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General Discussion / Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Last post by _yeah_ on 2019-01-23 00:29:21 »
I had finally achieved my goal. My foreskin was now able to rest behind my glans without rolling forward. When I told my girlfriend, she was beyond excited. She loved the look of my bare glans with the foreskin rolled behind it with the deep shift wrinkles at the base of my penis. She was so happy that she booked us a trip as a couple to a tropical island, where we would stay at a beach hut on a private beach overlooking a bay. In fact, when we got there, the entire side of the hut facing the beach was open. It was beyond beautiful there and so was she. We swam together in the ocean, her wearing her favorite bikini, and I in my favorite swim shorts (of course retracted inside). We enjoyed ourselves the whole day, but as dusk fell, the real experience was about to begin. We had both been waiting for the moment when we could test out my new retracted penis. And so, as the sun began to fall, I stood in the opening of the romantic, tropical hut, and she stood a few meters away at the waters edge, ready to begin.
She slowly teased as she slipped off her beach dress, throwing it aside. Now she was back in her same swimsuit. The two-piece, fiery red-orange bikini that highlighted her perfect body. The sunset reflected off the bay, seeping  through the palm trees and lighting her blond hair in a fiery glow as she walked towards me. She held out her hand and stood me up, put her arms around my shoulders walking me over to the Lanai bed. She then brought her hands down from my shoulders to my chest, from my chest to my belly button, then unzipped my shorts, dropping them to the floor and then did the same with my boxers, revealing my semierect penis, my autocircumcised foreskin resting snug behind my corona. She then stepped back so that she was directly between me and the sunset, her figure a silhouette of slim beauty. She turned to the side, her hair shifting lightly around her shoulders in the soft tropic breeze, her breasts pronounced on her slim figure as she removed her swimming bra and the dropped slightly, not too big, not too small, perfect. She then slid her swimming bottoms off, throwing them and her bra to the side. She reached down and tickled her shaved clitoris and vagina , sighing lightly with pleasure. My member twitched as it became more hard, my ridged band moving farther up my shaft towards my pelvis, my head and inner foreskin fully exposed. She walked toward me, knelt down and took my mostly erect penis in her gentle hands and began to stroke, starting with my soft dry glans, and then slowly making the strokes longer, moving down my velvety inner foreskin, pulling my skin taught to the base of my penis. I let out a moan of pleasure.
"You like that?" She whispered softly, stroking my bare head , "Well then you'll love this."
She pushed me to lay flat on my back, maneuvered herself above my penis, and placed my bare head inside her perfect vagina. She started slow, then rose to a moderate pace. I could feel her walls against my glans sliding up and down, massaging my penis with a firm and tender love that only her pusy could give. She leaned forward, closer to me. I felt her breasts barely touching my chest, her soothing breathing mine, I looking down and saw that amidst her vagina pumping up and down on my member, I could see and feel my shaft skin at the base of my penis, whilst everything above all the way to my glans within her was comfortably  taught, the foreskin stayed where it was supposed to be: At the base of my penis, leaving my head & inner foreskin fully exposed to her snug comforting vagina. She saw me looking and smiled.
"It's working isn't it?" She asked.
"Yeah," I replied, gently massaging her beautiful breasts. She giggled with pleasure.
"Mmmmmmm...Good," she sighed with passion, "Then lets take it up a notch, shall we?" She began rotating and rocking her hips as she went. We both moaned simultaneously. With one hand she fingered her clitoris, brushing it up against my member as she continued rocking her hips around and around, up and down. With the other, she touched my face, leaning in and kissing me softly. She mmmed with pleasure, pulled away from my mouth and whispered in her beautifully hot voice, "this feels so much better without the foreskin in the way. I can feel your head," she said, " Your corona against my walls. And yet you still have all those nerves, it's perfect" We sped up, me moaning with satisfaction as she giggled and mmmmed with pleasure. I had felt no greater pleasure in all my life and her face reflected the same. She leaned down, her slim body and perfect breasts against my body, her blond hair hanging down from her face to mine. She leaned in her face inches from mine, rocking her hips slowly on my bare head. We gazed into each others eyes. she smiled, her striking blue eyes reflecting happiness and love.
Once done, she put back on bikini, I slipped on my shorts, and we sat on the deserted beach and watched as the sun fell beneath the horizonline of the bay. She smiled at me, her arms around my shoulders, and pecked me with a kiss on my lips. She then reached into my shorts, and I felt her soft skin against my still bare head. She pulled my penis out, fondling it gently, "I love that you can have it exposed all the time and still have your foreskin."
"It's the best of both worlds," I remarked.
"Add having an autocircumcised penis to the long list of reasons why I love you." She said, resting her head on my shoulder as the stars began to emerge in the twilit sky.
Introductions / Re: Hello from Colorado
« Last post by soundsgreat87 on 2019-01-22 22:52:03 »
Great! I guess your foreskin has loosened up enough in the few years since to prevent the fluid buildup.
Polls / Re: wife's / GF's opinion on your look
« Last post by countrydirt on 2019-01-22 17:45:07 »
I'm the only uncut man my wife of 30 years has been with and she seems to still like it, although she does enjoy peeling it back and forth for a handjob and always peels it back for oral.
Polls / Re: What's the longest time you've stayed retracted?
« Last post by skinhead on 2019-01-22 13:31:18 »
I'm permanently retracted, and for the most part it stays back. I'll pull the foreskin forward occasionally when masturbating, cleaning, etc. I dont feel I'm at the point (where the foreskin shortens, or gets more 'shriveled') it will self-retract, however, I think I instinctively pull it back if for some reason it slips over the now flayed base of the glans.
Even after sex, it's pretty much retracted (and truly, not really sensitive - which seems uncommon?).
In summary: I'm pulled back, and will not objectively 'cover up' for any reason.

