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The Ideal Penis - Values Priority

Started by guest5376, 2022-07-28 08:13:25

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The most important aspect of an ideal penis and thus the first measure of perceived masculine identity is:

Erect Penis length. With longer being more desirable.
20 (16.8%)
Erect Penis girth. With thicker being more desirable.
16 (13.4%)
Erect Penis shape. With a thicker prominent head being more desirable.
41 (34.5%)
Show-er form. Not necessarily significantly larger erect but a large size flaccid.
21 (17.6%)
A foreskin that is either short or easily stays retracted most times.
21 (17.6%)

Total Members Voted: 119


Many, if not all, the choices may seem desirable. Selecting one is not to say the others are not important. But this quiz is about the number one value desire. Please select your value judgement for the absolute number one. Thank you for participating.


An interesting poll, I voted shower as most desirable for masculine confidence, the opposite of my grower!  But for female satisfaction I reckon girth every time, for solo fun a retractable foreskin.  For me there is also an option not mentioned, the flaccid state.  When wearing tight, preferably sheer, underwear a well defined glans, bare or not, is a turn on for me, both when wearing or viewing.



I voted length, but I agree with Burtonian. Musculanity can be shown in the flaccid state, particularly by those not afraid to show. It doesn't matter the size. For example, cyclists or athletes not afraid to show what they are packing.


Over 130 views but only 18 votes so far... more participation please! :)
Please vote  :D
Cheers guys! :)


It was close between erect shape and erect girth. We all know that girth impacts penetration on your partner greatly! But also shape when your partner see your member. Does shape and girth kinda work hand in hand though? Girthy glans (head) are what everyone wants but that's also viewed as shape.


I voted for erect shape. I would describe my perfect penis to be around 6 inches in length, a nice uniform girth when hard, I prefer the look of circumcised but I think both are masculine as I think of a bare glans as manly, as for glans shape I'd go for a helmet/bell shape.


Phew! Now this is a hard one and I think its difficult for one size / shape to fit all situations (pardon the pun there).

I suppose it depends on what situation you are in.  When in the locker room or if your sporting activities require a lycra suit / speedo of some kind then maybe a shower is preferred as it will certainly draw the eyes.  If you are freeballing in joggers perhaps a shower maketh the man.  However, it could be a liability when the sporting activity starts if flapping about.  Whatever floats your boat I guess here.

When in the bedroom with a lady, girth is possibly more important rather than length.  Whereas ladies maybe get very excited looking at a large one they may not want it all anywhere near certain parts as its the first 2 inches that gives them the pleasure. 

I've not voted yet but I agree with Scotsguy27....good shape is important and to add if that is coupled with a good body and the man knows what he is doing with it all the better I guess.   


I agree that it definitely depends on the situation you're in. If you're in a locker room, showers with other guys it would also depend on other people's member's shape and whatnot. What are they packing kinda thing. It's very difficult to give an overall answer to this. I voted shape but I'm going to add shower to that. Only because most of the time others are going to see you naked when you're soft. There are many many different aspects to think about with this.