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General Discussion / Re: Spoon method dryness
Last post by Derek - 2024-04-09 13:10:14
After six years of practicing foreskin retraction, my inner foreskin is quite dry, but not entirely. The sebaceous glands, which produce oils, do not disappear. So, while the skin has become drier, it's nearly impossible for it to become completely dry. However, the output of these glands has significantly decreased over time.
General Discussion / Re: Paper rolling method
Last post by stephen.reilly79 - 2024-04-09 10:11:18
Maybe I'm missing something, but when did he say he touches kids' penises?
Quote from: stephen.reilly79 on 2024-04-01 00:18:25It's arrogant to assume that all western customs are the gold standard. I suffered from some phimosis and a nasty bout of balanitis as a child and I really wish I could have felt comfortable speaking to someone about it. After far too long I eventually plucked up the courage to tell my mother who, to my horror, wanted nothing to do with it and referred me to my father. So I had to pluck up the courage to talk about it a SECOND time. He looked at it but had no clue and so referred me back to my mother with instructions to take me to the doctor. I then had to find the courage to talk to a THIRD person about my intimate problem, this time a complete stranger. Note that western culture made talking about a perfectly simple health problem into a nightmarish taboo topic that it never should have been.

So while I get where you're coming from — obviously we have to safeguard children — the reality is that the vast majority of people aren't sexual abusers and are interested only in helping, not harming. Being too draconian and refusing to talk about health issues, and their prevention, is also harmful. As I understand it Japanese culture has a very different approach to sex, sexuality, and sexual health which might seem unusual to a western observer, but different doesn't always mean bad. Japanese people seem a lot more comfortable talking about their sexual health (and its preservation) than British or American people, and I for one believe that's a good thing.

Living with a retracted foreskin has long since been a Japanese tradition taught to children by an older, respected male. It almost certainly came from a place of trying to prevent health issues, which I expect is just the same as the tradition of not wearing footwear indoors. If you consider the penis as just another piece of the anatomy instead of something that should never be talked about, then it's no more unusal for an older person to teach skinning back to a child than for them to teach them to regularly wash their hands.

I'm trying the paper rolling method right now. I look forward to seeing what this method gives me, as other methods have resulted in a lot of soreness for me.

Great point... but are we ignoring the part where he touches kids penises? I mean... that comes across as weird no matter what way you look at it.

We need to be more open about talking to people about our more intimate regions, I wholeheartedly agree. However we shouldn't make excuses for things just because "they're a different culture"
I can't make any promises, however I am a web development student and have some experience with PostgresQL so if you are in need of a gallery extension that's free, I can put my hand in the ring to see how easy it would be to make one for the forum!

Thanks for reading!
General Discussion / Re: Short foreskins
Last post by ThePiemel - 2024-04-08 19:26:49
Great pictures. And with the update, they resize with the screen size. A whole lot better then with the old version! So far so very much better.

To have a gallery back it costs some money ($49 for the pro version) and of course the willingness to install it. I cannot decide that because it this not my website. I am just a humble visitor.

If anything is basic, it is the I show you mine, you show me yours thing. No matter what preference you have/are. Onner to topic, yes I like to see them, how other guys are doing. I am in the (gay) online business for 25 years, would wake up at 7 with a coffee, seeing the members of my members. I have seen more penises than any happy hooker did (friend of mine, by the way), and before breakfast. But never ever posted mine. Here I do and did. Because this place is educational. There is nothing gay about it. Nothing offensive either.

In the old gallery some were older than the pope's (trying to catch up with him at my age!!!!). Nothing wrong with starting a new one. Even better if all would make better pictures, like it is not yesterday's shrimp from the market. I love my penis, I hope you do too, and I am not looking for dates here. Trust me, I absolutely don't.

I promise, I will post some pictures of mine, to see how I am doing. Everybody welcome to post yuck under it. I show you mine, you show me yours is like peeing in the snow together, us boys like that. It would be great to have a new gallery here.
General Discussion / Re: Short foreskins
Last post by tom76 - 2024-04-08 17:46:20
Here are some images of mine.
Since the gallery is gone I (re)post them here before they are gone forever.:)
General Discussion / Re: Spoon method dryness
Last post by Mr ben - 2024-04-07 23:42:10
its Relly Odd as I have had the Same experience I had used the spoon Method and was Looking at Drying  Methods However My inner Forskin Seems to have dried out on it's own that seemed some what strange to me.
General Discussion / Re: Spoon method dryness
Last post by iron94 - 2024-04-07 20:49:36
Quote from: stephen.reilly79 on 2024-04-07 20:36:03I had to use a little saliva to lubricate the spoon handle in order to tuck the skin under correctly, which wouldn't have helped. Do you not do the same?

Well, I just use a water instead of saliva. I have no idea why my inner foreskin is drying (not as much as if I used drying methods).
General Discussion / Re: Spoon method dryness
Last post by stephen.reilly79 - 2024-04-07 20:36:03
I used to use the spoon method. I like the way it looks, it's very tidy in appearance, but I didn't like the fact that the inner foreskin wasn't exposed and so didn't dry out. So, no, I can't say my experience aligns with yours. I had to use a little saliva to lubricate the spoon handle in order to tuck the skin under correctly, which wouldn't have helped. Do you not do the same?
It's great to hear everyone's techniques. I pretty much only ever masturbate with the skin behind the head now. After almost 3 years retracted my head must have flared as I have to really work on getting my foreskin to cover the head now.

This means I can either just stroke with quite a loose grip and focus on the shaft and head without the ski. Rolling forward, or I can hold slightly firmer just below the head pulling my foreskin right back (I can pull it back fully to the point I look tightly cut. Sometimes I will use a circular motion on the heads one frenulum, which is pretty intense, but I cum quite quickly.