"Lovin' it"
Polls / Re: wife's / GF's opinion on your look
« Last post by skinhead on 2019-01-22 13:25:37 »
A really good question - considering we would mostly have wife/partner/SO.
My wife says she doesn't mind either way. Although that bears out differently in bed, since we can be more sure of a mutual climax due to lower sensitivity of my glans
General Discussion / Re: Pretty dumb mistake
« Last post by countrydirt on 2019-01-22 12:14:33 »
Yikes!  Hope it all turns out well in the end.
General Discussion / A Countrydirt Diary
« Last post by countrydirt on 2019-01-22 12:13:43 »
Hello gents.  I thought I would start a thread to document my progress.  I won't be posting photos.

Here is a bit of background.   I've been obsessed with my penis for as long as I can remember.  I suppose most males are.  I've been retracting my foreskin since I was a kid and I'm 55 now.  I've been working toward permanent retraction for the past 5 years or so.  I tried the spoon method for a bit, but always ended up with some swelling of the foreskin within 12-24 hours, so would let things slide back for a few days.  The longest I've gone retracted until now has been about 36 hours, however, it is very common to be retracted for a full day at work or around home. 

I have a couple of reasons I am taking on the journey of full time retraction.  First off, I like the appearance of it better, even with the piled up skin behind my glans.  I suppose that goes all the way back to when I was at least in junior high and started playing sports and experienced the locker room.  As far as I can recall, the only uncut pricks I saw were mine and my brothers' (and my dad's of course).  The second reason is cleanliness.  I don't really like the smell and whatnot after a few hours covered.  I always retract when I piss and I can always catch the smell, particularly after sex with my wife or from masturbating.  Finally, I want to lower my sensitivity primarily for sex.  I struggled with premature ejaculation after my wife and I started slowing down our frequency in bed after 20 years of marriage and 3 sons. 

I pierced and tied my frenulum 5 years ago and am very happy with the result.  It loosened up the foreskin considerably and that was likely when I started thinking more about full time retraction.  I did experience a loss of some sensitivity with oral sex from it, but the increased stamina in the bedroom for regular sex was worth it.   I experimented with the spoon method and made it several 24 hours stretches and enjoyed that.   

Over the past few months, I simply would pull it back and for the most part it would remain retracted for up to 12 hours (dependent upon cold and activity level.)   I've never had an issue with not being able to retract fully with an erection, but it hasn't been automatic.  I've gotten used to my glans being rubbed on my underwear, so don't have too much sensitivity there.

Which brings me to where I am now.  I've been wearing an o-ring behind my glans for about the last 48 hours and have been fully retracted for 24.  I slept with it on last night and it was very comfortable.  It is stretchy enough that with an erection it doesn't cause me any issues and it is keeping the skin pulled behind my head.  In this short time, I'm noticing a change in texture, but not color yet and all seems to be well.  I plan on removing the ring when I shower later and making certain to wash well, then dry things off completely, apply some rubbing alcohol to the inner foreskin and around my glans, then put the ring back on after I shave my face.

I'll try to update my progress regularly and let you know what works and what doesn't work.  For now, I'm just going to focus on the rubbing alcohol and ring so I can isolate what is working or not working.  I'm a scientist at heart, so want to limit the variables.
Introductions / Re: Hello from Colorado
« Last post by countrydirt on 2019-01-22 10:49:06 »
Overnight went well.  Stayed retracted all night and the ring is still comfortable.  I took it off for a few minutes before bed and made sure everything was still clean and dry then put it back on.  I noticed that I had a little fluid build up/swelling in my foreskin behind the ring, but it seems to have gone down over night.  I always used to have quite a bit of swelling when I tried the spoon method after around 6-12 hours, so I'm pleased.  Sensitivity in the glans is not bad, maybe a little on the underneath side, but not much.  We'll see what the next 24 hours brings.

Thanks for responding soundsgreat87!
General Discussion / Re: Pretty dumb mistake
« Last post by soundsgreat87 on 2019-01-22 04:59:49 »
Ooooh. :o that sounds bad. Was there anything else in the aftershave besides alcohol?
Introductions / Re: Hello from Colorado
« Last post by soundsgreat87 on 2019-01-22 04:58:58 »
Hey, welcome to the board :D

It's always exciting to find a new technique that works. And I'm with you -- not having to worry about any smells collecting is a pretty nice benefit.

Staying retracted overnight is a tough thing for a lot of guys at first, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't work.
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