A forum for people interested in keeping the foreskin pulled back — be it for fun, for health reasons or anything else: Let's share experience, methods, stories and all that about our pulled back foreskins.

NB. This is not a circumcision support group. While there's no problem with cut guys, this isn't your place to live out your foreskin removal fetish — plenty of forums for that elsewhere.

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Polls / Re: How long do you stay retra...
Last post by halfard - 2024-04-22 06:44:29
I've kept my foreskin retracted for over ten years. I love the feel of cock rubbing when I go outcommando
Polls / Re: Do you still use you’re fo...
Last post by dr4sex - 2024-04-22 06:11:10
yes i do soo
General Discussion / Re: What is going on?
Last post by stephen.reilly79 - 2024-04-21 21:50:08
There's another topic open at the moment with a very similar dicussion and conclusion. Long and short is: don't treat it unless you know what it is, and if you don't know what it is then see a doctor. It's embarrassing as hell, yes, but it's a mere 10 minutes of embarrassment to get the information you need to treat this thing correctly. Getting it wrong will only prolong your suffering or make things worse.

I'm recovering from an infection myself. Based on pictures I found online I thought it was lichen sclerosus (a chronic autoimmune disease with no cure as such — not something you want to get), but the doctor spent all of 10 seconds looking at it and correctly diagnosed a yeast infection. It's responded well to Canesten and I believe I'm on the home stretch for recovery now.
General Discussion / Re: Everybody first time seein...
Last post by Stealth - 2024-04-21 19:34:46
I think I might have posted it elsewhere, but I guess I was about 6 years old (1986/87) when I first saw someone in my primary school pull their foreskin back at the communal trough urinal and reveal their glans. There was a group of about 6 of us at the metal wall to floor trough and we were doing that natural kid curiosity thing of "here look what I can do, can yours do this?" stuff with other things amongst other daily kid activities at that age such as "how high can you pee?"

I'm unsure that this boy was really in a 'ready state' to be able to pull their foreskin back though, because from memory his glans seemed to have some sort of strange blue and white pale milky film over it, and this made his glans and urethra look like some sort of eye-ball. I inherently thought "woah, that looks weird, strange, maybe even painful... and mine doesn't do that"... I thought he was maybe doing something with it that it wasn't designed to do, so didn't really push mine to do it. 

Fast forward a few years to Sex Ed when I was about 11/12 and the phrase "pull back your foreskin" or "retract your foreskin" was used a little, but even though I'd seen the kid in primary school a few years earlier really open up his foreskin, I didn't equate that it was meant to do it to that extent, and thought I was cool with the amount of retraction that I had as I could expose my urethra, and to me at that time, the glans seemed to be like an internal organ or something if I were going further than that.

It wasn't until I viewed online porn in my late teens that I finally saw someone retract their foreskin, and saw other guys who'd been circumcised for the first time and things clicked, I 'got it' - I then went on my own journey of discovery that I had been living with quite servere phimosis, and went about correcting it over a few months. The first time I fully exposed my glans, I was 19 and it was an amazing sensation and event that I can still still remember vividly now.
General Discussion / Re: *sigh*, infection on my pe...
Last post by Stealth - 2024-04-21 19:10:22
Sorry I haven't replied sooner, I've had some family illness amongst other stuff I've had to deal with just recently. Pleased to hear that you've been able to make some good progress with it though Mellon, and hope that it's just a temporary set-back.

I'd agree with Kylar and Stephen though - a 'scatter gun' approach to these topical applications/creams mightn't be a good idea in the long run. In my mind, it's kind of like the same principle as why Doctors generally try to only prescribe limited duration courses of antibiotics for bacterial infection i.e bacterial resistance development. In the same vein, whatever you're applying, if it's for the wrong application for the wrong thing, you don't want other things such as your natural body flora/fungus to then get out of whack and make you more susceptible to other stuff. Sometimes less does more, so try and go sparingly as much as you can and let your own immune system make as much progress as it will.
General Discussion / Re: Desensitizing glans
Last post by Stealth - 2024-04-21 19:03:37
You've pretty much got two direct options. Option one is time and patience, to live as much of your day/night and as much of your life 'retracted' (i.e having your foreskin pulled back) as you can stand. Over time, you should naturally de-sensitize, but the time that this takes varies from person to person. It seems usual that as the sensitivity gradually reduces, people are able to cope with their retracted states for longer and longer periods of time. The major issue that people who practice auto-circ (retraction for lengthy periods of time, living with the foreskin pulled back and uncovered as opposed to forward/covered) is that a guys a foreskin naturally tries to re-cover the glans when flacid and that's a major obsticle to trying to live pulled back and having it naturally desensitize over time.

Aside from time retracted/uncovered, you could try to use EMLA Cream (it's basically 'Premature Ejaculation' cream - it's a numbing agent that should prolong the time it would take you to ejacuate under stimulus). I've no personal experience in the use of this though, so I can't really advise if it's something that you could use for oral sex, I don't know if it has any taste.

Indirect action you could attempt to address premature ejaculation would be hypnotherapy or councilling/talk therapy, which apprently helps some men with PE issues.

IMO though, the younger you are and the more time you've had your glans covered by your foreskin, naturally the more sensitive the glans will be. There's not really any substitute for time to resolve this outside of chemical 'blocks'. You either have to take time to practice auto-circ/retraction, or you perhaps spend time going through other PE remedies. I never had PE myself, but I lived through my childhood and teens with servere phimosis so never was able to retract fully until I was about 19. If you're like me and you lived through your whole childhood and teens with your glans covered up, it would take more time to desensitize than for someone who started retracting at a young age such as 6 or 7, and who has maybe grown up learning to masturbate with their foreskin retracted anyway. They'll just have more experience with the glans exposed and thus it'll generally be more comfortable for them to be retracted in comparison to when you are currently. I'm now in my mid 40s and so have over 20 years experience being able to retract, though haven't really 'lived with it retracted' until this past year or so.
General Discussion / Re: Everybody first time seein...
Last post by Knight - 2024-04-21 17:54:00
The first exposed glans was my own while I was still 5 or 6 y/o. I think first it was by accident while playing with my penis and later on (7-8 y/o) I always exposed my glans when peeing and showering.
General Discussion / Desensitizing glans
Last post by Wannabeboy - 2024-04-21 17:46:35
Hi :) nowadays I enjoy retracting foreskins, but still my foreskins covers my glans easily when i'm flaccid.
But the question is, as my glans is super sensitive, even few strokes with hands or licks from blowjob makes me difficult to hold the cum. (Less than a minute :( )
So I really want to make it desensitize. Can you give me some tips for desensitizing my glans?
Polls / Re: Do you still use you’re fo...
Last post by King Tuck - 2024-04-21 15:00:26
I like masturbation both ways depending on my mood. Sex is similar keep totally back is nice and provide her with extra friction that she says she likes other times the feeling of the natural glide is nice too.
Polls / Re: How long do you stay retra...
Last post by King Tuck - 2024-04-21 14:35:19
Quote from: King Tuck on 2024-04-20 03:24:59I stay retracted for a day or two hear and there when I decide I want the feeling of it being back. Sometimes I like seeing the bare head. Then
I'll let it come forward again for a few days. I like the feeling of masturbation with it fixed back and I found lube enhances it.
My wife finds it interesting but as I told her I don't want it to be permanently retracted. Sex with the skin back to be adds a new dimension or option to sex