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The Experience - Teasle's Diary.

Started by Teasle, 2015-02-07 08:14:44

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Hi guys,

today I want to start a diary about my journey to a cut feeling. My goal will be the cut feeling meaning that I can stroke my bare glans without the oversensitivity I got now. I will update everyday with a picture that explains the sensitivity on certain areas of the glans aswell as the overall sensitivity. This means I will rate the sensibility from 0 - no feeling at all to 10 - highest feeling, just the touch is hurtful. Also I will update on the looks and feels of the skin of the glans and compare it to the start. Furthermore I will try out different techniques to keep my foreskin retracted.

To start I will introduce myself.
I'm 26 from Germany, I have been retracting for about 8 years but never longer then 3 days. So I could never achieve my goal but now with this diary and your help I maybe will :D.

For my start rating I would say that my overall sensitivity of the glans is about 8 out of 10. Its very sensitive and a light touch is ok, but if you stroke harder it hurts a bit. So basically I can feel everything on my glans with high sensitivity.

As you can see in the picture the glans has a red skin tone and looks very shiny

Day 0 without retracting:

I will update the blog in a couple of hours with my first day over and we can compare the two pictures.

If you guys have ideas how i could improve this blog or ideas i should try out let me know!

See you later!


So after one almost 1 day I change the retracting method from taping to spoon method because my skin started to hurt. So I shaved and made 2 pictures that explain the sensitivity of the glans a little bit more.

As you can see in the picture below the skin color and the shinyness havent changed yet, but I needed to push my foreskin for, for this morning because i had to run some errands and in this state it really distracts me :D.

Day 1 after retracting:

Day 1 sensitivity

The red area is the most sensitive area almost hurts touching. (on the scale 0-10 : 9,5 )
The purple area is sensitive but less then the red one. (on the scale 0-10 : 8 )
The yellow area is the least sensitive, but still i can feel it very much. (on the scale 0-10 : 7,5 )

Lets wait and see how it looks tomorrow :D. Have a nice saturday!!

I couldnt modify my first post so i post this flaccid normal state here:

Day 1 normal state:


Wow, the spooning method makes you look very natural and smooth. Your glans has a very attractive shape. How much foreskin stays loose when you are erect? Does it cover your glans?

I would suggest 2 more pics. One with an erection with the normal state of the glans, and one with an erection with the skin pulled back. This will let you compare any foreskin shrinkage or changes over time as you retract more.

I definitely wish I had pics of my penis before I started retracting. Back then, we didn't have digital cameras, though!


Yea your right and here they are :D

Day 1 erect normal state of glans:

Day 1 erect foreskin completly retracted:

If these pictures are to big please tell me!
Thanks for the input so far!


Nice, almost full natural retraction when erect!

Although the spooning method looks great on you, why not just pull the skin back and have it rest like in your first pic? Does it roll over on its own, or do you not like the wrinkle of skin that forms behind the corona?


Yes thats the problem the skin would just roll back over the glans. Thats why I actually liked the taping method because it exposed the inner foreskin too what the spoon method isnt doing.

But i havent found yet another solution for that problem :(.


I had the same issue when I first started to pull it back. It would only stay for a few seconds, erect or not. From my experience, I would stay with the spooning method. It looks great on you, and it will leave the under side of the foreskin "sensitive", unless you want to lose that sensitivity as well.

In my experience, the glans eventually changed color and toughened up. It also swelled up more because of being exposed constantly. This helped to keep the foreskin back, but it took a lot of patience and time. I didn't know of any other method back when I was 13. I wish I did cuz I would have definitely experimented. Try wearing tight underwear and try putting your penis in different positions, like up against your abdomen or to the side. This helped me while I was trying  to train it back.

I know all guys will respond differently, but that's just my two cents.

Also, one thing I did was at night, I would find a way to pull back and keep it in position all night. I tried all kinds of tape, band aids, a hair band behind the glans (can't be too tight). I think I even tried a form of the coin method back then, and even a hair roller once!. But this was me looking for permanent retraction. Sensitivity was a huge issue, and I always went to bed with a hard on, but I really wanted full retraction so I just suck with it. In the morning, I would love the dry sensation of my glans, and I felt like I was making progress as the exposed glans stayed out longer and longer on its own.


Teasle. Check out my method using 'spirit'  skin hardened and I think either the foreskin shrunk as no penis to cover OR bare head has got bigger ... either way, my skin stays back all the time, has done for about 10 years ... head rubbing as I walk when commando feels great  8)
Always found bare-headed penis soooo sexy.  Started keeping my skin back many years ago, looks and feels great, especially rubs when out commando.  My foreskin stays back all the time. Masturbate dry: skin back tight, wrap finger and thumb round cock where head joins shaft, like circumcised guy.


Ok guys,

second day has arrived and with it a little swelling of my foreskin as you can see below, it doesnt hurt or anything its just a little bit bigger :D.

As for the sensitivity, it hasnt changed yet, still very delicate to touch and especially after a short wank yesterday night. The color hasn't changed either or maybe I can't see it you guys tell me! :D

I had to pull my foreskin over the glans during sports yesterday so out of the 48 hours I would say my glans was free for about 42 hours.

Day 2

Thanks if I get some spirit I will try it out!


Did you sleep with it retracted?


Yea i slept like this, even this night!

I feel like the swelling has became a little bigger, still no pain but its kinda worrying, i dont know really what to do.


Sry i forgot that i couldnt edit my post, so its now a doublepost!

As you can see in the picture the swelling has increased and now I need a new technique because I can't this spooning up.

But on a good note, i would say I started to loose some of the sensitivity right now, before I would say I was an 8 out of 10, now i would almost say a 6,5 out of 10.
On touch with the skin it feels rougher and just a light touch as hell i could not feel on the top of my glans. The sites are still more sensitive.

Day 3

So what do you guys think I should try now for a method, maybe tie my short frenulum and then start with the taoing method again?


Hmmm... Has it gotten this swollen before in the past?


well to be honest i never did it that long with the spooning method :D so i guess it would have been the same.


The swelling doesn't look too bad actually! I'd say keep it forward for a few hours until the swelling goes down, and then skin back again. It'll learn eventually ;)