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My wife won’t let me get a circumcision. She says sex is better with FS. She doesn’t like the scraping feeling of the head Corona/rim scraping her inside.

Surgery and cutting the skin in a nerve dense area can cause nerve damage. After it heals it can be painful to touch the skin that has been cut. Can make nerves over sensitive and painful.
General Discussion / Re: Sounding
« Last post by skinhead on 2022-09-30 15:27:55 »
Yes. Quite a few years already. And talked a bit about it here too
Polls / Re: Going to Doc
« Last post by Stickler99 on 2022-09-30 13:03:59 »
A few years back I visited the doctors about a skin condition on my cock.
Which was easily sorted.
The doctor on that day was a female.
When examining, he asked me to move things around.
She only discussed the issue and didn't mention me being pulled back, pierced or shaved.
Doctors see many odd things in a day.
I think you may be disappointed if you are looking for a reaction.
My wife asked if there is any advantage of permanent retraction over circumcision. This may be an interesting question to ask here. Based on my sexual experiences pre- and post- retraction, I can think of a few benefits of retraction:

(1) Permanent retraction is reversible if desired (or necessary). I think this is a huge plus.

(2) Permanently retracted men have fully exposed and keratinisied glans, just like circumcised men. But retracted men have intact foreskin rolled back behind the corona. That foreskin has millions of nerve endings for sexual satisfaction. Circumcision cutoff those nerve endings. Permanent retraction exposes the glans keeping the nerve endings intact. So sexual pleasure and satisfaction of a retracted man should be more satisfying.

(3) My foreskin has grown to a thick ring behind the corona. In a vaginal intercourse, most women experience an additional stimulation due to the the friction with my rolled-back foreskin. It helps my wife to reach orgasms within reasonable time. Due to my fully keratinisied glans, I can hold longer and almost always ejaculate long after she is fully satisfied. That was not my experience in my pre-retracted intact status. This may be a special case happened to me.

(4) My exposed glans has grown into a visibly large mushroom. And my erect penis slightly curves right (due to a tension between my flenum, rolled back foreskin, and glans). Based on my experience, many women find it visibly stimulating. This also may be a special case happened to me.

Is there other reasons?
General Discussion / Re: Keratinisation
« Last post by jdm on 2022-09-30 08:23:59 »
The head of the penis can return to it's original state but I'm not sure the inner foreskin ever returns to it's original state.
Why would you say that? Please explain your reasoning.
General Discussion / Re: Opinions of foreskin correctors/retraction devices
« Last post by jdm on 2022-09-30 08:14:04 »
The method with the cable is amazing but you have to make one yourself.
What do you mean "the method with the cable"?
Polls / Re: Going to Doc
« Last post by mjed on 2022-09-30 07:31:34 »
From this pic can anyone tell that im uncut and pulling back? The whole idea is to get the nurse to comment on it or ask why. If she can tell that im uncut and pull back maybe she'll ask. What do yall say?
To me it looks pulled back.  There's a lot of bunching of skin behind the head and wrinkles on the shaft.  It looks fine though.  Can't see any evidence of circumcision there........
General Discussion / Re: Sounding
« Last post by uncut1017 on 2022-09-30 06:28:21 »
I actually did this before I knew it even had a name - back in my 20s. I had been exploring for a bit, and often drove long distances, and found opportunity to insert a beautiful Cross pen its full length into the urethra :) Vibration of the car made it more enjoyable...
Later years and even more recently, I've found knitting needles quite effective 5-7mm, and I think perhaps even a bit bigger, go down pretty well with a bit of lube. Though it's impossible with my PA in place - needs to come out first.

You have a PA? Pics?
Polls / Re: Going to Doc
« Last post by uncut1017 on 2022-09-30 06:26:49 »
From this pic can anyone tell that im uncut and pulling back? The whole idea is to get the nurse to comment on it or ask why. If she can tell that im uncut and pull back maybe she'll ask. What do yall say?

Polls / Re: Going to Doc
« Last post by uncut1017 on 2022-09-30 06:25:16 »
I'd go pulled back because it's my own preference.
An year ago I went to doctor to try to fix my butt problem with the damn hemorrhoids and I went skinned back but actually no one saw it because I was standing with my back... But due to the position of the act the skin went forward ... Still no one noticed it.
Their job is focused in other direction.
But if I have to go for some sort of full body check up ill still go pulled back and will expect to get some questions because here you are either cut or covered... Im curious what will happen and what they will probably ask.

But maybe you want to go covered so she will actually touch you to get it retracted to chech if everything is fine, but you said she will not touch just look so she may ask you to do it which will ruin the whole experience :)

I was thinking the same thing. Here is the same thing, you're cut or uncut & covered. Mostly in the usa its predominately cut cocks. If she asks me to do it then yea i agree it ruins the experience. I want her to comment on it honestly and dont know if its best to go pulled back or covered to get a response. If i go covered maybe she pulls it back for me or if i go pulled back she might ask if she can tell a difference??

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