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General Discussion / Re: Perly Penile Papules & Pulling Back
« Last post by lunarian on 2018-10-16 01:11:00 »
They go white, and seem to actually hurt less once they're white, and they won't burn any more.

Hurts about as much as a rubber band like someone else said, pain completely gone within a few minutes.

Will post back with updates as it heals.

Sorry, no pics.

Yep, they went white for me too. And similarly they hurt less/stopped hurting once they did. I did 3 sessions over three weeks and initially it seemed like there definitely was a reduction. I stopped doing it because waiting several days each time for the area to heal was annoying but unfortunately it seems like the result a couple of months later is no change.

I took a bunch of pictures after each session hoping I could do a before and after but given it wasn't significant for me I decided not to.

Let me know how it goes for you! I only did the level 2 setting so maybe I need to go higher?
General Discussion / Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Last post by _yeah_ on 2018-10-15 04:35:49 »
Sorry about all the typos 😬
General Discussion / Re: Pulled Back Erotica?
« Last post by _yeah_ on 2018-10-15 03:26:42 »
Growing up in America, the vast majority of men are cut. In fact, I had never seen another person with a foreskin other than myself until I found this forum. As a child and through my school years, we would use the locker rooms for changing for gym class and for sports. There I would be, the elephant trunk in the room of circumcised guys. I would be made fun of and teased for having a different penis than everyone else. I liked to look of their penises and wanted mine to look the same. I was sitting in the bathroom one day during elementary school, fiddling with my foreskin and I came to realization that it could retract! I was so excited, only to find that my glans was extremely sensitive and when I pulled it back, it almost immediately sprang back over the glans. Disappointed, I returned to school the next day, and proceeded to change it the bathroom stall, as I couldn't show off my glans, and if I went as I was, I would get teased.
After a several years passed, I discovered autocircumcision and decided to give it a go. My foreskin was more loose now, and my glans wasn't nearly as sensitive. After much laboring over methods and retracting on and off, I finally worked up the courage to go 24/7. Now my glans was exposed the majority of the time, and I got to keep my foreskin. I was able to do everything with my foreskin, but yet I could also look and feel like a cut guy too!

When I went to the pool after a long workday, I would enter the locker room, unzip my pants to make sure I was pulled back, and then proceed to change. I loved the feeling of being able to stand in a public locker room and show off my exposed head where others could see. Once I had changed, I proceeded to enter the pool.
On my evenings at the pool, I shared a lap lane with a couple people. But over time I grew to know the young woman I shared a lane with. We would always be at the pool around the same time, and after socializing, we came to know that we were working on similar college degrees along with other interesting things about each other.

One day, after a long day of college classes, work, and then swimming, I checked the clock on the wall at the pool and realized that I would miss the bus home if I didn't hurry. I got out of the pool and rushed into the locker room, showered and changed, only to arrive outside with the bus nowhere to be seen. I sat, waiting for the next bus for several minutes until the woman from my lane came out of the women's locker room to find me sitting there. Knowing I rode the bus home usually, she asked if I had missed the bus, I nodded. She offered to give me a ride to her place, and since it was late, she'd serve me dinner as well. I accepted and we rode her car to her apartment together and had a rather nice meal for being college students. After we finished, we began to talk about college, work, and hobbies. One of the hobbies she said she had was science, particularly biology. When I asked her why she didn't decide to major in anatomy and she blushed. She paused then proceeded to share that she looked into it during high school, but decided against it as she didn't like the idea of prescribing circumcision to others or to infants, even though the vast majority of males were cut i the U.S. I was beginning to get turned on by her talking about penises, but intrigued, I asked why she didn't agree with cutting and she responded saying that she loved the look of a circumcised penis, but didn't like the idea of cutting a part of them off. She then asked why I was so interested and I blushed. I thought about it, then told her that I was intact and she immediately  lit up with interest as well. She asked what it felt like, but I didn't know how to respond. She looked down, then asked if she could see my member as she was curious. I was reluctant at first, but I said it was okay, and she proceeded to unzip my pants and pull down my boxers. She stared in awe at my member. She noticed my exposed head and asked why it looks Mrs similar to a cut penis. At that point I began to tell about how I loved the look and feel of having a bare glans, so I had tried out a method of keeping the foreskin behind the glans called autocircumcision. While I was telling her about autocircumcision, she reached out and gently grabbed my now semi erect penis. As she was examining it, she saw the fold of foreskin behind my heaf. She gently pulled it forward until it covered my head for the first time in a long time. When she let go of my foreskin, it began to roll back over my glans until it came to rest behind my corona once more. She giggled delightfully and told me that she was amazing and facinated that I had trained my foreskin to stay back and that it was super sexy. I looked at her and noticed that her other hand was down her pants, touching herself. She saw me looking and blushed. She grabbed my head and began to massage up and down my shaft as she asked "I don't suppose you'd mind learning about my members, would you?" And that was when I felt the full extent of the deep, pleasurable sensation of having an autocircumcised penis
General Discussion / Re: Strictly guys?
« Last post by bobenc0 on 2018-10-14 18:57:35 »
Amazing story!
I wish there was any body to tell me about the retraction at that age, not that I haven't been able to retract it by that time, but keeping it retracted seemed absolutely impossible because I couldn't even touch my glans by that time.
So for that reason I was pulling my skin forward everytime as much as possible so even the tip is securely covered with overhang and nothing touches my super sensitive glans, I guess that's why my skin become that long.. :/
General Discussion / Re: New Method Foreskin Retraction At Base?
« Last post by _yeah_ on 2018-10-14 18:04:37 »
What I did is I used thick tape to tape the ends and it hasn't really been a problem for me, but I did run into that problem at first as well.
General Discussion / Re: New Method Foreskin Retraction At Base?
« Last post by soundsgreat87 on 2018-10-14 16:57:10 »
I tried making one from a coat hanger but I couldn't come up with a way to cover the ends so they wouldn't be so sharp.  :o
General Discussion / Re: gguhoa's journey and research
« Last post by gguhoa on 2018-10-14 11:11:02 »
It looks great, congratulations ;D For me it took about 4-5 months before the texture of the glans stabilized.

I hope by that time 4-5 months has passed, my glans would have keratinized a lot. :p

How did u achieved that within a month? I have been retracted for a year but still my doesn't retract automatically.

well... I don't really know cuz I could just do that already. The foreskin went back to cover glans from time to time when I just started the perma retraction but already at that time my foreskin would stay retracted for most of time... Sorry, I can't really help you here
General Discussion / Re: gguhoa's journey and research
« Last post by kkk007 on 2018-10-14 08:38:54 »
thanks. I enjoy this progress.

So I got to walk a lot recently and I can say I definitely loved to be able to experience the feeling friction between bare glans and fabric of my underwear entire days

Also I have a made a discovery recently. My foreskin does now automatically go back to retracted position during erection even if I try to tug it back to cover my glans. I think you can see it in my gif yourself.
How did u achieved that within a month? I have been retracted for a year but still my doesn't retract automatically.
General Discussion / Re: New Method Foreskin Retraction At Base?
« Last post by _yeah_ on 2018-10-14 04:49:30 »
I used a coat hanger as well. It works super well for me. Wearing it right now and the foreskin hasn't rolled forward since I put it on  :D it really gives you the "high and tight" feel even when flaccid! Probably my new favorite method to use
General Discussion / Re: New Method Foreskin Retraction At Base?
« Last post by Uncut_soldier on 2018-10-14 02:59:41 »
Doesn't look as pretty but it's working for me :)

I used hockey tape and a coat hanger
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