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First Ejaculation

Started by eh, 2021-01-01 11:53:18

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What was your age when you got your first semen ejaculation?

Less than 12
120 (28.6%)
236 (56.3%)
58 (13.8%)
More than 16
5 (1.2%)

Total Members Voted: 419


Do you still remember your first ejaculation experience?


Yes, I wasnt that young. Maybe 13? I was in bed, and my dick was itchy. I rubbed it against the mattress and bam, I got my first ejaculation, hands free. It probably was a dry ejaculation, and I never had a wet dream before then.. Late bloomer here.


Quote from: Nivek on 2021-01-01 15:47:28
Yes, I wasnt that young. Maybe 13? I was in bed, and my dick was itchy. I rubbed it against the mattress and bam, I got my first ejaculation, hands free. It probably was a dry ejaculation, and I never had a wet dream before then.. Late bloomer here.
Thanks but I was not asking about dry orgasm rather I was asking the time when semen came out for first time.

I am also late bloomer. I used to get erection since 9-10 but masturbated rarely until late teenage. I used to like the feeling of having erection rather than having dry orgasm. At 14 I got my first ejaculation when I humped my morning wood in pillows for first time and created a very big mess.


I started to masturbate when I was around 8.
I remember that at one day, while watching porn (around 13) I mastirbated. And at the climax I continued stroking. It felt weird. When I looked down, I saw that my cock is covered in white gooey stuff.


Ahh, ok. Well my first ejaculation occurred in the same way, hands free on a mattress, but I don't remember the exact event any longer. It probably wasn't too long after my discovery of masturbation.


I was 10-11 when I was stretching the foreskin with oil and I discovered the joy of masturbation. Although I was able to ejaculate much later like 13.


I think I am bit on the earlier end of the spectrum, gauging by the responses. I had my first about a month before I turned 11.


I had just turned 13 when I had my first sperm ejaculation while I was playing with another bi friend. On previous occasions we had both had ejaculations that were clear like pre cum, but on this day my cum was white and thicker than before so that's when I know I had come of age. I guess the story he was telling me about having seen his older sister up a ladder without panties helped too lol.


I am rather late to this. I started masturbating by age 11 but I was doing it by rubbing my penis against the thigh till I get an erection so I was not getting orgasms. At 13 I was camping with my friends. I shared my tent with one of my friend. At late night before we went to sleep we were checking each others dicks and I learned proper jerking. I got orgasm and ejaculated few drops for first time. After few days I tried again and this time I ejaculated a very large volume.


I got my first ejaculation when I was 12 or so via wet dream. I was staying at my friend's house for few days. It was a very hot day so I, my friend and his elder sister (older by 3 year) was cooling ourself in large bath tub. I and his elder sister were in underwear and my friend was naked. We were having fun with each other then my friend pulled my underwear and I was naked. I was very embarrassed to be naked in front of a girl. I started getting hard on. We came out of the bath tub and started taking shower. During showers she pulled her underwear down and squat and started to pee. This was the first time I saw the intimate area of a girl that too almost clean. My penis was twitching with hard on. I then covered it with a towel and finished bathing and went to sleep. That night I had a wet dream and ejaculated for first time. Needless to say what I saw in the dream. :D :D :D


I had mine really early around 8 years old just jerking off and having dry ejaculation after dry ejaculation. It really was me exploring around.


I was about 11. I'd been masturbating for a few years and had dry orgasms. I had a couple of orgasms where a small amount of clear liquid came out and then one day it was there lots more and it was white. I remember having to clean it up as best I could but it was still on the sheets.


Since childhood I used to get fungal infection so I used to be naked in the bottom in bed during hot summer and used to play with the penis. As I turned 11 I started getting erections. Since then I started playing with my penis and getting dry orgasms after orgasms. At around 14 I ejaculated clear fluid for first time. At 15 I was diagnosed with blocked duct so no sperm was coming out with the ejaculation fluid and it was corrected. After that I stopped masturbating for a while. One day when I & my gf were playing with each others members I came and ejaculated sperm in true sense for first time.


It was before 12 years old, i would sit in my room and play with my dick, i learnt about getting off, most of the time nothing came out, then one day i did it and it spirted out. Then when i asked older guys they told me what that was
Love skining back and letting my head show


When I was 12/13 I and my family went for vacation along with family friends and extended family at beach. I along with my cousin and another girl were playing in waist deep water away from crowd. We decided to pee in water. I and my cousin pulled out our dick and started pissing and the girl pissed by sliding her panty. My scrotum is very loose and balls hang low so they started checking mine. My cousin got erection and he started jerking off slowly and in no time he squirted a lot of white. I and the girl wondered and smiled. I copied him but I shoot blank. This was my first orgasm. I felt so good that at night I did it twice again and at last I ejaculated a few drops. I felt very tired after that.