A forum for people interested in keeping the foreskin pulled back — be it for fun, for health reasons or anything else: Let's share experience, methods, stories and all that about our pulled back foreskins.

NB. This is not a circumcision support group. While there's no problem with cut guys, this isn't your place to live out your foreskin removal fetish — plenty of forums for that elsewhere.

Other than that: please read the Readme in the readme forum, write an intro... have fun I guess? :)

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General Discussion / Re: Shaft stretching
Last post by PossibleMagician130 - 2024-04-18 16:50:05
Insecurities with regards to our penises is common among us. The concerns arise organically, but are also encouraged by people with a profit and exploitative motive.

Look at how many women get plastic surgery, to their breasts, faces and labias, because they feel what they have is ugly and not enough.

Do you accept being like them?
Except that she wouldn't know anything either, lol. And would have gone neurotic, and become one of the cryptosexuals, the people who are adept at hiding their motives and sexual desires.

Then people who expected to be guided by the wise ones would not even know where is the clitoris, where is the g-spot, whether women could feel sexual pleasure at all, then they would have fantasies about being cucks, and about being asexuals locked behind chastity cages and dripping

Fuck me, Anglo culture is depraved

Quote from: ThePiemel on 2024-04-13 08:36:04My birth certificate is still from the post victorian age. A father would go to the town hall to report a child was born. The fact that he was married was pre printed (!!!) on the certificate.

In those days and ages it was more simple. Before marriage you were supposed to keep your hands above the sheets at night. Or you'd get blind. So you could not possibly be interested in retracting because you were not allowed to touch it in the first place.

After marriage, if any question would arise about your penis, retraction included, doctors or priests would simply say, don't worry, just get married and your wife will know and explain everything. ;D  ;D  ;D
Keep us posted on news!
I have to laud you for your resilience. There's no way I can immerse myself in that kind of place without becoming nasty, tyrannical and vengeful.

The fetishists are fucking liars. Lying is so committed into their bones. There is a part of me that wants them to pay for their casual lies.

But I think what you are doing is better, and much better than I could do. In a fog of obfuscation and misdirection, lighting a path of truth to lead people out of the fogs and marshes. Things like this build a future for mankind. Fury, incites us to destroy everything we have for what we don't have.

Quote from: HeroicGlance on 2024-04-16 00:37:39Here's the thing: I have gotten in the habit of visiting the circumcision subreddit every 48 hours, because every day, there are about a dozen guys who come there having no idea of what to do post-op, because:

1:  They were all told they were undergoing a "Minor operation"
2:  Thus, any problems they experienced afterwards were equally minor.

There is virtually NO aftercare offered in any practical sense - They were not even sent home with a few alcohol wipes, and a roll of gauze, to cushion the surgical site.  Most guys come out of the other side apparently completely unaware that wanking is off the table for almost two months.

Consequently, these guys have no idea what to do with tearing, swelling, pain, etc - thinking something is wrong with THEM.

Usually, they just need to be told that the crap they are experiencing is okay, they need to buy some basic stuff, and treat the operation as the serious matter that it was.

I try to offer what practical advice I can, because that place is flooded with fetishists.

General Discussion / Re: Shaft stretching
Last post by PossibleMagician130 - 2024-04-18 16:23:30
I just want to give a very strong caution

I don't think the question is even whether it "works"

I've been noting a lot of cases of injuries leading to permanent damage from people who do this. PERMANENT, meaning nothing can be done to fix the damage if they suffer it.

What if needing a longer penis is a fetish? Does it improve your life or only a sense of self valuation? Are you luckier than the other guy who suffered permanent disability from these practices gone wrong?
Ok, this is my first time. I was very young, maybe 6 or 7. I have been masturbating with a semi exposed glans for as long as I remember. My first memory of my penis was that the foreskin could be retracted to expose a part of myself that was much more sensitive and quite pleasing to touch.

Well, one day, I went overboard, and my foreskin slid completely over my glans. It was a horrific moment because to my eyes it looked like my penis had been extruded to expose and reveal my internal organs - in reality just the deep inner foreskin, with all the blood vessels and swollen veins, and the pale looking yellow flesh lol

I was so frightened and on the verge of tears with the idea I had permanently broken and destroyed myself. You see, masturbation was a very huge taboo in stupid Asian households. You were not supposed to do it because it was "bad". Youu were not supposed to touch yourself at all. You were only supposed to use your penis for urination. The rest of your life was supposed to be like, well, oh well.

Even at a young age though, I had learned it was a bad thing to cry, and just held it in. In between thoughts of how I would explain my accidental self-handicapping to my parents, who were more like punishers, I shrank enough that it popped right back in.

I was incredulous. A minute before I feared like something like my guts (penis guts lol) were hanging out my body where it shouldn't. A moment later, everything was back to normal. I handled myself. Observed. Everything seemed normal, no sensation of injury or handicap. I forgot about it all until years later when I had my first ejaculation and started to recall and piece the memories together.

Summary, the first time my glans was completely exposed I thought I had eviscerated myself LOL
General Discussion / Re: Some Concerns
Last post by PossibleMagician130 - 2024-04-18 16:09:31
Quote from: baremountainman on 2024-04-17 01:55:37I was sold on pulling back and was doing it for over a year with no special techniques, my foreskin just stays retracted because I have a large glans. I loved the look, cleanliness, and less sensivity that allowed me to go a really long time in bed before ejaculation. The glans flared and was even bigger. I was very happy.

Lately I've changed my opinion after loosing so much sensation I'm beginning to have sexual dysfunction like difficulty having an orgasm sometimes.

I've begun to cover up part of the day usually at night when I sleep to see if some sensitivity returns.

I have the same worry actually and some of the same experience actually

I think it makes sense to just cover up if you feel things are going in unwanted directions
General Discussion / Re: A Woman’s View
Last post by PossibleMagician130 - 2024-04-18 16:07:48
Lol, I don't know why but I found this quite funny
General Discussion / A Woman’s View
Last post by biggles73 - 2024-04-18 10:48:47
Hi all, new member here.

Just a bit of background. I've been married nearly 20 years but only started staying retracted around 9 or 10 years ago.

My wife definitely prefers it permanently retracted as it looks much nicer that way.

Recently she went to a work colleague's hen night where they had a male stripper who took everything off. My wife noticed that he was rolled forwards and was quite disappointed by it.

She has said that she will mention it to the others on the next night out they have to see what they thought about it.
Polls / Re: From which part of the wor...
Last post by stephan29 - 2024-04-18 06:00:50
Quote from: Onan on 2024-02-09 17:12:05Europa - Deutschland
schöne Grüße aus Deutschland