A forum for people interested in keeping the foreskin pulled back — be it for fun, for health reasons or anything else: Let's share experience, methods, stories and all that about our pulled back foreskins.

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General Discussion / Re: Shaft stretching
Last post by Snowscoot - 2024-04-16 07:54:05
My experinces of extenders is positive. I have male edge and have used it hundreds of hours.
My bone pressed erect lenght was earlier 6 inches/15cm. Flaccid lenght was around 10-11cm. Now my flaccid lenght is at least 12,5cm, bone pressed around 14cm. Bone pressed erect lenght is 17,5cm or 7 inches. Sometimes even more.
At first i didnt notice any differences and i was getting used to the device. This year has been big success. I have had to lenghten the rods many times as streching doesnt feel anymore. There has to be slight strech all the time, but not too much. Also angle of penis has to be changed during strech. I use it downwards and upwards and when im not streching (rest time) i jelq.
There is a very big difference in flaccid lenght from what im very proud.
General Discussion / Re: Having to say goodbye.
Last post by HeroicGlance - 2024-04-16 00:37:39
Quote from: PossibleMagician130 on 2024-04-05 06:09:23Experiences like these are often what the circumcision-fetish advocates try to bury or deny

Listening to their bullshit, naked propaganda and brainwashing and gaslighting for years and years has left me quite sick of them as people

Here's the thing: I have gotten in the habit of visiting the circumcision subreddit every 48 hours, because every day, there are about a dozen guys who come there having no idea of what to do post-op, because:

1:  They were all told they were undergoing a "Minor operation"
2:  Thus, any problems they experienced afterwards were equally minor.

There is virtually NO aftercare offered in any practical sense - They were not even sent home with a few alcohol wipes, and a roll of gauze, to cushion the surgical site.  Most guys come out of the other side apparently completely unaware that wanking is off the table for almost two months.

Consequently, these guys have no idea what to do with tearing, swelling, pain, etc - thinking something is wrong with THEM.

Usually, they just need to be told that the crap they are experiencing is okay, they need to buy some basic stuff, and treat the operation as the serious matter that it was.

I try to offer what practical advice I can, because that place is flooded with fetishists.

General Discussion / Re: Show off your glans?
Last post by Oenomaus - 2024-04-15 22:06:37
Here's mine. ;D
General Discussion / Re: Everybody first time seein...
Last post by supada - 2024-04-14 08:16:56
My foreskin was pulled back for the first time by my mother when I was 9. I was coming out of bath when my mother asked if I have cleaned my pee pee. I said no. So she examined my penis and tried to pulled my skin back. It hurted for the first time. She tried again and this time glans popped out of the skin. Then my mom told to do it everyday while bathing.
General Discussion / Re: Show off your glans?
Last post by Test123 - 2024-04-13 16:59:48
@alex07 You look cut mate. Do you have any flacid photos?
General Discussion / Re: *sigh*, infection on my pe...
Last post by Mellon - 2024-04-13 16:49:17
Quote from: stephen.reilly79 on 2024-04-13 12:10:57Fungal infections are commonly secondary to bacterial infections, so it's entirely possible you have both. My infection keeps recurring so I'm starting to suspect there's a bacterial component to it as well.

Well, a mixed blessing. I have no pain now. Rash is so light now, that I don't think the Dermatologist will bother swabbing, nor doing any tests. If I show them pics, they will just say "well looks like you're a lot better, just keep on keeping it dry and use a steroid once in a while".

I doubt I have a bacterial infection, or if it is, it's going away. I took a pic and it wasn't worth posting up because it looks like a normal dick now. I even jerked it yesterday and barely had any pain. I'm going to the appointment anyway, but I don't think anything will come of it.
Fungal infections are commonly secondary to bacterial infections, so it's entirely possible you have both. My infection keeps recurring so I'm starting to suspect there's a bacterial component to it as well.
General Discussion / Re: Womens thoughts on being p...
Last post by ThePiemel - 2024-04-13 08:36:04
My birth certificate is still from the post victorian age. A father would go to the town hall to report a child was born. The fact that he was married was pre printed (!!!) on the certificate.

In those days and ages it was more simple. Before marriage you were supposed to keep your hands above the sheets at night. Or you'd get blind. So you could not possibly be interested in retracting because you were not allowed to touch it in the first place.

After marriage, if any question would arise about your penis, retraction included, doctors or priests would simply say, don't worry, just get married and your wife will know and explain everything. ;D  ;D  ;D
Polls / Re: Have you seen other guys p...
Last post by Snowscoot - 2024-04-13 07:17:02
I have been permanently pulled back sine 1996-97 or so. I have had i friend with whom i have had many same interest (football, skiing, biking and so on from somewhere that era.
We occasionally go to sauna together and i have noticed that everytime he has his glans hidden when we take our clothes off but at the end he has pulled back. We have never talked about our dicks or foreskins. I believe he sometimes keeps it pulled back and when he notices my situation, he relieves and lets it show.
I remember one middle summer trip we took around 17 years ago. He had his former girlfriend at that time. Girls had taken some alcohol and this girl suddenly game into sauna-area and saw me and my retracted penis outside sauna (cooling area). She kinda like froze to watch it and said, wow are you circumsized, it looks really really nice. I said no. My foreskin is so short that glans is always exposed. She continued to ask, has it become bigger that way, it looks tempting. I continued, maybe so, i dont really know. My male friend was still in sauna but may have heard this conversation.
Things didnt went that further with this girl but i will always remember this small chat with her and her staring eyes. Maybe my friend heard us and learned what to do 😀
General Discussion / Re: *sigh*, infection on my pe...
Last post by Mellon - 2024-04-12 18:04:45
I throughly checked myself right now, and the irony is it seems to be better all on its own. Like I'd say a good 20-30% better. Redness is still there, but looks more superficial.

I have been going bananas with the hygiene. Once a day washing, blowdrying it off and making sure it's bone dry before rolling my foreskin back, and pulling back at night twice a week.

I think I'm reducing this thing's ability to latch on, and my immune system is fighting back. I'm tempted to go full war on it now (I have so many antifungals on hand, Itraconazole, Oral Terbinafine, Topical Terbinafine, Topical probiotics, Boric Acid wash, Silver gel, etc etc). But this is inspiring. It means I'm getting better, and I may yet go back to normal.

And I found being exposed feels really cooling, which was a nice bonus that has come out of all this knowledge. Also I am never touching anyone, or letting them touch me without knowing them. What an effin' nightmare this has been. Literally 4 months wasted for one tug that wasn't even that good.