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Permanent or part timer?

Started by jimmy, 2023-01-01 23:17:45

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Permanent or part timer?

Permanently pulled back
Part timer, I like it covered as well
Part timer, I only just started but aim to be permanently pulled back


So far I only pull back while I'm awake and then cover my glans while I sleep. I'm still adjusting to the pulled back lifestyle.


I am part-timer. Mostly due to following reasons:
- it is difficult to keep it retracted full time,
- it makes me horny and unfocus,
- usually I lost the mood after orgasm.

But I really enjoy being pulled back.


Full day for 2 years and 2 months.

Full full for a month, very hard (tough and iron hard ;)) at night, max arousal, but with a sheath on it is perfect now, nothing moves and sensitivity at its lowest, great !

Already aware of a neat decrease in sensitivity with my partner and much dryness.


I was permanently retracted for 20 years from age 11, then I got circumcised at 31.
Conscientious retractor for 20 years, circumcised since 1991.