

Downsides: the elastic loses its elasticity after being stretched for long periods of time, making the ring floppy and harder to put on, as well as less effective at holding the skin in place behind the head (too loose and the whole ring can slide forward). The edges of the elastic can chafe the foreskin. Lastly, the ring can pick up a sweaty smell, meaning you'll have to wash it regularly. Maybe the stretching and smell can be alleviated by making several rings and wearing a different one each day.

Good for: anyone with enough skin to do it, and it works particularly well for growers.

Here's the ring I've sewn:

and here I am wearing it:


The scrunchie tube method.

You take one of those hair scrunchies used to make ponytails, and you cut it so it's straight. As it turns out, the material it's made out of is a tube, and it's this tube that you'll be putting your cock through. You first have to stretch the tube to accommodate your penis, then roll it up like a condom, pull your skin back, put it around the base of your cock, and unroll it. You'll end up wearing it like an open-ended sock.

I have no experience with this method, so the following is all speculation. It seems like it would be very good at training the skin to spread evenly across the shaft, as you can arrange the skin however you want before unrolling the tube. However it also seems like this method wouldn't work for growers. I could see the scrunchie simply bunching up and rolling off if the penis gets too short.

Good for: showers (sigh). I'd like to be proven wrong though!

The homemade fabric tube method.

Our member Wray came up with this one. He took a piece of fabric from some tights made of sheer, stretchy fabric and glued it into a tube using a non-toxic latex fabric glue (Copydex is one brand). The tube is about 5 cm (2") long and tight enough to fit snugly around the flaccid penis. You then pull the foreskin back and pull the tube over the retracted foreskin, holding it in place.

Here are some pictures he uploaded, starting with the tube itself:

Start with your foreskin pulled back:

Then slip the tube on so one end is around the base of the glans:

Then fold the tube back so it covers the rest of the foreskin:

You can tighten it up for a neater look and better hold:

Or use a skintone fabric for a more discreet look:


Miscellaneous methods, devices, and side-effects.

Here are several other methods, none of which I've tried, but which many other guys have successfully.

Linked cockrings: this involves using a linked/welded pair of cockrings, one big and one small, with the big one around the cock and balls and the small one around just the cock. The skin is pulled back so that it's bunched behind the small one, and since the rings are welded together, the big one provides the force to keep the small one at the base. I'd like to try this one if I can fine a similar cockring set.

Big cockring/cockstrap: it seems like it should be possible to use a cockring or leather cockstrap around the cock and balls with the foreskin bunched behind it, so that the balls act as the force to keep the skin back, but I don't know how robust it would be.

Foreskin retratction devices: there are numerous commercial devices meant to hold the foreskin back, though almost all of them target an East Asian market (Japan in particular, though the practice seems common in other East and Southeast asian countries such as China, Taiwan, and Thailand).

One example of such a device is the Penitube, essentially a rubber cockring/diaphragm on a waistband, which holds the foreskin back against the body. I believe our own user agent6 has used one of these, so perhaps he can let us know how effective it is!

Penis extenders: there are also a number of devices for penis extension which, by their nature, hold the foreskin back, as they usually grip below the glans to do their work. I have no idea if these devices actually do anything, but the idea is sound enough: if you can't make your foreskin shorter, make the penis inside it longer! These devices usually come in the form of a contraption with a gripper that pushes against your crotch, or as a set of weights you wear around the base of your glans.

Ball stretchers and ball weights: while not meant for holding the foreskin back, they can, as a side effect, cause the foreskin to retract. Some guys have discovered this without knowing about autocirc, and they liked the feeling, so they kept it up.

Piercings: there are also a number of cock piercings such as frenum piercings, Prince Alberts, and Apadravya piercings which can hold the foreskin back, or at least help it to stay retracted. Again, there are guys who discovered this effect without intending to hold their foreskin back and enjoyed the results!

Sun exposure and tanning: supposedly this can help toughen the inner foreskin, making it less elastic and therefore less likely to be able to stretch over the glans. If you're in a sunny climate where you can sunbathe in the nude, give it a shot! It's not a method by itself, but it might help.

Rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit: our member halfard has had success with using rubbing alcohol to harden and dry the mucous membranes of the glans and inner foreskin, making it less likely to roll over the glans. Just be careful not to get it near the urethra... it can sting something awful!


Stealth for Men.

Here's a commercial option, meant for making your junk look bigger... but it has the nice effect of keeping the skin back too. I won't link directly, to avoid seeming like an ad, but just google for "stealth for men"!

Attached is a pic of our own Sascha wearing his.